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  1. I have earlier said that a saying in Bengali of the form ‘the son of a Zamindar is a Naxalite’ exists. But it is also possible that this Bengali form was generated by the author of the piece that I was referring to from his(edit: please don’t ask me how I came to know that it was a he lol; I just assumed for no reason; Sexism or pure instinct or whatever I don’t know haha; long ago I also once assumed the famous scientist from Kerala Anna Mani to be a male before googling her) own thoughts and it may not be the case that a concrete saying of the kind exists in the Bengali folk consciousness (I searched very cursorily online to see if this idiom is present in Bengali but so far I was not able to find any concrete reference to the existence of this in widespread usage). I sincerely apologise for my careless and sloppy comment earlier (God only knows how much more damage I would have created during all these years here lol).

  2. interview with iona italia and aziz poonwalla in patrons page.

    gonna record on monday with two friends on sohrab ahmari vs david french

  3. I of course also realise, in light of Scorpion Eater’s Jain philanthropist-Dalit doctor anecdote on the other thread, that what an absolute imbecile I was in writing my other comment a day or so ago about the disturbingness of old-school Hindus “using” people to achieve their own goals or something. It has always been the case that I liked the Hindu (and Christian and Muslim) practices of charity (especially in light of my personal discovery at the time that most inequalities are probably due to differences in individual capabilities arising due to the primeval evil that is nature and that good heart on the part of the lucky and fortunate is definitely a very significant thing that helps alleviate the misery of the unlucky and the unfortunate).

    But all good things probably come with some baddish quirks – it may be that some unpalatable things are motivated by the excessive presence of God (but I don’t know if it is correct in assigning blame to God as I don’t know if there is some significant bad side to God also as opposed to just to nature – I am most probably not at all correct) – and when things get overboard we see things like support for perpetuation of faulty and evil natural systems at times and places where there is possibility to correct/update them for the benefit of all the people involved (my assumption is that such a benefit is probably a benefit in the realms of both God and nature but only saints and sages know the correct answer to the question).

    The above is (was) the standard liberal perspective perhaps. They (we; though I don’t know what I may be anymore: I am not a Hindu and I am not a liberal either; I have just been in this plain thingless limbo for so damn long with no end in sight) probably think (earlier thought) what they are doing is improving religion for the religious, but of course because of their (our) lack/reduced presence of religiously inspired detachment from the naturalistic world, they (we) are too oblivious to the fact that we may be forgetting may times, the fundamentally evil nature of nature and that we should only continue our fight against nature along with the religious and not fall prey to nature. This leads to the increasing support of and verily, indulgence in, among other things, (consensual) hedonism of all types by liberals (with not even any publicly articulated and strongly held personal hope and desire that they (we) will strive towards the elimination of the hedonistic impulse in the species with scientific research in the future) and the gulf between the religious and the liberals goes on increasing.

    But not to say that liberals and the religious see eye to eye easily in such circumstances too. For example, it might be very difficult to get the religious on board with the idea of responsible eugenics, even in the far future, where a thoroughly responsible reduction of suffering is realised by making some predisposed-to-unfortunateness-of-several-kinds (like being born with hedonistic impulses of various types, etc.) individuals not born. But then no self-respecting religion is going to ever fall to the hedonistic alternative (because for one thing they don’t like to, very reasonably, themselves face the wrath of God during the destruction phase of the world lol) and the liberals can maybe help postpone the complete victory of nature over God (in this cycle) to a later date by not animalistically fighting against science and opposing responsible and good eugenics in the future. In the meanwhile, it’s perhaps unavoidable that limbos of all different kinds continue to exist, some with more nature and less God, and some with less nature and more God.

    (I of course know that very likely most of what I said above is extremely stupid if one assumes the naturalistic position that everything arises from nature alone and there is no God (and it is likely also obviously stupid in many other ways which I am so sadly but also very funnily oblivious to currently lol) which I may believe may be true of course but it is the case that I really want a God as currently imagined by the theistically (broadly – need not be fully transcendental like that of the Abrahamic religions) religious to exist and fight against the evil of nature for the sake of the alleviation of the misery of, and verily, non-existence of us less fortunate.)

    1. TL;DR:

      Sorry for making poorly justified and poorly articulated offensive statements about olden-day Hindus earlier.

