Why do Muslims React More to France Than to China?

The last few days have seen two separate terrorist incidents in France, both involving Muslim youth (both refugees, not French-born Muslims) beheading (or trying to behead) French civilians because of perceived outrage over blasphemy. In the first shocking incident a teacher named Samuel Paty tried to do what good teachers do; he was teaching about freedom of expression and wanted to show the cartoons that led to the murderous assaults on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. He told his Muslim students that if they felt uncomfortable seeing those cartoons, they could step outside the class. There is no indication that he himself said anything that could be construed as an attack on the prophet. But the very fact that he showed the famous cartoons in his class was enough to rile up at least one of the Muslim student’s parents, who started to outrage on social media, which led a Chechen youth named Abdullah to travel a 100 km, find the teacher by paying his students to point him out and then beheaded him on a public road before being shot dead himself.

France teacher attack: Seven charged over Samuel Paty's killing - BBC News

If this was not bad enough, today another “refugee” (this one from Tunisia) went on a stabbing/beheading spree at the basilica of Notre Dame in Nice and killed 2 women and a 55 year old sexton. Another person, this time in Saudi Arabia, stabbed a guard at the French consulate before being arrested. At the same time there have been massive protests in Bangladesh, a mock beheading at a girl’s school in Pakistan, official protests from Pakistan and Turkey and boycotts of French products all across the Muslim world.

Eruptions of violence in response to blasphemy are not uncommon in the Muslim world and many blasphemy-murderers are honored as heroes (in Pakistan the murderer Ilm Deen, who killed a Hindu publisher in the 1920s is even honored in school textbooks and is widely regarded as a role model by mainstream politicians and intellectuals). But outsiders still ask, why are Muslims so universally upset at France, but there has been hardly a peep about the Chinese suppression of Uighur culture, which has involved the destruction of countless mosques and shrines, the incarceration of tens of thousands in giant concentration camps and even an attempt to rewrite the Quran in line with “Chinese values”?

The first set of explanations is historical and “materialistic”; the liberal/leftist version says that France (and the West in general) is a colonial power that colonized many Muslim countries and conducted a very vicious and cruel counter-insurgency campaign in Algeria. China does not have this history with most Muslim countries. Western powers are also seen as supporters of Israel while China is seen as an ally against Western powers (and in the case of Pakistan, against India). China in fact does have such a history with the Uighurs, but the Uighurs themselves are peripheral to the Muslim world and most people do not have any personal connection with them. RW Islamophobes bring in the added twist that Muslims get upset at France/West because it is a soft target that will not hit back with greater violence or even material sanctions; and they do not get upset at China because it does hit back physically as well as economically. This appeals to RW fans of other religions, who are not always fans of materialist explanations, because they seem to feel it shows Muslims as essentially mercenary and calculating. I think there is something to all these explanations, but not as much as fans of this explanation want to believe.

I think “the Muslim world” does not react to Uighur persecution the way it does to France for many different reasons (including lack of awareness, calculation that we need China against India, history of Western colonialism, etc) but the biggest reason is that the Chinese really do not threaten Islamism and classical Islam in the way the West does and this is especially true of blasphemy about the prophet Mohammed. As far as Uighur persecution goes, it is awful, but many Muslim countries have done worse to their own people (Syria comes to mind). It threatens Uighur identity and culture, but it will not have any effect on the core Muslim world. But Western ideas of free speech and the attendant possibility of criticism of religion are a direct threat to classical Islam’s dominant public position. And the existence of powerful blasphemy and apostasy memes protects Classical Islam from public criticism. In that sense, the West has always been a bigger threat and remains so.

Till now, even in the West, the avoidance of public ridicule of the prophet as a red line has held for the most part. While Islamophobes in America (the country with the freest free speech on the planet) can and do say what they please within their own bubbles, mainstream outlets will not join in. The same is true of Western leaders; they can say the occasional critical thing about Islamism and can say a LOT of things about Islamist terrorism, but they too avoid crossing this final critical red line. If a magazine crosses the line occasionally but no one in power defends their right to blaspheme too vigorously, then too the red line holds. But what happened in France is that Macron (and the French in general) have taken the view that these beheadings are an attack on THEIR core cultural values and they will not stand for it. IF they are not forced to back down soon, then the red line may no longer hold. A major power is saying it is OK to ridicule Mohammed and their leaders are making no attempt to split the difference by also criticizing the magazine for “being provocative” or otherwise hedging their bets. This is serious. If this stands, then one of the core elements of classical Islamic culture and self-image will be under threat. Today France, tomorrow Germany. Then what? We might then be living on a planet where large (and well developed, desirable) parts allow open ridicule of the prophet Mohammed.

