Browncast – Saagar Enjeti: An Indian-American Right Populist

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This episode features Mukunda and Akshar talking to Saagar Enjeti, co-host of Rising on The Hill and host of The Realignment Podcast. We talk about Saagar’s come up and his political journey as we delve into the US election results, right populism, and an Indian-American’s place in all this.

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15 thoughts on “Browncast – Saagar Enjeti: An Indian-American Right Populist”

  1. Ha, so the real origin story is that his woke cousins drove him to the brink. Family dynamics are underrated. Some of the most “redpilled” ppl I know are children of lefty professors. And lots of wokesters are dealing with guilt from flippantly racist dads.

    1. Yeah, totally agree. Though i have seen far more woke children of racist dads, then redpilled children of lefty folks.

      I have a Arundhati Roy-ish friend who’s father is a RSS member (even jailed during 70s emergency). I must add that they are Bongs so he returning to the light (woke) isn’t the outlier. Its his father who is the outlier.

    2. I think there’s space for a modern ideology that’s a more sane alternative to woke-ism. At least in India.

      I see many people here who are very cognizant of inequality and discrimination. Then they see that their parents are fine with it or even promote it. Ex – the way you treat servants.

      I was just talking to a friend yesterday. She’s at her uncle’s place for Diwali. Their usual maid was held up so her tiny 11-year old daughter came to do the chores.

      That is simply heartbreaking. But it is considered acceptable even by highly educated people who know better.

      It’s not difficult to imagine that an observant person will be seduced by some kinds of revolutionary ideas in such a setting.


        “ The rich, on the other hand, create resources. They are the employers of the poor. Yes, there are many aspects of their lives that are visually repulsive to the thinking, philosophical poor, but their view of the rich also includes their reformative roles— conscientious teenaged girls trying to teach the children of their maids and drivers; refined do-gooders trying to make lives better. I have met a man who started a free library in his Mumbai house for poor aspirants to the civil services; and an old lawyer who fought cases without charging a fee; and several doctors who treated the poor for free. These too are the optics of Indian life that the poor see every day. As a cultural bloc, the rich might seem villainous to an unknowable number of the poor, but compared to their own neighbours and equals, and even husbands and in-laws, the rich also appear more decent, nobler, more generous, nicer and safer to them. “

        1. Haha. I did have that article in mind (and Ronen’s comment from a couple of weeks ago) while writing the comment.

          These are individual acts of charity. If you could make this kind of service a tenet of mainstream ideology of some sorts then you’d have more people trying to reform things at their level rather than asking for woke-ist revolution.

          Christianity promotes charity in a much better way. Even Sikh society does it quite well.

      2. I remember when “woke” itself was a kind of realist understanding of the black experience in America, exactly the sort of outlook that would see cooption of BLM by neo-liberals as an instrument of class warfare and not liberation. A broad based populism brought on by a multipolar world could burn it off. Regarding India, I’d suggest its always been the natural home of woke, elite, puritan virtue-signalling, so much so they have talent for export.

    3. Those who are not redpilled, remain historically castrated with loser self hating mentality.

      Jai Shree Ram

  2. Sikhs are experts at self promotion. really all other indic faiths need a marketing lesson from them. Hell even Muslims present better to poor masses globally. Hindus have awful ground game 2/2 protective historical insularity.

    Thankfully, groups like BAPs are changing that a little bit and Hindutuva is evangelizing, grated not fast enough

    1. The ‘woke’ sikh and muslim is still right of centre. The ‘woke’ Hindu is closer to the ‘woke’ white.

      1. The ‘woke’ Hindu is dying for a bit of recognition from the ‘woke’ white as a peer. A single glance is enough for her to wipe off the tilak off her forehead and become one with her beloved.

        Amir Khusro wrote about it in the 14th century. The muse changes but the song remains the same.

        Here’s a great conversion song for you to start your Sundays.

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