Sushma Swaraj’s hard hitting speech

Why one earth is the Pakistani delegate wearing a translation piece? Even I, with my much weaker grasp of Hindustani (decent enough to understand Pakistani dramas), could understand most of this clip with the exception of a few Sanskriti/Shuddh Hindi words here & there.

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  1. Come on Zachary, they are the Pakistani delegates, not Bangladeshi ones. Pakistani delegates speak and comprehend only one language – Islam. Now, Bangladeshi’s may speak and listen to Bengali. Indonesians to Bhasha, but for you to expect Pakistanis to officially to acknowledge understanding of any Indian is preposterous.

  2. // Sanskrit/Shuddh Hindi //

    An aside: “shuddh” (or pure) Hindi is actually an oxymoron. The purer Hindi is, the *less* Sanskrit loanwords it contains.

    Sanskrit loanwords, i.e. tatsama (lit. that-same) vocabulary, are an ‘impurity’ in Hindi. Hindostani is the purer register of Hindi, i.e. the more conservative Prakrit form.

    And yes, Pakistanis wearing translation headsets sounds weird…

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