Episode 61: Lisa Mahapatra, another neoliberal shill

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This episode is a conversation with Lisa Mahapatra. We talk about her being a non-woke global human, being an ethnic Oriya, and being a dark-skinned woman. It was a fun conversation because to be frank Lisa is the type of person I’m often friends with. Heterodox, “gives no fucks”, and frank.

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4 years ago

Good podcast, you found an interesting and articulate ‘immigrant from India’ voice. I could relate to many of her experiences.

Wish there was more discussion about her career trajectory (how she ended up working for Uber), and how she thinks her life and career would have been different in India vs the US.

One point of non congruence I had was with here explanation of right wing politicization in India. IMO, Hindu nationalist politics is more about opposition to Muslims as a political influence, rather than any specific Hindu emphasis.

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