I am taking a more front & center role on this weblog proceeding forward. Moderate/inspection of comments will become stricter. I suspect some of you will be banned because you post worthless comments. Also, I am seriously thinking about installing a plugin that caps word-length on comments.

Since this weblog gets about 10 times more traffic than it did a few years ago, it seems the right time to tighten the screws a bit.

16 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. that’s a welcome move. i came on this blog to learn new things about south Asian genetics that you guys are working on. looking forward towards your new work regarding genetics.

    1. but, you are the subject expert in that. been following u since times.

  2. am I banned too razib bruvz?? whoz gonno defend islamic pride around here plz temme? — Jagger’s staggered!


    1. @Razib

      Have you considered the possibility that the Turanian supremacist may be an internet hind00?

    2. Internet hindu very serious. Internet hindu no like joking around.

      Also, is there a minimum IQ bar to participate here? Remember, I have great visuo-spacial IQ. (I can rotate 3-D objects in my head. I can also read this blog upside down.)

      1. No there is just a “don’t make stupid unverifiable/contradictory to well established evidence statements bar” along with a “avoids logical fallacies bar”

  3. What’s happening guys? Where are you for a whole day? You left me alone to mind and entertain new kid in town, G-boy? If muslims are praying where are hindus, budists, catholics, atheists and like?

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