A better commenting system

Readers have been posting stuff about better commenting-systems. I want to keep WordPress because I don’t have time/energy to run a new CMS.

In the comments below put up your suggestions, pros and cons.


11 thoughts on “A better commenting system”

  1. There should be a way to downvote a comment. Also I observed some of the comments suddenly had a huge number of likes. I suspect some sort of manipulation. It would be better if only registered users can comment, upvote and down vote.
    It should be easy to ban people if they are here only to bait and troll.
    Ensure what commenting system can provide this, but there must be systems out there that do provide this.

  2. Like and dislike.
    Better like system.
    Recent,oldest,newest comments.
    Better comment thread Heirarchy like disqus, twitter etc.

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