I can hear some people muttering “so what?”. For many modern people it is inconceivable that people are willing to die (to kill would be less of an outlier; there are people who are willing to kill for someone like Trump, forget the prophet of a major religion) to stop someone 1000s of miles away from making a cartoon. But from the point of view of many (most?) Muslims, . nothing could be clearer: “If we allow this, we will become like Christianity”.

By the way, I dont think their fear is really justified. I dont think Islam or even classical Islam (the version of Sunni Islam that developed in the Abbasid empire) will fade away if blasphemy becomes normalized in big parts of the world (I dont think it will be normalized in the Muslim world any time soon). But I am not representative of Muslim opinion. This is a big deal for most Muslims. But getting beheaded is also big deal for most Frenchmen, so I dont expect their anger to go away either. I expect this confrontation to get worse and I expect “average” Muslims in Western countries will make a painful adjustment and will continue to live in countries where such blasphemies will not be suppressed. But some will not make that adjustment. Most of these non-compromisers may just go back to the “dar ul Islam”, but some may also strike again in the West, and so the cycle will continue until it finally becomes normalized or actively suppressed. If I had to bet, i would bet on “becomes normalized”, but prediction is a rum game.

By the way, if you want to read more about blasphemy and blasphemy laws, especially in a Pakistani context (and Pakistan leads the Muslim world in this respect), see here and here.

Typical images from Pakistani whatsapp:


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  1. “If we allow this, we will become like Christianity”.
    Well that’s what I feel all non Muslims and some Muslims are fighting for. If that possibility is taken out then lot of well meaning non-muslims (who arent anti muslim bigots) will become increasingly harsher about Islam and espouse the Chinese solution. I already saw the Chinese solution come up in a few twitter threads. It will escalate.

    Indian MEA supporting France at such a time is also a welcome & bold step by Modi – hope it leads to more attack those to condemn blamsphemy. (I know i am being naive here to expect Hindus to understand the benefits of blasphemy looking at muslim resistance but all we can do is Hope )

  2. and they do not get upset at China because it does hit back physically as well as economically

    Mainly this (combined with the language barrier and the fact that Chinese media is state-controlled)

    I think Erdogan was the only big name to speak against China, and he too was forced to take his words back

    As long as leaders of muslim-majority countries can’t speak about China, most of the citizens won’t speak either, because China does hit back pretty hard and with ease (NBA and Ozil)

    1. It’s racial barrier not merely linguistics between chinee and aryasaka.
      Massive racial barrier – between caucasian and mongolid. Everything else is irrelevant.
      Dhanvad for the record Eurasian refer to angloHind matches progeny . Dark caucasian fair caucasian- body hair is defining trait of caucasian- silky fine hairs – better the milk supply greater the beauty of hair kesh- desert creed aesthetics r different- germanik refer to monogamies lineages – polygamous desert creeds aesthetic mocks hair – germanic italic iranic never remove hair as hair adds to pleasures – hair possesses fragrance – pheromones- people who smell good only ought to utilize scent -Talmud desert books ban perfume – germanik keep body hairs

      Fear also causes excessive hairs sometimes as per model/Author L. Haye but it’s really the poor milk supply that is the culprit – save mother cow !! Quadruped care is critical : Milk makes children of man gentle — Panjab “look” the chubbiness of our children is from Buffalo milk “madge “ It’s white butter white milk of father buffalo – which is sacred to us and true authentic Italian mozzarella is made from buffalo milk actually. It’s r deep ancestry of buffalo milk – woe be unto enemies of father buffalo – vandematarm

      It’s people harming quadruped who incur karm not Vegetaryan because milk is as essential as water – butter cheese clarified butter
      Pasteurization is unhealthy – Canada has superior milk to jewmerica.
      Definition of usa as per the Bavaria boychild- one half negrified one half judafied (hebe) stalag edition of His struggles .

  3. re: turkey. it has LONG hosted a lot of uyghurs because of pan-turkism. uyghur nationalism’s home abroad is istanbul.so they had to speak

    1. Razib Khan says:

      re: turkey. it has LONG hosted a lot of uyghurs because of pan-turkism. uyghur nationalism’s home abroad is istanbul.so they had to speak

      If I remember correctly, Turkey has begun to sell them out and has started deporting Uyghur activists back to China. In the end, money speaks.

