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In the post where I allude to “10 years of BP” someone mentioned old comments pre-2014 (I do have those posts in tables I need to load up). That suggests to me that some few of the readers here date to the beginning and transitioned to the blogspot site and back again.

So here is an unlurk thread where you can tell us who you are. Are you Indian? Are you a techie? What is your caste/jati? The usual.

10 thoughts on “BP Unlurk Thread”

  1. Lurking here forever.
    Originally followed Omar here for his interesting take on partition. Stayed on for the AIT/OIT and Hindu Nationalist voices. Mainly in an almost anthropological interest sort of way.
    Based in India (used to be NRI way back) Filmmaker. Atheist. Identify culturally as Sikh.

  2. Indian-American, 55, moved to US 32 years ago. Bania from Delhi. Family wasn’t rich – middle class by contemporary Indian standards: 2 bedroom apartment in congested Old Delhi for 6 people, no telephone or tv till I was in high school, no car…), But, we were educationally privileged – paternal grandfather was a lawyer, as was my father. I moved to US for Ph.D. in STEM, then switched to business career (MBA). In US political terms, I am liberal / left of Center. I can agree on Socialist goals but don’t agree on the proposed means, nor can I stand the actual existing socialists. Being gay, I am always a little suspicious of totalizing ideologies (which include not only socialism, but also monotheistic religions).

  3. 32 years old Rajput from Chapra, Bihar. Moved to Melbourne 8 years ago and now call Australia home. Work now as Construction Project Manager.
    Have been following BP for the interesting views on the Indian culture and always fascinating breakdown of AIT and genetic heritage puzzle.

  4. A Pahari Brahmin Indian in mid 20s.
    Extremely interested in genetics.
    A lover of various cultures and ethnicities over the world.
    Want to find the answers of our origin without any Bias.
    A great fan of Razib Sir’s blogs and observations.

  5. A Telugu Reddy (from Telangana) living in USA since 2000. From a lower middle class family and currently working in semi-conductor industry. Here to read/learn different perspectives. Politically/economically towards center-right. Extremely frustrated with dhimmi rashtra nature of India state where so called minorities are put on higher pedestal at the expense of majority. Wish to see equality by indian state (treat all individuals as same irrespective of religion/jati)

  6. Long time lurker, originally found Razid for the genetics discussion. Huguenot/English ancestry, 13 generations in North America. Physics/Finance/Urban Development, retired now. Originally conservative moving to left of center having observed the increasing rigging of the system in favor of the wealthy. Appreciate the discussions of Indian culture and heritage

  7. Thirty-year-old nominal Hindu Khandayat from Odisha living in the US for 7 years. I had a privileged upbringing because I was born into a rich well-educated family. I grew up in different parts of my state and spent a considerable amount of time in the tribal areas. Spent some time in Hyderabad and worked for a few years in Mumbai before leaving for the US. Currently about to finish my Ph.D. in STEM.

    I am not particularly interested in genetics and the obsession with the AIT/OIT amuses me. I mostly read Razib’s to Omar’s blog posts. I’d like to hear more from people from SE Asia, Central Asia, and Latin American countries. (Not that I have specific people in mind.) I think it would be interesting to hear perspectives from diverse places and see how they relate to people from the Indian Subcontinent. My favorite podcast guests were Abhinav Prakash, Richard Hanania, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, and Jasper Gregory.

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