Sikh-American President?

Razib mentioned that different generations of immigrant-Americans had different experiences. When I hear the chap above and his Obamaesque accent (plus level of eloquence); it’s difficult to find the parallel in Britain.

The immigration and diaspora experience in Britain is more similar to the 1920’s Eastern and Southern European immigrants. To give a more precise analogy; post 1965 most Indian Americans immigrated as individuals or as families (except maybe the Patels) however in Britain it was almost communal immigration.

My friend’s father (who is a Sikh) moved to Britain in the 50’s/60’s from the Punjab. He was a civil servant in India and it was actually Enoch Powell who thought Indian civil servants could fill the labour gap in post-war Britain. He immigrated with less than 5 pounds (that was the limit they were allowed to bring) and his children are particularly British (half of them have white British spouses which is uncommon for that cohort, even now intermarriage is sub 10%). Even though he immigrated as a young man his friends had also moved and they had essentially formed a friendship cluster. So even though my friend grew up in a very white area she does remember that the family’s social grouping was still fairly Sikh (and competitive as all the parents had started with the same 5 pounds so the competition was on).

The British Asian experience is almost sui generis. For instance Asian-Americans usually denotes East Asians whereas British Asians immediately signified Desis (Orientals was apparently the term used for our more Far Eastern cousins).

As a final note Britain is an extraordinarily class-obsessed society and aesthetics is usually correlated with class. America, at least from this side of the Atlantic, seems a much more balanced society and the aesthetics of the immigrant populations are usually more pleasing. Americans are probably the best-groomed people in the world, on the whole (notwithstanding notable exceptions) and prosperity is linked to beauty.

Mr. Grewal cuts a very impressive profile both with his mannerisms and profile. He really reminds me of a Sikh Obama. Maybe he will run for President since he really does Brown Proud.

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    1. Doubtful. Look at how Obama had to squirm about regarding being Christian (and the right kind at that).

  1. I think a Sikh could win the Republican nomination. Especially a Sikh who served in the US armed forces and was endorsed by a lot of veteran groups. Or a military Vet Sikh who had a successful VC backed start up.

    For a Sikh to win in the democratic primary a lot of moderate democrats, moderate republicans and independents would have to vote in the democratic primary. This is possible, although they didn’t show up in 2016.

    I was and remain a fan of former Senator Jim Webb. Many of my Veteran friends liked him too. And these might be described as “conservative” by some. Sadly large numbers moderate democrats, moderate republicans and independents didn’t register in the democratic primary to vote for Jim Webb.

    A Sikh could win the Democratic primary if the post modernist and leftist vote was divided and the Sikh was the only reasonable choice for conservative, moderate and liberal voters in the Democratic primary. It would be a Trump style take over of the Democratic Party. Probably harder to do on the Democratic side than on the Republican side. Trump has shattered any remnant of the Republican party establishment and opened the way for any joker to win the Republican nomination.

    Trump–who might be the most atheist president in US history–has proved that someone doesn’t have to be religious or allied with the evangelicals to win the Republican nomination for President.

  2. Mr. Grewal is impressive. However he isn’t a war hero. It helps being a war hero to be elected President. Mr. Grewal could be elected governor or Senator but might have a tough time winning the Democratic nomination for President.

    What do you think of Neel Kashkari. Neel ran TARP and was the Republican candidate for governor of California in 2014. He lost. I am a huge Neel Kashkari fan! So are a lot of people I know, left, liberal, moderate, conservative and Republican:

  3. Jagmeet Singh is sartorially superior. (See his GQ spread). His french is good, but a NDP prime minister is so unlikely.

    Industry minister Navdeep Bains is possible, post Trudeau, though mediocre in French. Natural resources minister Amarjeet Sohi or Defence minister Harjit Singh are less likely.

    There are no Conservative Sikh leadership candidates.

  4. Sikh people can be easily beaten by Central Asians and other Stanis. Stanis are much better looking. Looks are extremely important. Our forefathers used to wear turbans but now they don’t actually.

    That reminds me uzbekistan is doing fantastically in Asian games… totally killing it. Our Iranian bros are doing great too. Pakistan is chipping in fantastically as well. Very happy with the Stans.


    1. Allah’s best friend Jaggu Bhai;

      Sikhs and Stans are the two best fighters in the world. Maybe Stans can beat even the mighty Sikhs. Remember that Nanaka spent a lot of time in the Stans, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tibet and especially Iraq. Nanaka lived in Iraq for years. Many Sikhs have Stan heritage!

      Everyone knows that Stans are the hottest stallions on the planet. But shouldn’t a good muslim man not show off so much and make everyone else jealous (evil eye). The reason Mohammed pbuh suggested modesty is so that everyone else (girls and woman included) didn’t become jealous of Stan perfect specimens of manhood.

      “Looks are extremely important.” Good point.
      “Our forefathers used to wear turbans but now they don’t actually.” True.

      Lets form a big global alliance lead by Stans and Sikhs and kick some Takfiri Jihadi Islamist butt! No one fights like a Stan! Although Pakistanis, Chechens and Arabs are putting up one heck of a fight against the glorious heroes of Stan (the Afghan National Army) in Ghazni and Loya Paktia right now.


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