      Rest of it is just personal rant (successfully pukes out my personally developed (lol I did not say now that it was original; it’s just that I strongly came to believe in it because of my own personal mix of nature and God) grand thesis of life).

    2. Wow such a mess! Snap! How stupid and pointless this all was! It is truly one of the most sustained miseries having to live life as an extremely stupid person. But one should also not be carried over by extremely high mAtsaryaM, ‘envy’, for the intelligent, so I should just stop now and end all this ridiculousness!

    3. I have debated quite a bit if I have to mess this up more but I just want to point out that all of my personal wish of a continued and finally successfully complete “fight against nature” is still naturalistic in origin ultimately and has no sanction in any religion whatsoever. I said all I said from a standpoint that is decidedly outside of religion and still well inside the natural world. Religion is fundamentally about unconditionally transcending the natural with total and complete surrender to God and it does not need any help of knowledge systems of natural origins like science to make it possible to commit the act of surrender. Surely it may make it easy for lesser mortals by preventing them from being existent and thus hopefully alleviating the misery caused due to the predisposition of their body, mind and other natural stuff towards spiritually and morally undesirable separation (and in increasing amounts of it too, extremely unbearably) from God, but such a help from the naturalistic side itself is by no means necessary for the normal function of any religion (in fact it is most probable that this idea that there is any genuine spiritual help delivered to predisposed-to-adharma beings by not making them born is a very perverse thought actually again arising because of nature and not God; it of course again seems to vindicate the belief of the religious that all religious truth comes only from scripture and nowhere else whatsoever. But as I said I am of course being very selfish to have the above idea because of motives which are still very naturalistic and thus extremely base and not due to any religiously elevated and exalted motives. This actually now conclusively shows that it is I who have been trying to colour my base naturalistic motives for certain recommendations with a false religious tint and thus abusing religion to further for my own purposes). All religion needs is unflinching faith and trust in its promises (but we know that even this is difficult to have due to the severity of several types of natural forces impacting humans).

  4. Couple things for those interested to research further:

    • Vincha’s civilisation lasted for 2500 years spanning neolith, Coper and Iron Age

    • During the maximum of the Ice Age in Vincha (Balkan) lived 95% of world population

    • White race originated in Vincha

    • From 14k-6k BC was the global melting of ice forming Manyinsko lake in Siberia which was two times bigger than Mediterranean.

    • 5700-5500 BC was the last (biblical) flood when the size of 200 Niagaras flooded Black Sea which in one year doubled and its level raised for 120m. Since this flood starts Serbian counting of time in Vincha and this calendar was used until the 19th c.AC (now is Year 7528)

    • European genes are maximum 6000 years old, Balkan genes are 25000+ years old what is consistent with human migrations from Vincha in all directions which started in 4000BC

  5. I was so enamored with the young lady, was not really listening to words.

    They keep repeating Segara/Sekara.

    Lord/Chief in Tamil/Malayalam.

    eg Segarajasingham

    Among the Sinhalese we have Jaya-Sekara, Sumana-Sekara

  6. This has probably been asked and answered numerous times on BP, but whats the most highly recommended personal genomics test for south asians? Thanks.

  7. Okay since I have anyhow been super-uninhibited here these days, let me also let out another thing that occasionally has been bothering me since a long while. I wrote some time an year or so ago here in connection with the Shabarimala incident that I personally don’t have any strong positive opinion and slightly negative opinion about opposition arising from liberals of the traditional practice of many Hindu women to voluntarily retire from all religious duties when menstruating. Of course no liberals object to this practice in real life – it’s just a thing which I have made up (assuming liberals are more likely compared to others at doing this in the future if at all). I am not of course any knowledgeable regarding the constitutionality/unconstitutionality of this practice but I said at the time that I personally (as a male though; so we also have to keep in mind that I might have been mansplaining away heartily and completely inaccurately then) don’t find the practice as spiritually limiting for women (now we also know that no secular judgement of any religious practice is valid from a religious viewpoint so secular people can only be concerned about the bare consent of the person engaging in a religious practice).

