Unconditional Surrender Association (USA)

The global empire is erupting with head-aches on a daily basis. The old villain has resurrected itself and is bent on kidnapping children right and left (or letting bullies roam freely in the school-yard).  The ancient empire has risen from the ashes and threatening the well-fed, lazy, mansabdars. And now even the sustainably trained colonies are getting bent out of shape. In the past a big stick was a gate-pass (on official letterhead) to the Court, behave or else. Alas from today this proud tradition is no more. Now the only thing that will help save India is  the collective will of Indians (and that is how it should be).

Washington will drop a travel ban on Narendra Modi if he becomes the Prime Minister. US assistant secretary of state Nisha Desai Biswal
finally buried the controversy over Modi’s visa as she told a TV
channel that the US would welcome the Gujarat CM if he ascends to the
top job.

“I would just say that the United States has welcomed
every leader of this vibrant democracy, and that a democratically
elected leader of India will be a welcome partner,” Biswal said adding
Washington is ready to do business with him. For nine years, the US has
kept its visa ban on Modi who has won three successive terms in Gujarat.


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