Seems pretty f*cking racist to me

I’m disgusted with this; it’s classic Coloniser to undermine coloured Champions like Serena.

It shows what the cartoonist George Knight really thinks of Serena. The racist & sexist muppet also drew Naomi Osaka as a blonde when she’s anything but!

Having a stale, pale male cartoonist defend a stale, pale male umpire is probably “peak privilege.”

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  1. Serena was presented as overweight (she is), Afro-American (she is), in a stupid tennis outfit (for sure). She threw a tennis racket and tried to break it. She spat a dummy (her conversation with the umpire). She was presented pretty moderately for one caricature (not like for e.g. prince Charles with enormous elephant ears). What is the problem? Where is the sexism? Maybe because she is presented as some cartoon characters who are jumping when they are angry? Or, maybe because some think that she was jumping as usually chimpanzees do? If this is a problem, why no one says this?

    1. He’s Portuguese. I believe the “Hispanic” ethnicity applies only to inhabitants of the American continents, but I could be wrong.

      1. ‘hispanic’ was created in the USA as a bureaucratic category in 1970. and it does include people from spain. ‘latino’ is preferred by some as it includes portuguese/brazil.

  2. of my childhood stars sticking around like Sachin Tendulkar stuck around for his 100 centuries landmark. Considering how many times she’s come runners up recently at Grand Slams, it’s like Sachin in search for his 100th century keeps getting out in the 90s lol.

    I hope she gets there and retires with grace. As for the caricature, it is old and doubt blacks are affected.

    Loved Osaka’s post conference. She had the humility of a Dharmic Asian while leveraging the black athletic physical superiority on the field.

  3. i personally found it offensive. but i will say *americans*, in particular, are VERY attuned to racial tropes around black people because of our particular history. in contrast there’s going to be less sensitivity to caricatures of asian people.

  4. It’s a caricature. That’s what cartoonists do. It makes the subject look ridiculous. In this case, he was doing a caricature of somebody who had behaved abominably and thoroughly deserved to be ridiculed. Wouldn’t you agree?
    Is it possible to do a caricature of an Afro-American woman without making her look, um, er, Afro-American?
    And Zack: when you repeatedly used as hostile terms “stale, pale, male”, did it ever occur to you that you might be thought of as a little bit racist, not to mention sexist?

  5. A racist cartoon, which usually flies under the radar in Australia but due to Americas racial trope history caught their and then the worlds attention.

    Was actually quite funny to see the new reality where cartoonists cant get away with stuff like this anymore due to the connected web

    The Herald-Sun is local ‘populist’ (pro-white) paper so usual suspects I guess

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