18 thoughts on “The only time when a Hijab looks good”

  1. This is kind of in bad taste. Criticizing hijab during the month of Ramzan is tone-deaf at best.

    I really don’t understand this need to denigrate the choices of some Muslim women. You are neither a Muslim nor a woman so why is this your problem? Hijab should be left to Muslim women and their God.

    The dog is cute. It’s your headline that I have issues with.

      1. Your animus against hijab has long been noticed. Why this obsession with a piece of clothing, especially since you don’t belong to any of the relevant communities?

        1. because he thinks it’s oppressive to women. if an injustice happens to someone, whether they are in your community is irrelevant.

          if you don’t think the hijab is oppressive, then you two disagree on that question. communal standing is irrelevant. they are as much his sisters as yours, even if you disagree on that.

          “you are your brother’s keeper”

          1. Is it oppressive if a woman freely chooses to wear it? That seems to be denying agency to Muslim women.

            I’m not a great fan of the hijab either but I think denigrating other people’s religious practices is gratuitous.

            I don’t go around constantly denigrating Hindu religious practices for example. Though one could argue that caste discrimination is a bigger issue than whether a woman covers her head or not.

  2. O Shahenshah, I think you overdo the Muhammad the pedophile thing. To me the most disturbing aspect of Muhammad character was his utterly ruthless and vindictive nature.

    Muhammad never forgave anyone who dared to slight him. He routinely dispatched assassins to bump off poets and other influential individuals who ridiculed him. Let me narrate the anecdote about Uqba ibn Abu Mu’ayt. This Quraish Arab had played a prank at Muhammad’s expense when he used to preach in Mecca, but importantly – no blood had been drawn between them. Uqba participated in the Battle of Badr on Muhammad’s enemies side, and had the misfortune of falling into Muhammad’s hands alive after the battle.

    He was brought hands bound to Muhammad for a judgement. Muhammad promptly ordered his execution. Staring in the face of death even this proud Arab broke down and cried out – “Who will take care of my children after me?”. The messenger of Allah was unmoved. Pity was not an emotion he understood. Stonily he replied – “The fire” (meaning hell-fire). And off rolled Uqba’s head.

    Contrast this story with Alexander’s treatment of Porus in similar circumstances, and we know who was a better man.

    Muhammad grew up as an orphan. He was naturally cautious, untrusting of others, and cold hearted. Alexander was born in royalty. The difference showed.

    1. alexander killed his boon companion in a drunken rage!

      i don’t know. would have to reread their biographies. most figures from the ancient world seem brutal despite their humanity which sometimes shines through.

      1. .. drunken rage..
        Drunken rage is different. Alexander also went into depression over this incident. Muhammad never showed any remorse over any of his crimes.

        Also, evidence strongly suggests that he resorted to perfidy during the Banu-Qurayza massacre. The defenders were lured out of the fortress by giving them false hope that their lives might be spared. Too bad they fell for it. Many warlords of medieval times sullied their hands by massacring POWs, but I don’t remember any breaking of word.

        1. Yep, taquiya remained until today. That is the trademark. This is (not hijab) the key gap between civilizations. Can give you hundred such examples from my proximity in last couple hundreds of years.

  3. Wallahi kabira bruv, jagguz here to protect the azmat of our HOLY PROPHET (BOO).

    I am dismounting from my mare and unsheathing my long blade as we speak bruv. Can alwayz show u sword fighting lemme know. Pvt lessons, no charge for fellow Muslimz and Muslimahz. Never know wid these Kuffar when u need your blade man. Ya Ali Ya Muhammad Ya Allah.


  4. This post is dumb, similar pictures using different cultural groups would not be tolerated (and are often grounds to ruin someone’s public reputation here in America).

    If you want to talk about the Hijab talk about it seriously, don’t just meme nonsense.

  5. My understanding is that hijab was not a part of original Islam. It was adopted later influenced by one region/tribe (not sure) in S.Arabia. In any case, this black KKK outfit is really an anti-civilizations trademark which shows the real position of women in Islam who are treated as animals. We can see Imran Khan, who firstly had a Jewish wife, than so-called ‘liberal’ Pak and now 3xK wife. Next time he probably will appear with a full harem of kkk wives. I think that Islam’s image would be very different in the world without hijab even if remain jihad, kill infidels, sharia, 77 virgins…

    1. Hijab is not an “anti-civilization trademark” . Many Muslim women freely choose to cover their heads since they believe that this is accordance with the modesty that God requires from them. Hijab doesn’t stop them from succeeding in their professions or other endeavors. Why do you have a problem with how people choose to dress? Does the habit worn by Christian nuns upset you so much?

      Second, Jemima Goldsmith was a raised a Christian (not that her religion really matters in any case). This myth of her being Jewish has been disproven many times before.

      Lastly, who on this blog has ever defended jihad or killing “infidels”? I certainly have not.

      1. Imagine that IK & 3K have official lunch or photo shooting with Donald and Aryan Melania. Actually, maybe 3K is also Aryan but we can’t know this. How she can eat lunch publicly and chat with Melanie through the curtain?

        Does it mean that you are denouncing jihad, kill infidels and sharia (let’s forget 77 virgins, it looks as a joke anyway)?
        Take a chance and don’t drop it.
        If you are afraid for your life send me a private email via Anan or Magi.

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