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Sometimes I can’t help it, I’m going to do it. So here it goes, Yoga Teacher Jessamyn Stanley Believes White Supremacy Has Polluted Yoga – and It’s Time to Talk About It:

Jessamyn Stanley needs you to know what yoga is really about – and it’s not the poses.

In her new book Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance, the yoga instructor and body activist shares reflective personal essays that touch upon everything from racism to the cultural appropriation of American yoga, from consumerism to cannabis.

The book explores the existence of white supremacy and cultural appropriation in American yoga. “I would venture to say that everything in our collective society is rooted in white supremacy. I am sure there are many people who would disagree with that, and honestly I don’t care because I believe that and I know it’s the case,” she says.

“The appropriation comes from practitioners who are not South Asian looking at South Asian teachers and saying, ‘I need to do exactly what they’re doing. I need to practice yoga exactly how they’re practicing it.’ Yoga as a concept exists in so many cultures. It’s literally the basis of so many different things: the idea of acceptance and the yolking together of the light and the dark. But these teachers are just saying, ‘Practice yoga.’ They’re not saying, ‘Pretend to be Indian.’ They’re not saying, ‘Steal someone else’s ethnic identity.’ They’re saying, ‘Practice the balancing of truth and light within yourself.’ “

Two words: Kali Yuga. This whole timeline is cursed. It’s absurd. It’s perverted.

I’m not Hindu, so I don’t “believe” in yoga in a spiritual sense, though I have seen its efficacy is a form of exercise firsthand.  But the way it is…yoked, to the most absurd and bizarre social justice movements today is just a wonder to behold.

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  1. Another woke lady hating white Christian American people for no good reason.

    ” I don’t care because I believe that and I know it’s the case”


    “‘Practice the balancing of truth and light within yourself.’ ”

    Making up meaningless spiritual shit on the go, she is definitely a Hindu at heart.

    Such narcissism, idk why is she worried? India has enormous depth in Yoga and unlike bullshit tai-chi, kung-fu, karate… Yoga actually works.

    This is the muscle India can bring to bear in a ownership battle:

    1. @bhimrao

      Karate absolutely works. MMA is more effective than pure karate, wing chung, kung fu, etc. but it’s basically a more ruthless, less-disciplined, street brawl version of all those things. taekwondo is also legit, I have personally used it to break people on the street (in self-defense of course).

  2. @Razib
    Why the Kali maa image? Kali Devi is one of the 10 mahavidya of Parvati (not to be confused with nav(9)-Durgas).

    Kali yuga is a the current ‘iron age’ ruled by the demon Kali who is the nemesis of Kalki (tenth avatar of Vishnu) and Dharma(personified).

  3. Jessamyn Stanley looks exactly as one would expect a Jessamyn to look.

    I think she gained her authority on the subject by eating a genuine yogi.

    “Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body positivity advocate and writer.[1] She gained recognition through her Instagram posts showing her doing yoga as a “plus-size woman of color,”[2] who self-identifies as a “fat femme” and “queer femme.”[3] She is the author of the book Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body.[4]”

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