BrownCast Podcast episode 16: Native Americans and a globalized world

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This week we’re doing something different…but also something you are going to have to expect. The “BrownCast” and “Brown Pundits” are labeled “brown” because the founders of this weblog are brown. We are obviously interested in Indian/South Asian/Desi topics…but that’s not all we are. In fact, the three original founders, myself, Zach, and Omar, are confirmed dilettantes.

One of the “privileges” of being white is that you are interested in whatever you want to be interested in. You don’t just opine on “white” topics, you opine on the world because the world is your canvas. In the year 2019, my own opinion is that more nonwhites need to decolonize their minds, get over white people and their fraught relationship with a race which dictated the terms of the 19th and 20th centuries and grasp the chaotic, polycentric, and globalized 21st century with two hands.

Cross the threshold. Step into the future. It’s interesting…if sometimes a bit too interesting.

The conversation in this podcast starts out with specific concerns and questions about how Native Americans in the USA are reacting to the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren. Brett Chapman lays out the concerns of his own people rather well. He is a lawyer, so that is to be expected! But, the conversation moves to issues relating to Catalan and Scottish independence, and reconsiderations of the sacrosanct nature of the Eurocentric Westphalian system.

Native American experiences are not just particular, they’re universal, and global.

This is 2019 and the 21st century. Two Americans, one a brown 1.5 generation semi-immigrant, one a Native American, and a brown Briton, get together and have a discussion about continental European politics. It’s our business. The world is our business. And our business is the world.

12 thoughts on “BrownCast Podcast episode 16: Native Americans and a globalized world”

  1. Really fascinating podcast. Bit shorter than usual though… can’t imagine you guys could have run out of things to talk about!

  2. I still think that the native american nationhood is a bit different than Catalonia/Scotland thing. The Catalonia/Scotland example is people of that area for whatever political reason dont want to be in the whole system together. This to me is different from totally separate ethnicity/race existing now side by side in USA (native amercians vs WASPs). To me the american thing is more like Greeks and Turks living in 1300s Anatolia, while the whole Scottish/Catalunya thing is more 1950s Dravidian separation movement from India or even the Bangladesh separation from Pakistan.

    Just to add before Aragon became part of Spain ,Aragon itself used to lead Naples in S-Italy. Had things tuned out a bit different, Naples would have been the one who would emphasizing their “distinctness” from Catalunia folks. 😛

    Finally what actually constitutes effective “distinctiveness” to really demand/have a state is a subjective thing and more often than not its the politics which really determines how “separate” we really are.

    1. Just to add before Aragon became part of Spain ,Aragon itself used to lead Naples in S-Italy.

      aragon ruled naples until the early 18th century. independently from castile. this was part of the highly decentralized nature of the spanish monarchy that nationalists have been trying to fix since the 19th century.

      the aragonese refused taxes for castile’s new world empire in part cuz they had their own mediterranean possessions to tend to….

  3. Please don’t look at my previous comment. We know who are the Natives of North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Antarctica.

    Who knows who the Natives of Europe are?

    A bottle of champagne for the first who guess it.

  4. This was an awesome podcast. Is there interest in other podcast with a native American tribal/spiritual leader alongside a Hindu leader of SAARC ancestry?

    There is immense commonality between eastern philosophy and native American religion. There is also commonality between what external forces did to Asia and the Americas. There is a shared history of attempted religious and cultural genocide. There is a shared history of how native Americans and Asians lost a lot of ancient technology that caused socio-economic regression. Both native Americans and Asians claim very ancient narrative mythological histories. Both also share similar astrological practices.

    Today both native Americans and Indians face a major attack from post modernist cultural marxists. [And some lingering effects of a prior Christian conversion effort.]

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