  4. “But I am not representative of Muslim opinion. This is a big deal for most Muslims”

    I think this is the important part. Most of the comments/articles i read are either nominal Muslims or non Muslims, on what they ought or should do/react. A bit like how ‘Hindu trads’ try to assert what’s Hinduism. Dealing mostly with docile religions like Hinduism and Christianity, the ‘SJW Brahmins’ of this religions think that they can be reformed and reasoned with.

    Till they meet their match…. Islam.



  5. I know a person (east European) who lost someone close in the Bataclan massacre. His work often puts him in close contact with others from prestige institutions and organizations who have the whole ‘keep mum about uncomfortable topics’ going for them, also because those views aren’t acceptable in the circles they rub shoulders with.

    When one of the sociology/history professor-types of MENA extraction told him that terrorism was a function of poverty and colonialism, he replied dryly in French, “Surely, the Vietnamese must be enraged and out to kill people because of colonial history and poverty”, and then added the part about so many terrorists being from educated families. The result: silence and crickets from the crowd around the pair (mainly elite globalist champagne socialists), shifting eyes back and forth, leaving the conversation etc.

    Interesting tidbit: In the southern Indian Ocean near Madagascar there’s a French overseas department called Mayotte, and was the only island that didn’t vote for independence in the archipelago that became the nation of Comoros. The new country had over 20 coups, and is an Islamic state with all the jazz that accompanies it including apostasy and blasphemy. (Muslim) Migrants keep escaping in boats from there to Mayotte, so much so that many of the mostly-Muslim Mayotte islanders fear the demographic change enough to vote for…guess who? Le Pen! Turns out that when it comes to migration Le Pen is mightier than le sword.

  6. First of all there is difference in what china is doing and what is happening in France. Secondly I have seen this prejudice living in the west that if you hurt black people sentiments, you are racist, if you speak against jewish people sentiments, you are anti-semitic but speaking against Muslims sentiments is free speech. Making these cartoons doesn’t really achieve anything other than hurt muslims sentiments so I don’t think that its the matter of free speech.

    I have seen a lot my hindu brothers commenting on muslims intolerance but how is this any different from muslims being lynched for eating beef.

    Any way I am not a practising muslim, so these cartoons do not personally hurt me but do have affinity with muslims(as for being born Muslim) and this hypocrisy of the west do make me mad.

    1. I have seen a lot my hindu brothers commenting on muslims intolerance but how is this any different from muslims being lynched for eating beef.
      Some of that is similar – but a lot of beef lynching is economical and just poor law n order.
      And Hindus dont do this to do something like this anywhere outside India.

      If some Hindu doesnt something against some Neo Atheist attacking Kali maybe that would be a fair comparison.

    2. @Waseem

      You are have a tremendous confusion , conflating persons with ideas. Black jokes or denying holocaust is injurious to persons i.e. blacks or jews. Ideas are not scarosanct – that includes religion and ideas about religious figures. If you can’t see this distinction , you fundementally rejecting democracy which relies on respect for human beings , not ideas. If maintining the alleged sancitty of a historical figure is so important, don’t go and live in countries who don’t share your religious views. You are only making yourself a figure of fun and invite more cartoons. Perhaps a country like India is lax about religious feelings – too lax in fact where Muslims can live as they please. France has a revolutionary tradition which started with literally cutting off the head of the clergy of own state religion, why should they respect any other religion

    3. Secondly I have seen this prejudice living in the west that if you hurt black people sentiments, you are racist, if you speak against jewish people sentiments, you are anti-semitic but speaking against Muslims sentiments is free speech.

      This is correct. Moslems have far lower social standing than blacks who in turn have lower social standing than jews. It isn’t about being oppressed: jews in the West are hardly oppressed nor are they poor.

      This isn’t an argument to agree to censorship, but it is an argument to admit that there is a double-standard. Some groups are essentially protected from criticism/satire.

      1. \but it is an argument to admit that there is a double-standard\

        Each country can choose it’s double standard as per their history and with the intention to set right historical wrong. Blacks were traded and treated as slaves till 150 years back and hard core anti black racism ruled the roost till recently – may be even now .

        Anti-semitism is stamped upon vigoraously as the anti semitism of the past culminated in the Holocaust within living memory.

