Coloniser mansplaining beautiful Indian girl

The guy is simply obnoxious; he epitomises the Coloniser complex that I write against.

She is obviously far above his league and he tries to defuse his insecurity by talking over her at every instance.

It’s strange that Netflix finds nothing wrong with this video when the level of aggression towards this lady is off the charts. You never walk out on a lady EVER but it’s only because she outright rejected him (she can do much better) that his ego couldn’t handle it.

As an aside I had no idea that she was Indian until he mentioned it and then only got more riled up.

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      1. he would come off the same way. what would the difference be?

        you see this in a racialized lens i guess. that’s your liberty. but the guy seems like a dick, and if she was an iowa-girl with a similar ‘history’ i suspect he’d behave like a dick too.

        1. Agree with Razib.

          The vast majority of people watching this video will sympathize with her versus him. She and Indians come across positively.

          BTW, he is a male misogynist too.

          1. as zach noted, she’s not even that ‘visibly’ ‘indian’. i watched the episode. she was born in france but grew up in texas. being ‘indian’ isn’t a big deal though she mentions her punjabi ethnicity.

            most of the other dates were chill. it’s more about being a single new yorker…

  1. Zach, the guy is a super super jerk. No doubt. Letting the video play is will discredit and demean him in the eyes of people who watch this video.

    She comes across far better than he does. Good for her. Allah’s blessings that she escaped the creepy jerk.

    “i’m confused. what do you want netflix to do? it was dramatic and that’s what they want.”
    I am with Razib. What does this have to do with netflix?

    Eastern philosophy is about being in 24 hours meditation and being unaffected by external events. Being a lotus amidst the mud. These are passing clouds. Let them pass.

  2. “She is obviously far above his league…” That’s hilarious to me, but De gustibus non est disputandum and all that.

    “You never walk out on a lady EVER…” Huh? Even if she was being a dramatic defensive bitch? Being Indian probably has nothing to do with this btw, as Razib noted.

    I used to think your use of “colonizer” for random white people was semi-ironic performance art, but I’m beginning to think I was wrong.

  3. More than a racist, this dudes bigger issue seems to be that he’s a manipulative narcissist. Moreover, he lacks the social graces to disguise it. Its a bit dismaying if he passes for a normal person on tv these days.

    1. thanks I was going to write back but better to leave his comment for all to make judgements.
      abusing a brown woman on a brown blog is probably Peak Coloniser..

  4. Does anyone else feel that even when a desi is born and brought up in USA , the way they do casual talk in English still has a tinge of artificial-ness (perhaps with specific words), as in it does not come out naturally. Perhaps its just me.

  5. hmmm, Indian girl trying to get fame by getting on Netflix, by following Western dating customs, trying to impress white guy, wears low-cut top, and divorced on top of that.

    In short..

    Netflix, Divorced, Low Cut Dress, Trying to Impress White Man..

    Cant say I like anything about this woman, and there is little Indian about her tbh.

    Strange type of situation in which to White Knight

    1. Honestly, I did not even notice her dress mzp1. The sick man sees what he sees. The reason he sees what he sees is inside himself.

      Sanathana Dharma is about achieving freedom from our brain and nervous system. A naked attractive person or an ugly person in Saudi uniform do not affect a free person.

      How do you know she is trying to attract a “white” person verses anyone else? Why do you assume she is racial?

      Do you know why she divorced? Many of my closest friends and family divorced because their husband was a jerk.

      I didn’t know that SAARC were male mysogynists. But I am now beginning to.

      “she’s a texan american. she’s doing what comes natural. shouldn’t peg her as ‘indian girl’

      True dat!

  6. I didn’t see anything particularly jerky about the guy. He’s from NYC and a typical straight shooter. He’s not looking to get blind sided with “oh you’re not Indian you won’t understand” crap. She tried using that card to beat him in some strange establishment of powerful asymmetric dynamic in the onset of the potential relationship (she will always be more familiar with everything he can potentially be familiar with but he won’t be in reverse). I’ve seen this dynamic in a lot of Indian woman non Indian male relationships in the US, and mainly with white males because black and Latino males won’t put up with that bs.

    Like lady if this is something you have at the back of your mind, you’re not suited for an interracial relationship (by which I mean like a straight up cornbread white boy, not some niche type guys that may be total Indophiles…that’s different).

    Tbh I’ve pulled stuff like this in ir relationships but it happens after I’m fairly comfortable in it, then boom one day they come home see me in checkered lungi lol at which point they probably think I’ll pull a “not without my daughter” stunt on them in the future

    It’s a power move and most ypipo are conditioned to tread around diversity on eggshells. See how white guy pretended not to hear the culture part…if that was the other minorities that are under no expectation to be pc, they’d straight up say “o okay why don’t you just go find an Indian guy then and stop wasting our time”. What’s fascinating is these ladies (and I’d imagine guys too) avoid people from their own ethnic background because that would rob them from this upper hand. They relish the submissive white partner whom they can “educate” lifelong lol

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