    But, what I realised almost immediately after I said that an year ago but did not bother to note down here, is the possible (self-inflicted) damage to physical well-being of many middle class Hindu women who usurp modern technology used to delay or skip menstrual cycles to religious ends and greedily avoid missing religious functions or rituals in their families. While Hindu women of the olden age simply did not indulge in any religious rituals during menstruation, many modern Hindu women need to have the best of both worlds and mess with their natural cycles. Now this aspect of the thing is well within the domain of liberals to think about and I personally don’t like this idea – I think it is best for devout Hindu women to simply skip religious festivals or rituals instead of being prepared for every thing by delaying menstruation for every small thing. But then, all this is subject to the veracity of my folk musing above that artificial delaying of menstrual cycles may have a negative impact on the gynaecological health of a woman. In case there is no scientific evidence that this is the case, then I have nothing against this aspect of what many devout Hindu women want to do too.

    I am now at peace that I said this. I also sincerely apologise if I made any large factual and other kinds of errors anywhere above and was so damn insensitive towards any party of any kind.

    1. Well, it does get complicated (obviously, and more difficult too) though if I think more about it. Leaving alone all my chain of thoughts behind this aside, it seems that even a religious-friendly liberal response ideally has to be fully anti-religion/anti-incumbency for all matters because religions may develop a lot of unnecessary and silly superstitions and in time without scriptural basis and it would be better to be attacking all existing religious practices, just in case, so that the religious can pick and eliminate the relevant unnecessary and stupid bits like superstitions, etc. that crept into their religion turning them further away from scripture. But this has to be done with keeping the welfare of the religious and their religion in mind and by continually asserting the good will towards the religious. Or maybe in a better way, thoroughly research what bits are superstitions arising from outside scripture and attack them. This latter is actually the standard way many modernist moderates operate perhaps but I used to be quite radically leftist (and practically atheist and almost nihilist and radical anhedonic and clinically depressed and fully functional/at least capable hedonist and unbelievably dumb, whom am I kidding here anymore? I still remain radically anhedonic and super-depressed but at least the others hopefully subside due to the grace of God) in my mindset regarding certain things during a particular phase of my life when I thought about these things (it happens now occasionally too but steadily reducing) so I am not much accustomed to like modernist moderates or religious rationalists very much. But now it seems they are the right type of people because I am discovering how important religion is for humankind and how it and people taking refuge in it have to be preserved at all costs from the tyranny of the far left and other such forces. Babies should not be thrown out with the bath water should be the motto and if possible as much of religious bath water has to be retained for the benefit of secular humankind itself as possible.

  8. Israeli archaeologists established where the ancient Philistine city of Ziklag was located, which is mentioned in the biblical story of David persecuted by King Saul of Israel. Siklag was under the rule of the Philistine king from nearby Ghat, after the ancient “Sea People” began settling the region in the 12th century BC.

    HAAREZ says: “In this context, the archaeologists point out that the very name Ziklag stands out in the biblical record because it isn’t Semitic or Canaanite, but apparently a Philistine one. Apropos of that, recent genetic studies on skeletons discovered in a Philistine cemetery in Ashkelon, on Israel’s coast, have proved once and for all who these mysterious Philistines were: They originated in Europe.”

    According to the Bible story, that city became David’s seat before being crowned in Hebron after Saul’s death. The place where Siklag was located was the subject of a scientific debate and 12 possible locations in the south of Israel were mentioned. In none of these places there was no indication that the Philistines lived in them, and then the Israelites, what would fit into the historical narrative.

    It is believed that the Philistines arrived in the region in the 12th century BC and DNA tests of their bones suggest that they originate from southern Europe. They ruled part of central and southern Israel and the Gaza strip.

    Philistines were Pelasgian Serbs who came from today’s Greece.


  9. Pakistani politicians allegedly linked with Abraaj Group’s billion dollar fraud in US


    “According to local media reports, Arif Naqvi was not only a close friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan but also a major source of PTI’s foreign funding during the election.”

    Comment: Looks like PM Khan’s career in politics is all but over.

  10. For history buffs, MSN is presenting an article from National Geographic about “the-first-europeans-werent-who-you-might-think“. Although it sometimes looks as a dog breakfast there are few interesting and truthful facts. My impression that writer had a ‘politically correct’ approach. He tried to make a compromise between old theories with new findings. He probably would not be able to answer a couple logical questions. He mentioned Lepenski Vir with photo but he does not refer to Vincha. I already said that any article without such reference is almost worthless. However, he presents one (out of 800) archaeological site in Serbia from Vincha period with a reconstruction photo of ancient reddish, blue eye Serb.