        Muslims and Islam are not in that position within western history. On the one hand , no point in saying we have the greatst prophet and greatest religion and on other hand go out with the begging bowl and act like faux victims with the intention to change host country’s laws

      2. India has a double standard – as per the indian Constitution , there should not be discrimination based on caste . At the same time, there is lot of caste based reservation presumably to set the historical imbalances right

      3. Jews are protected from satire? Have you seen Borat?

        Muslims are one of the most protected groups in the oppression hierarchy. Even criticism of the idea of Islam will get you branded as an Islamophobe. After every terrorist attack you have leftist media rushing in to justify and victim blame.

  7. And also I can see this after reading back my comment. I am not condoning racism or anti-semitism at all. I think they are wrong and this cartoon episode is Islamophobia as well.
    Secondly I do think China’s uyghur treatment is worse than what is happening in France but again.

    1. i guess its fair to say French want to treat islam like they treat Christianity – then why is that racist. And a lot of people actually want to make all Blasphemy a norm (I for one hope all blasmphemy – including Hindu becomes mainstream sometime soon within my lifetime). If it becomes a norm and muslims stop getting hurt – the blasphemy will also stop i presume. EOD people have real lives and concerns to get back to right

    1. Completely agree with this as well. I hope we as peaceful one day as we consider ourselves to be.

      1. \I hope we as peaceful one day as we consider ourselves to be.\
        Nice hopes. What do we i.e. non-Muslim countries do , till that wonderful day ? Any suggestions

  8. I think this whole cartoon thing of Charlie Hebdo got intensified after 2015 incident. Before that at global level nobody knew who these C H guys were. It looks as if indirectly Muslim countries are giving them free publicity by their violent reactions.
    Hope that temperature cools down on all sides.

  9. Hope the temperatures don’t cool. People can goto France , settle down, enjoys it’s liberty, economy and oppurtunities, but they want to have their own set of laws . That is ridiculous. If they love their prophet so much, there are dozens of Msulim countries Hats off to Macron Anglosphere is stiting on the fence instead of coming forcefully on the side of France

  10. If you look carefully at all the most involved and persistent actors in this saga – starting from Samuel Paty’s murderer, Erdogan’s childish outbursts (against Wilders), Imran Khan’s posturing, Iran’s comic caricature of Macron and Mahathir’s creepy warning on Twitter – ALL of them are non-Arabs. The Arabs themselves have been measured for the most part and restrained with a few stray condemnations. This is definitively a non-Arab production with lights, sounds and effects. Almost like the pigs in Animal Farm – who have far more outsized characters than the humans and in the end become the real villains.

    All of this brings us back to the imperialism that should be talked about – that Islam is nothing but Arab imperialism which moors its non-Arab subjects in a permanent state of thrall to Arab figures, totems, cultural mores and politics. Everything else is jahilliya. A good Muslim is one who can out-Arab the Arabs. The true god can only understand Arabic, so use Arabic terms in your lexicon. Reject your own cultural onomastic inheritance. Give your children names that make no sense. And do not forget to salute your masters by adopting the correct direction. Never ever make your pleas in another language. This god is apparently geographically and linguistically challenged. But then it makes total sense when you stop labeling it as a religion.

    It should have become obvious by now but both Savarkar and the CCP reached the same conclusion – separated by the Himalayas and 80 years in time – that such people can never develop a meaningful and rooted pride/love for their land. How else can you explain The CCP’s actions in the Uighur (Uttara Kuru) heartland is simply de-Arabisation – prohibiting Arabic names, replacing the minaret with the ta and redacting religious texts to reflect local traditions. The Uttara Kuru (Uighur) in another era was fully Indic and Dharmic. And now if it is sinicised, it will still be our cousin in a manner.

    If anything captures this Asian version of “wannabe-Arabs” perfectly, it is the sight of Bangladeshis marching to have French imports banned. With no understanding that the French are a major cog of EU and that EU trade rules will ensure reciprocity, these guys are calling for economic suicide. Clowns with beards!

  11. The Chinese aren’t insulting Islamic ideas or Mohammed.

    From a honor culture point of view, I can understand the Muslim response.

    An open taunt like a cartoon is viewed as worse than covertly oppressing Muslims while overtly having a rhetoric of respect towards Islam.

    “Izzat ka sawal hai”

  12. if you hurt black people sentiments, you are racist

    Nobody chooses the ethnicity they’re born into
    You can change your religion, but not your ethnicity

    if you speak against jewish people sentiments, you are anti-semitic but speaking against Muslims sentiments is free speech

    Charlie Hebdo made fun of Christians and Jews multiple times,
    People will speak about anti-semitism and islamophobia, but no Jew actually beheaded or stabbed people over these cartoons

    I think the only time the anti-Semitic debate heated up was when a cartoonist took at dig at the then President’s son and got fired, there are many cartoons by Charlie Hebdo mocking Jews otherwise (can’t speak for other European countries though)

    I have seen a lot my hindu brothers commenting on muslims intolerance but how is this any different from muslims being lynched for eating beef

    Like Gaurav said- it isn’t something widespread. Even within India, most of those attacks are restricted to north/central India, and there are plenty of Hindus that eat beef too (especially in southern India).

