Muslim aggression

We were walking the little doggo (who is mA a cutie & constantly admired) down the road and we crossed this Muslim couple. The couple got so anxious that the husband barked out “save your Dog.”

Now I have no idea what that actually meant except that he was a recent immigrant judging from his grasp of the language & dress.

What did shock me was his hubris; the fact that as a recent immigrant he found no need to understand the societal mores of a dog-loving society.

I’ve constantly seen this with hijabi Muslims that as soon as they see the doggo they start going into a panic. I blame lefty WASP liberals who make no attempt to encourage this angry population to integrate into the mainstream.

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  1. Could it be that you are generalizing about an entire religious group? Some people (Muslim or not) simply don’t like animals or are scared of them. The only specifically Islamic thing may be that many Muslims consider dogs to be unclean and contact with them would be polluting and would necessitate doing ablutions again. The connection between this incident and Muslims as an “angry population” is not clear to me.

    1. This is true but it’s indicative of larger trends; I do love to generalise though lol. Pattern spotting and all that!

    2. well it is a repeated problem that *some* muslims are belligerent to pet dogs. it is only muslim cabbies i’ve heard of rejecting people with canine service animals for rides (and uber drivers too). there are many muslim cabbies and most obv do pick up people with service dogs; otherwise they just couldn’t be cabbies.

      there are many people who don’t like pet animals. but this sort of behavior is different.

      (p.s. many black americans are afraid of dogs because of the history of their usage against them, but it’s a different sort of hostility)

    3. I agree with Zachary Latif regarding how many muslims (who haven’t acculturated to westernized culture) react to dogs.

      Some things are wrong even if recent muslim immigrants do it. Society should be self confident enough in its own culture to defend it; always politely, lovingly and agreeably. I don’t know why society doesn’t do this.

      By the way, Malaysians rock! They are kind of like Hindu muslims! [Hindu ancestors who converted to Islam half a millenia ago; when they saw beautiful Ramayana and Mahabharata plays staged by muslims to teach muslim values and religion.]

      While this might sound racist . . . Malaysians are very cool, awesome and cosmopolitan; and very different from Gulf Arabs!

  2. I don’t hate dogs, but given the fact that most idiot owners seem to take no responsibility for them, I too am defensive upon seeing them, and I’m an atheist. This is especially the case when around small children, as in the UK there have been a number of dog attacks upon younglings in recent years. It’s a common stereotype in the UK that Asians in general [meaning sub-continent folk, not the other type] don’t like dogs, though the younger generation are bucking that trend I think.

    But I too am apprehensive about dogs that I have not spent some considerable time with. They are nothing like cats, in that they definitely have pack attack mode behaviour, especially towards the occasional human. And specific types have extremely powerful locking jaws that are next to impossible for a human to get off. I remember a dog expert going through the anatomy of a bite from a pitbull and relating it to their jaw structure and muscles. Enough to make someone weary about being “cool” with “lively” dogs.

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