BrownCast Podcast episode 19: Conversation with Saloni – a globalist centrist edgelord

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Nearly 20 episodes in, I thought it would be useful to gain some perspective. Here are the traffic trends:

In the next month or so I will be recording a podcast with Thomas Chatterton Williams and Shadi Hamid. The podcast explores what we’re interested in, but I have to be honest that I doubt this would have ever happened without reader feedback.

On this episode, I have a wide-ranging discussion about globalization, globalism, and being Steven Pinker’s bulldog with my friend Saloni. A graduate student in behavior genetics at KCL, Saloni grew up in Hong Kong, carries an Indian passport, and is a hanger-on in the neoliberal shill conspiracy. Somehow she became an “internet person.”

8 thoughts on “BrownCast Podcast episode 19: Conversation with Saloni – a globalist centrist edgelord”

  1. I really liked the whole Brits —> S-India, US—>N-India comparison 😛

    Never took you for someone who would watch Spartacus.

    Shadi would be a great guest. But i feel with the fall of of ISIS and US deal with Taliban , the world interest in the topics he talks about has sort of ebbed.

      1. Just a side comment…

        Spartacus was a Serb. Razib should check if there is a genetic match here, maybe genetic affinity transcends time and space (…maybe another chance for a Nobel?)


    It would be great if you could ask Shadi about this whole thing. I mean all right wing polity in the world have some sort of ideal world. Pak-nationalist have “Medina” , hindu nationalist have “Hindu Rastra”. But all of them sort of try to manage by having some sort of a modern-relegio state, with varying degrees.

    Unlike this Erdogan guy who seems to really believe that the state actually only exists for “muslim” interests. In a way he is a true believer of neo-Ottoman empire. Looks like everyone (USA,Russia,EU, now China) is pissed with him and he does not give a damn. I mean even Pakistan/Saudis/Iran have not pissed the Chinese on Ughurs, but this guy really believes that he doesn’t need any friends. Even strongmen (Egypt/Saudi -USA, Pak/Iran-China) are hedging their bets and making alliance with each other. Totally flummoxed as what is the end game for Erdogan is, and who are his allies.

    1. It would be great if Shadi was on BP. Complete agreement with Indthings.

      How can readers submit questions for Shadi?

      Can you describe his knowledge base or areas of interest? For example how familiar is he with Turkey or with military affairs?

  3. open thread.

    Can you describe his knowledge base or areas of interest?

    look at his brookings page.

    i have an outline fwiw…i am not super interested in totally talking about what he’s used to talking about but am willing to take questions.

  4. Finally got around to listening to this. Nice chat — I especially liked the conversational flow of it. I was hoping the guest would’ve been pressed a bit more on the intellectual basis of her Pinkerist belief system, but there were plenty of other interesting things to brown out over.

    Re: the accent conversation. Mega entertaining to listen in on. With a fair degree of certainty, I can guess which schools she might have gone to. HK kids who went to formerly British govt schools (less expensive, but still quite international student bodies) tend to have faux British accents, kids who went to actual international schools tend to have faux American. The changing accents thing depending on your company is definitely a thing, particularly for kids in the Asian diaspora (less so for North American and British South Asians). I personally find it somewhat inauthentic, but I understand it.

    P.S. seems like a comment I made on the most current thread went straight to the spam filter. I didn’t think the language in it was that salty!

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