    Whereas muslims getting offended over statements/depictions of Muhammad is quite common. You won’t find Hindus lynching people in France for eating beef though.

    I get your point, but like I’ve said before on this blog, the scale of violence perpetrated by the two groups is vastly different.

  13. I think most reasonable Hindus and Muslims can condemn mob justice in India while also condemning the beheading of the old Christian lady and school teacher in France.

    The main divide is should images of Mohammed be treated as sacred subject matter.

    Most Muslims believe that Muhammed is sacred and should never be depicted.

    Most Non-Muslims don’t believe Muhammed is sacred and therefor fair game for depictions.

    I am on the non-Muslim side on this:

    Muslims are free to denigrate and destroy other religions norms on iconography. And indeed this even has religious sanction in their texts.

    But by the same token they cannot expect to have their own iconoclastic norms to be respected as sacred God given law. Non-Muslims are free no not respect their iconophobic attitudes.

    A double standard on this issue cannot be tolerated especially when violence is used as a threat to cow the craven people in to submission.

    This doesn’t need to turn into general Islamophobia and mistreatment of Muslims.

    I like some of the core values of Islam and Muslim people.

    Perhaps one approach is for non-Muslims to acknowledge some of those values that we admire as well. (Charity, egalitarianism etc).

    While strongly condemning the violence and intolerant attitudes among Muslims with regards to the cartoon depictions of their sacred beliefs.

    1. We would all be forgiven for thinking “run with the hares and hunt with the hounds” is actually one of the Five Pillars, tbh.

  14. I am forced to quote that fraud, Freud. ” The person who first hurled a word, an insult, so to speak, instead of a spear was the founder of civilization.”

    If our values were common, then many of us would defend muslims if their religion was being picked on. we would say its bigotry to keep picking on their religion .

    It is also dangerous, for India, its the unfortunate thing that we have to speak on behalf of congress and Indian secularism whatever it is. If secularism in france were to bow to these immigrants hurt feelings. It would do a greater damage here for that ideal in this country where it already has lost much respect. People would very well give up on it saying its unworkable. Why is it that I have to speak for congress and left?. My misfortune, but its a duty on this issue to try to make the best case on their behalf .

  15. This is something peculiar to Islam. It is difficult to find examples from other faiths that can be used in comparative analysis.
    The common refrain among Muslims, including leaders like Imran Khan and Mahathir Mohammad, is that because Muslims love Mohammad so deeply, non-Muslims should refrain from denigrating him in any way. This would seem normal; no one likes the founder figure of his faith denigrated. The problem comes with the compulsion felt by believers to kill the denigrator. It is an excess of sentiment. Some Christians may love Christ as much, but hardly any Christian would kill for Christ’s sake in modern times unless he is deranged. A large section of Muslims seems to feel it is justified to do so for the sake of Mohammad. Being deranged for Mohammad is a virtue in Islam; a mark of piety in Islamic society, that non-Muslims do not understand, and cannot be expected to empathize with, especially in their own lands. If they can make fun of their own icons they can surely do so for those of the Muslims.
    My second concern is about Islamophobia. It is not akin to anti-Semitism. Many religious ideas of Muslims are anathema to modern thought, including the sunna of the prophet of Islam, and the prescriptions of the Hadith and Quran. It is not anti-Semitic to make fun of Moses parting the waters, nor should it be considered Islamophobic to make fun of the idea of Mohammad flying to Jerusalem and the seven heavens on a winged horse or of the story of the moon being split. The evident absurdities of the Islamic faith cannot escape criticism just as the absurdities of Hindu mythology can not. If Christians can make fun of the immaculate conception of Christ, they have every right to make fun of Gabriel’s revelations to Mohammad.
    A liberalish Muslim once said to me, ‘we Muslims don’t mind making fun of Allah, but not a word can be said against Mohammad.’ That makes sense because Allah is only a sideshow in Islam; its structure rests entirely upon the shoulders of the Prophet. If he is undermined the faith collapses.

