What the West must do

The West needs to get over multi-culturalism and back to “Core” values (which transcend race & ethnicity) and I saw this as a Brit-Pak:
(1.) Immigration needs to be completely overhauled to be in the interest of the host society (intra-Western migration should be seamless, outside the West should be on a reciprocal basis, citizens allowed to immigrate should be from countries that won’t flood i.e Japan/Korea).
(2.) Race & ethnic quotas should be completely abolished. In the extraordinary case of US history proven descendants of slaves & Native Americans (at least quarter ancestry verifiable) should be eligible for some affirmative action but the system has gotten out of hand and is easily gamed.
(3.) Core Anglo-American values (or Western) should be emphasised. Sober historical assessments (sans jingoism or recrimination) reaffirm how lucky one is to be born or a citizen of the West.
Mind you this is what I would recommend for any country or civilisation. 
Brown Pundits