Jobs in religious engineering (5 Lakhs/month)

With India getting all set for Hindu/Hindutva rule new promising opportunities are on the horizon.

The economy is suffering and there are very few good jobs. Now the Supreme Court is ready to step in and contribute towards (very high-end) job creation. We need urgently programs/majors such as Religious Engineering and Religious Management. Will the Indian Institutes of Technology and Management (and many others) pay any attention?
best graduates from IITs and IIMs dream of the salary amicus curiae
Gopal Subramaniam has recommended for head priests of Sree
Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram.

In his report to
the Supreme Court on management of the temple, which shot into the
limelight after wealth estimated at Rs 1 lakh crore was discovered,
Subramaniam listed the hierarchy of priests with thantris at the top
followed by periyanambi, panchakavyathunambi, thakkadam and thiruvambadi
nambis. He said the thantris should be paid Rs 5 lakh per month.

Starting with the thantris, the amicus said none of the four main
priests reside within the temple complex. This is because their earnings
from conducting rituals in the temple were meagre which forced them to
perform rituals outside. He said their residential quarters too were in
dilapidated condition.

“It is submitted that an amount that is
proportional to the stature of the thantris should be fixed by the
temple authorities, preferably a sum of Rs 5 lakh per month, to be paid
according to the directions of the (head) thantri,” the report said.

On their living quarters, the amicus said, “The temple authorities
should suitably renovate the residences of thantris. The thantris should
also be provided with two assistants (Brahmins) according to their
choice who can cook, clean and follow the ‘majhar’.”

Subramaniam said the salaries of the four periyanambis, the high priests
who maintain celibacy during their tenure in the temple to perform
archana and offer worship to the deity, was worse.

salaries of nambis are very low, around Rs 12,500 per month and they are
not entitled to emoluments being temporary staff,” he said and provided
a graded salary structure for them as per their status in the conduct
of rituals in the temple.

The amicus recommended to the apex
court that “archana commission can be fixed at 7% after consultation
with the temple authorities and the salary of the periyanambi should be
around Rs 90,000 per month”. “The panchakavyathunambi should be
paid Rs 80,000 per month as salary while thakkadam and thiruvambadi
nambis should receive Rs 60,000 per month,” he said.

Apart from
steep hike in salary and renovation of their residential quarters, the
amicus curiae recommended examination of the feasibility of having an
adequate cooling system in the sanctum sanctorum.

“If feasible,
such a cooling system should be installed at the earliest. This will
help in protecting the health of the nambis, protect the deity from harm
and also ensure hygiene inside the temple,” he said.

nambis should also be provided with security, he suggested. “The nambis
are also concerned about their security as they feel news has spread
that the keys to the kallaras (vaults where the wealth is stored) are
kept with them. Consequently, the nambis believe that it has become
dangerous for them to step out without police security,” he said.

Subramaniam said, “Security concerns of the priests should be addressed
adequately. Policemen wearing traditional attire may accompany them.”



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