    1. //we Muslims don’t mind making fun of Allah, but not a word can be said against Mohammad.That makes sense because Allah is only a sideshow in Islam; its structure rests entirely upon the shoulders of the Prophet.//

      This is true but not for the reason you mentioned. Allah is a universal god in Islam, the only god. Someone making fun of Allah is not considered making fun of Islam but of God in general, but someone making fun of Prophet Muhammad or the Quran is seen as such, and then it becomes a matter of ‘defending the honor of Islam’.

      1. That is what I said. Attacking Mohammad is attacking Islam. Just as attacking Christ is attacking Christianity. The two faiths depend upon the veracity of their founders, though, strictly speaking, Christ was not founding a new religion; he presumed only to be reverting to the fundamentals of Judaism.

          1. What is stupid about it? Though Muslim believe that Christianity and Judaism are corruptions of the original Abrahamic faith, and Mohdammad brought the last and true version of it, Christians and Jews are taken to be non Muslim and the latter are recorded as rejecting the Prophet’s invite. Muslims claim that everyone is born Muslim, but that is based on a limited Muslim epistemology.

  16. Why do Muslims react in this way France.China.
    Answer is simple- Cost-Benefits for the ruling elites in muslim countries.
    Criticizing China on Uyghurs has no benefit and all costs
    Criticizing and threatening france with millions of deaths has no costs and all benefits. When costs are attached to Imran Khan or better still pak Army or Mahathir for speaking like this , then they would behave like domestic cats.

    Whatever you may say of Islamic leaders, one thing is sure , their actions are cold, calculated

  17. I am with Waseem on this. Hindus in India should tread carefully on this egg shells. We don’t know when the next time a SIMILAR incident MAY happen in India vis-v Hindus (Key word : similar, may). That’s what all this #support for macron, from India and all are laughable.

    The West can take a position because they have priors which sub continental folks don’t really have

  18. I dont care. we are a third world country because we dont have free speech. idiotic third world country that suffocates us.

  19. Yeah, just some reality check. Folks here going against muslims, as if we (Indians) are French

    1. , as if we (Indians) are French

      This is inability to think through issues. From a Real politik view, I welcome French development as it would drive a deeper wedge between West and Pakistan. As a citizen I deplore these developments

  20. Thanks for the article. I’ve understood why the “Muslim world” doesn’t rally around Xinjiang, but I didn’t know what threat these drawings posed to Islam that made so many people come from outside of France (and other places in Europe) to launch these attacks. I see the red line that is being defended now. Part of the problem with these unspoken rules is that they obscure understanding of the issues.

  21. Guys, if you are having a dull Friday, you should check out Saket Gokhale’s Twitter timeline.
    Nehruvian secularism turned up to 11!!

  22. Can you imagine what would of happened if the Chinese had published cartoons mocking Muhammad and defaming Islam? There would be a uproar in the entire Western World, Pompeo himself, would be calling for Jihad against China!

    But because it’s France and Macron all you get is crickets from the West and its media. They should be happy, France got off lightly, China would have been crucified for projecting such cartoons on the side of government buildings. The West and the US in particular would have declared China an enemy of the whole Islamic world.

  23. Now imagine if Hindustan had done the same thing as France. What would the reaction have been, both from the West and Islamic world? France gets treated with White privilege. There clearly is a double standard!

    1. There is something in what you are saying.
      However there exists an Anglo-French rivalry as well going back centuries.
      Anglo countries like the UK and USA have been pretty lukewarm in defending France as compared to other Euro states. They haven’t exactly denounced France as dangerous, ‘Islamophobic’ provocateurs intent upon punching down hapless Muslims as they surely would have if India, China had done something similar; but they and specifically their intellectual media stars haven’t come out in support of the French, all guns blazing.

  24. Another component is that desi Muslims (who have been the most heated in their reactions) love melodrama and acting out passionately. 90% of Pakistani dramas feature frequent episodes of bawling, confrontations and emotional outbursts. Making loud proclamations of how we love the Prophet more than we love our own lives is what we want to inject in our veins.

    1. Emotional outbursts is one thing; when leaders like IK or Mahathir speak in an inflammatory and unhinged way, that is going to incite many other impressionable young men and women into acting out their fantasies. So we are in for few more beheadings

  25. Attack on Muslims is different than an attack on Islam’s prophet. The former can be ignored, the latter makes it a matter of defending one’s honor and the honor of the religion. This is why China does not invite such a big response for it’s Uyghur persecution, because it was not perceived to be attacking Islam.