  11. Al-Queda has India on it’s sights and it is definitely being helped by Pakistan Army and ISI. Within 1 month, you can expect a typical AQ attack of multiple co-ordinated suicide bombers and vehicle bombers in Kashmir on Indian army positions and Hindu temples. Something like Srilanka attack 6 months back.

    Zawahiri , the AQ boss has given go-ahead for that


    1. Vijay Van wrote:

      “Al-Queda has India on it’s sights and it is definitely being helped by Pakistan Army and ISI.”


      Sounds like tactless ISI propaganda. Zawahiri would not have blamed Pakistan for 1971 as they were butchering MUSLIMS over there. Some of the stuff like, him holding Pakistan responsible for cross border terrorism is for FATF consumption. This latest video is yet another way to draw attention to Kashmir as nobody seems to care about it. Moreover, we don’t know WHERE Zawahiri is. He is probably under protective custody in Abbottabad just like his disciple OBL.

    1. How does the writer trace the colour preference (prejudice if you like) precisely to colonialism ? Our guests who arrived previously from the North West are also quite proud of their fair complexions and look down on dark South Asians. Looking down on Indians for being dark is a thing even today among the few-shades-fairer Pakistanis.

    2. Wheatish pundits? Vagina lightening cream??…
      I am telling you guys, stop wasting time on cricket!

  12. The joint call brings to mind the Indian adage that may be translated as: After eating a hundred mice the cat sets off on a pilgrimage.


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  14. Vijay Van wrote:

    “Within 1 month, you can expect a typical AQ attack of multiple co-ordinated suicide bombers and vehicle bombers in Kashmir on Indian army positions and Hindu temples. Something like Srilanka attack 6 months back.”

    And one more thing. In case such attack do happen they can now shift the blame on the Arabs to avoid another Balakot! Slimy and clever indeed; but of course will not work. The Saudis are already pissed off at the khakis for their recent shameless courting of Qatar.

  15. There is accumulating circumstantial evidence that Epstein’s millions are from some other source, likely a country. No, its not Russia, its the country that has been caught many times spying in the US.

    The fund that Epstein runs does not generate the income that funds the lavish lifestyle. Blackmail in itself too cannot generate Epstein’s income. Is Epstein selling/getting paid by another country for influence peddling and state secrets obtained thru his high profile friends.

    Will justice be served and all those connected exposed. I doubt it, the rot goes too high up the political food chain. It is a good possibility that Epstein may conveniently have an heart attack or commit suicide. A war with Iran could also distract public attention from this high profile case. That would kill two birds with one stone for the suspect country, paying Epstiein millions.

    Ju Maat, steel yourself for the possibility that justice will not be served.

    Richard, Gitendra note the conspiracy theory. Can check in 6 months if the conspiracy theory held any water.


    There was very much lower profile case which got hushed up. The case of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT aide Imran Awan.

    Basic story
    Imran Awan and brother were IT aides to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many other Congress Democrats.

    There was theft of computers, possible espionage, Congress members data and emails stolen, 40 or more Democratic members of Congress.
    Debbie Wasserman went crazy trying to protect the Awan brother.

    Slap on the wrist and time served was the punishment.


  16. Congratulations for a great win, Novak Djokovic. Wasn’t the best game ever but it was the utmost fight against the great opponent and colonizers’ odium. Few blades of Wim grass as a respect of our ancient grassland ancestors. Until (our) next big fight, keep on punching.

  17. Congratulations for a great win, Novak Djokovic. Wasn’t the best game ever but it was the utmost fight against the great opponent and colonizers’ odium. Few blades of Wim grass as a respect of our ancient grassland ancestors. Until (our) next big fight, keep on punching.

    1. He, beloved Novak D. is a favourite of our family: we all like tennis and we just love him -Our father always cheers for him. Though a son of the Anglosphere, Aussie leyton hewitt is arrogant!

    1. Note several years ago a Sikh man joined Pakistan Air Force military iirc
      Good news for Aryavartasthan Ekta, finally!

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