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  1. Some questions about my haplogroups

    “I did 23&me

    My maternal group is officially K1a (West Eurasian and share with Katie Couric and Stephen Colbert). My paternal is H-Z5882 (indigenous).

    81% N Indian,Pakistani,and Central Asian (Gujarat, Maharasthra, and Rajasthan were main regions).

    6.2% southern S Asian

    4.8% Southern Indian subgroup

    6.7% broadly South and Central asian

    May the sky father smile upon you. May the sky mother bless you. Jai shree ameen.”

    Is mitochondrial K1a most prevalent in the European Farmer populations? Anyone know of its history in the subcontinent? I feel like it is a weird one.

    Is my subtype of Y haplogroup H the one that is more common in Romanis? Maybe I have some gypsy tribal lineage as well.

    1. sita’s scion but seed of shiva’s chokolingam. I am lucky my ancestors weren’t sacrificed in a traditional Aryan honor killing.

  2. In all of this I think I should mention that there seems to be geneflow from Anatolia to southern Iran going back to over 10,000 years ago. The HV14 that formed in Iran around that time is descended from the older Anatolian subclade of HV.


    Is it possible that K1a is also something that came with this Anatolian inheritance?

    Oh and there is also a K1a with yDNA R2a in Sapalli Tepe, and another one with yDNA L1a in post BMAC. Does anyone have a frequency distribution of K1a in modern south Asian sub-populations? That could give us some hints of where it could have come from.

  3. Wretched existence in perpetuity for enemies of Afghanistan.
    The only 8 words that matter.
    Other than
    Graveyard of empires

    Loy Afghanistan

    1. AnoorAdha aNURadha is intresting star group, no?
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      ??⚡️Panjab bijli live wire joondi tar

      1. “Cyrillic Persian second best after Sanscrit…”

        >>>Sanskrit is the Aryan language. “Cyrillic Persian” thing does not exist. Brothers, Cyril and Methodius, lived in the 9th c.AC. You are probably talking about Vinca’s alphabet (‘Serbica’) which is the oldest in the world (7000+ years) and which was a source for almost all world alphabets, including Chinese…Otherwise, could not understand everything but sounds humorous.

  4. UK general elections – massive defeat for Jeremy Corbyn and massive victory for BoJo.

    I am glad JC lost thoroughly. Labour was taking everyone for granted. For the elction Labour even passed a resolution condemning India about Kashmir. This is pure unadulterated neo-Colonial attitude when Labour has no business for referring to matters within India . This was done to keep the Pakistani population happy. Well deserved defeat.

    Labour has also become more anti-semetic, I think in part due to appeasing virulent anti-semetism among British Muslims, and this was giving new life to native anti-semetism, suppressed after WW2

    Labour’s startegy was to appease the Islamic extermism and that has backfired

    good riddance.

  5. Does anyone have access to exit polls by group (muslim vote, hindu buddhist sikh vote {do the the three vote similarly in the UK?}, Asian vote, black vote) for the 2019 UK elections.

    It looks like Jeremy Corbyn’s long time policy of backing Islamists against moderate muslims and anti Jewish bigotry have severely backfired.

    The UK has an acronym called BAME that as far as I know is not used outside the UK. ( . . . and maybe has only been used in the UK for a short time?) Wonder how the BAME vote went. And how the muslim vote in particular went.

    My hope is that the UK bans all shariah courts, universalizes civil law, supports the freedom of speech, art and thought of muslims, and provides significant expensive police protection for all UK muslims who feel threatened by conservative muslims.

    1. Mayuresh Madhav Kelkar, what is going on in Bengal? Can you please provide additional background. The numbers of trouble makers (gundas) is small. Why aren’t the police stopping this?

      Presumably many Bangladeshi muslims are terrified of Islamist Jihadis attacking them and desperately want to move to India ASAP. But I doubt that these moderate Bangladeshi muslims and their Indian friends would behave like this. Is this the work of conservative Sunnis?

  6. AnAn wrote:

    “Mayuresh Madhav Kelkar, what is going on in Bengal? Can you please provide additional background. The numbers of trouble makers (gundas) is small. Why aren’t the police stopping this?”

    Just saw this message. I only know what is in the public domain. There were reports that Banerjee herself wanted to implement the NRC a few years ago. Don’t have a link for it handy but it is out there.

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