    Attacking or mocking the Prophet however invokes a different response, it is considered a taunt to Islam and the honor of Islam. On this issue, there is almost no divergence in sects, Shia, Sunni, Salafi even Sufis will condemn blasphemy against Muhammad, and while most will only be limited to protests and outrage, many will go the next mile and engage in violence.

    The current controversy with France also has to do with colonialism..China was not colonizing Muslim lands (so it escapes much criticism from Muslims) Much of Europe was, especially France. It was not long ago that the French were beheading Algerians for rebelling against their colonization, and posing besides the severed heads: https://twitter.com/mpacuk/status/517073009132457984

    So people are less likely to cut some slack to the French.
    The French also have a history of standing up to defend their state values more regardless of outcome, something their Anglo cousins were less inclined to do even in the past. This is why it seems the Anglo media is more lukewarm about protecting ”free speech” Countries like UK, USA, Germany etc know this is a sensitive matter, and it’s just good business not offend everyone. I hope this matter deescalates quickly but it now seems that may only happen if someone else takes over the news screens around the world.

  26. What’s the deal with Chechens? Did Soviet communism not have any impact on them? Other Muslim populations of the USSR seem to have secularized a lot; I can’t think of anyone else, from the Tatars to the Kyrgyz, who are as nutty about religion (Islam) as the Chechens. Albanians too; they seem to have acquired a penchant for organized crime, but Hoxha’s dictatorship seems to have stamped out any religious fanaticism that might have existed.

      1. Totally true.
        Pound for pound Chechens are just about the most dangerous community in the world by many orders of magnitude.
        If only there weren’t just so few of them (~1 million), they might have been the next big thing from Central Asia after the Mongols.

        They even tried to start up shit with Stalin, who labelled them a “Criminal Nationality” and packed the whole population off to Kazakhstan where half of them died. They were let back into Chechenya during Khrushchev’s era.

  27. it is a complicated issue. two fundamental principles of modern western world, freedom of expression and religious tolerance are at loggerheads. an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be.

    most commenters are missing an important point. islam’s injunctions against drawing the pictures of muhammad are autogenous. they are there since the inception of islam (though in practice historically they were not obeyed very strictly. shia iran for e.g. had a rich tradition of drawing the images of muhammad, of course in a reverential manner). it is not as if muslims have made these inunctions as a challenge to western liberal values.

    now, one can offer a simplistic argument and say that these acts are playing out in france, a country in europe. and since france is a nation with its own set of dearly held values, if these muslims dont like these values, they can go “home” and live with their own islamic code. the argument is made complicated by the fact that many of these french muslims are now french for multiple generation, and they have no “home” to go to.

    france seems to have thrown the gauntlet, and resolved to solve the issue one way or other. france is pivoting for an outcome where the republic’s values will unambiguously trump the injunctions of islam, and as long as this fundamental equation is understood by all parties involved, france would respect the sensibilities of muslims and refrain from needless provocations. but they want to make it loud and clear that the republic’s values hold the upper hand. will the french muslims accept the deal?

  28. I think the distinction here is between democratic societies and a one-party state. As a group, Muslims have bargaining power in France, India and the UK, and that makes them attractive to a class of politicians. They can count on the usually conservative Muslim constituency for 10-15% of the vote, at minimal cost in terms of money. This leaves more for the other groups they are courting.

    If China was a democratic country, we would see a similar outcome there. The question then is why do Muslims adhere to such a conservative set of political demands ? It looks theology does play a part here. Abrahamic traditions carry a strong threat of excommunication, which isnt so easily enforceable in traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

  29. A Super Majority of Muslim Countries didn’t support China on XJ for the fun of it. These countries can barely agree on anything and yet they agreed on that to that level of unanimity and it is not like Chinese trade for them is so much. They also have massive Western trade & strategic ties as well (just do the math).

    The fact is, what is happening in XJ is NOT what one gets to read in Western/Indian media and social media. At the very extreme worse it can be said to be Profiling of certain groups at certain places as a side-effect of the Chinese response to the worsening regional split-ism that happened post mid 2000s. Which isn’t ideal but words have meaning as do actions and Profiling and Genocide are not close on this spectrum.

    In fact France itself had started Education Camp like policies years back. What China is doing is what will happen elsewhere because the Western model on integrating This brand of Islamic Immigrants has failed. Those who fail to adapt perish either directly or by prolonged stagnation.

    Provide jobs, economic opportunities, social status/respect and educate on existing Laws and practices of the State. Seems easy and so simple. Until one gets down to constructing logistics to realize it.

