Guru Prakash Paswan (National Spokesperson of BJP) talks about the Sanatani Dalit Lived Experience

National Spokesperson of BJP Guru Prakash Paswan talks about the Sanatani Dalit lived experience on the Indic Explorer Channel. This is an episode commemorating the 75 Years of Indian Independence this year on 15th of August 2022 (also popularly called as Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav). We talk about the progress made by the Dalit community since Independence and the many challenges that still remain further ahead.

The Indic Explorer YouTube channel focusses on the interplay of Indic culture with modernity explored through different facets in the socio-cultural sphere.

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I do a podcast on YouTube on my channel The Indic Explorer. It is an Indic cultural podcast which focusses on the theme of different facets of Indic culture and its interplay with modernity. Twitter- Instagram- Substack-

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