Rwandan miracle–Asian Tiger of Africa


The world breaks down into three major factions:
——post modernists (psychotic in need of urgent medical services)
——“non post modernists and non Islamists”
Can Rwanda, the Asian Tiger of Africa, inspire and lead the global “non post modernists and non Islamists”? Can Rwanda inspire and lead the globalists?

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10 thoughts on “Rwandan miracle–Asian Tiger of Africa”

  1. Probably not, no one has heard of it and the population is only 12m. Bangladesh and Ethiopia will probably be talked about a lot more.

    1. Ali I did not know that the Ethiopian economic miracle was so spectacular. Need to research a lot more.

      I think Brown Pundits should do a podcast on the Ethiopian and Rwandan economic miracles.

      I have long planned a post on the Bangladeshi economy. I think Bangladeshi economy is dangerously concentrated in apparel and agriculture. AI, AI-brain interface fused intelligence, bio-engineering (growing biological tissue in labs), gene manipulation, brain electro-therapy, brain sound therapy and other technologies will rapidly transform garments and agriculture in the near future. Bangladesh’s educational system does a mediocre job with respect to the talented tenth compared with the rest of Asia and the world. {Bangladesh does a better job educating the bottom 90%.} Bangladesh will have a tough time educating her people for the products, processes, businesses and jobs of tomorrow.

      I am more optimistic about the Indian, Turkish, Malaysian, Thai education systems. Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Macau, South Korea are academically knocking it out of the park.

  2. Indus valley was Hindu, it belongs to ancient Hindus not Islamists from Arabia. Islam has nothing to do with Indus, remove the background!

    1. Typo?

      What “background”?

      How is this connected to Rwanda? Rwanda is only 2% muslim.

      There are thousands of Sampradayas in Sanathana Dharma. What are a few more Bhakti Sampradayas or Silsilas inspired by Maha Rishi purusha Mohammed–peace be upon him–added to the Dharmic fold?

      1. The year is 2050. President AnAn has succeeded in solving the Hindu/Muslim divide in India by convincing everyone that Islam is just another sect of Hinduism. Subcontinental hajj pilgrims confuse other Muslims by saying the takbir and bismillah in Sanskrit, after the example of Maharishi Muhammad ji.

        1. :LOL:

          Indian muslim: “Hey . . . I don’t want to learn this Arab pronunciation thing. It is way too hard. And dude, with all my studying I only get 4 hours of sleep a night. I’m tired.”

          Indian nonmuslim responds” Chi Chi Chi (shame shame). How dare you dishonor your Sadguru Mohammed peace be upon him. Start studying your Arabic pronunciation immediately. No more vacation or non text book reading! And only 1 hour of sleep a night for you. Study 23 hours a day. RRRRR. {Picks up a stick to wack Indian muslim.}

          If you get 90 marks instead of 100 marks on Arabic pronunciation . . . we Indians will never be able to show our head again. It is a thousand times worse than death to get second place in any academic test behind China. Get back to studying Arabic now!” {Followed by angry glare.}

          “Praan jaye . . . . grade na jaye”
          life may go, but our grade will not be bad

          This is an alteration of the famous:

          “Praan jaye . . . vachan na jaye”
          Life may go, but our word will never be false

  3. I don’t find that credible, in the 2017 election Labour won all ethnic minorities quite comfortably even amongst Indians, see the pdf below. Labour in 2019 lost seats with a high proportion of unskilled whites, not ones with significant ethnic minorities. The gap won’t have closed that much in two years. Nimco Ali is a friend of Boris Johnson’s girlfriend and is one of his more frequent defenders.

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