Green-light for Musharraf

In a victory for the Army the Sindh High Court has permitted the ex-dictator to leave Pakistan following a 15 day notice period. During his tenure he played a double game proficiently but then (as is the habit with dictators) ended up making a fool of himself. He should have never come back and in our opinion he will not be missed (he is also lucky to be alive).
The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday ruled that the name of former
military ruler Pervez Musharraf be removed from the exit control list.

ruling was issued by a two-judge bench of the SHC comprising Justice
Mohammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Shahnawaz following the hearing of
Musharraf’s request for the removal of his name from the ECL.

bench stated that parties opposing the ruling could approach the Supreme
Court during the next 15 days, adding that Musharraf cannot leave the
country during that period.

Earlier on May 29, the court had
reserved its ruling on Musharraf’s plea after his counsel Barrister
Farogh Naseem and Attorney General Pakistan Salman Aslam Butt concluded
their arguments.




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