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  1. Aryan is used both for First and probably last names (Kartik Aaryan) in india. Also people from lower caste communities changed their surnames to Arya if i am not mistaken.

    1. Arya means nobility.

      harold1398, your statement is too broad to be meaningful.

      I suspect that “Caste” as Europeans and Americans use it is similar to a four by four grid:
      —ancestral village
      —jati or tribe
      There are sixteen boxes in the grid. There might be hundreds of thousands of castes. And it is very hard to generalize.

      Many from the east name themselves some variant of Arya–whether in Iran, the Stans north of Afghanistan, Afghanistan, SAARC or South east Asia. Which specific ancestral villages, gotras, jatis and/or varnas do you think are adopting the last name Arya? Are they adopting the term Arya or are they dropping some other names and only keeping the Arya?

      Technically the vast majority of people across Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Xinjiang, Tibet, SAARC, and south east Asia (Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Java, Sumatra, Indonesia, Malaysia, parts of the Philippines) self identified as Arya not all that long ago.

      It is possible that even the Yazidi and European Jatis also self identified as Arya in the past. This appears to be Milan’s position.

    2. You are right Harold. My son’s the best kinderfriend has the name Aryan. He is a very dark Indian boy, almost as Serendibian. In Serbia, there are more rare names Aryan or Aryana but much more frequent are Maryan and Maryana (or Mariana). There is a mountain with name Maryan close to Split. It is also a very frequent surname Maryanovic (e.g. as a 2.24 m tall basketball NBA player Boban who also plays a role in a Keanu Rives movie). Pass my regards to Maude1398.

    1. MMK, if you are asking about Hindustan, I mentioned in the text that it will be in the 2nd part. Let leave the people to digest the first part. I wanted to prevent a shock reaction and because I gradually introduced toponyms from Tibet, China, central Asia, etc. I would also like to see any toponym from today’s India in Europe or Asia.

      Re: KE text you recommended above…If I don’t know that you are a serious and seasoned pundit I would be thinking – another humorous a la WS comment. Well, it is quite a ‘discovery’ that Tibet(ans) are the missing link in all OIT/AIT discussions. They have a central position (!), close to Bactria, on the south is Manu’s law, steppe on the north, etc, and they had influence on Latin and German languages??? Everything is supported by several word similarities?

      Again, what is typical for OIT, there is neither timeframe nor explanation who did and how this happened, etc. Without these explanations, it is not justified KE’s anticipation of the ‘panic in AIT camp’.

      1. “MMK, if you are asking about Hindustan, ”

        I asked about South Asia.

        Where is “Hinustan?” btw?

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