Brown Pundits Browncast episodes 128 and 129

This week two quick episodes with two sagacious repeat guests.

– With Jasper Gregory I revisit the situation in Vietnam. From coronavius, to BLM, to K-Pop.

– With Abhinav Prakash I discuss the Hathras rape, how it relates to caste politics in UP, and the various Dalit groups in that state.

You may notice a difference in sound quality. I decided to get a legitimate microphone. I think that will reduce the complaints about sound quality. Since it cost some money, I wouldn’t mind more Patreon subscriptions.

6 thoughts on “Brown Pundits Browncast episodes 128 and 129”

  1. Very Good podcast with Abhinav Prakash. I Have recommended this to my cousin. He also complained about the production quality on your podcast and I am glad that you have upgraded.
    He couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of freedom of speech. How can i convince him about the American version of freedom of speech. He says that more often than not speeches cause hatred ,riots and murder etc. so therefore speech against community should be banned.

  2. i think the utility of something can only be shown through reading history. you can’t prove it to him a priori. if he won’t read he’ll have to have faith, or disbelieve.

    i do think western norms of speech have some cultural preconditions to work well. unfortunately not sure india has those. and it looks like the west is losing those preconditions

  3. Great episode with Abhinav Prakash, an original thinker and a not a communist bot like so many other caste activists in India.

    I don’t think there is any difference between his opinions and mine.

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