  30. Every single dimwit Indian American journalist has an article out in some American journal about how evil Hindu nationalists are silently taking over American Govt.
    How about writing some articles about issues which Hindu Americans actually face in the USA. Like spending decades on visa, contributing to the economy, paying taxes and all this while having ZERO political representation.
    Wokism is a plague and Hindus seem to be the most affected by it. Every other group seems to be using it for their own benefit but seems like nobody told these woke Hindus.

  31. IMHO, what’s the difference between China and France regarding Islam:

    1. China government/society restrain extreme Islam while at the same time respect classic Islam (disrepecting are not allowed publically); France has less restrain on Islam, and doesn’t protect Islam from public humiliating. By the way, China not only has restrains on Islam, but also on other religions, that means they are equally treated.

    2. China’s uyghurs problem are more about seperation than religion, it is seperation with a religion cover. Remember that, Uyghurs are neither the only nor the biggest Islam people in China.

    3. How China treat Ugygurs has little effect on other Islam people in the world, no other country will copy that; while how France treat Islam will sure impact lives accross Europe/America.

    4. China is a bad guy (in west media) and he does what he says, good or bad, then for what do you want to argue/protest/expect? On the contrary, France as the self-prouded beacon of freedom and democracy, is hypocritical to its Islam people, that’s why they protest.

  32. 55 Ummah countries or thereabouts so it’s ludicrous to think there is no place for Ummah members at Anglosphere or other west Aryan lands — pagan just a cloak of Xtianity- to go to reside .
    Oil for migrants – west arya pagan germanic lands – germanik because they brought down corrupt jewy roman empires remains and germanik civilizational standard is template of an advanced state of science rooted civilization. Science rooted in RigVedic utterances interpreted by pagan germanik scientists of 20 th century – now the disingenuous abuse of the faculty of speech communication at this blog is horrific – u people communicate to deceive –
    – Uigher r part caucasian and this engenders envy – at jewmerica hapa baby is the rage – these Uigher r the original hapa babies – they womenfolk have been terrorized – anglorajput musalmann pure vegetarian in true NW subcontinent standard of morality divulged that Han chinee r worse than a plague of locusts – sadly his words have rung true – this while equality nonsense is the culprit – equality does not signify identicalness – it’s just a word that signifies spark of the divine is present in every living creature – so there was a great Englishman statesman who uttered timeless truth: anyone with any connection to erstwhile British empire has full right Godgiven right – hak- to reside at Britannia- can’t recall His name right now .
    Feelings matter – do u imbeciles claiming to be hindoo not understand that Prophet of Aravasthan racial grouping – protoAryan as per Russian occultist Mme Blavatsky- their sacred prophet — our aryasaka sacred prophet – tranquility upon his disciples- He is avtar incarnation of ShukraDev- this is not an insignificant birth on Earth – He is a legitimate SatGuru- marriage occurs in context of Dharm Law – religion is inheritance as wedlock conception rites customs folkways are different as per religion – do u not understand that the prophet Was very kind to all critters – the standard is vegetarian nutrition- no quadruped were harmed at sacred afpakHind lands for centuries – bloody jewy element of aggressive colonialism of jewy admixed “euro” nonpagan started butcheries of worst sort to terrorize hindu muslim Sikh – these petty concealed monolid blood is responsible for most atrocities against beloved Panth . No dharmik is ever nonveg – blunt truth – so japan is garbage as this foul Tschandal started nefarious practice of putting in foreigner aliens in police force- bloody madrasi and chinky and bengley bihari have no business being part of azad bharatiPanjab police

    Note to Milan – do u know Vinca is same as banca- banca is reference to krishn Bhagwan – and those possessing extreme beauty r affectionately called as banca vinca ~ nice huh

    Kurukshetra was not fiction . Original migration of purest Aryan was from Mongolia – Mangal Mars in Sanscrit .
    Oil for migrants uno migration compact to extirpate all poverty by 2030 stipulates that Ummah is separate group with separate law governing Ummah – this is legal fact – hurting feelings causes immense physical pain — science has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt – boychild of Bavaria is correct – jew communicates to deceive – “israel” is founded upon terror – these hebes of questionable lineage are terrorizing the globe especially with fraud curriculum of ejewcation -nomadic roma r morally correct in not sending their divine offspring to school . Maybe the roma ought to walk back to subcontinent- after pain to continental for centuries . My German friends didn’t bother with history class because it’s anti germanik propaganda. She’s brilliant but shunned history class .
    Live and let live — demographic conquest is immoral – hurting feelings causes physical pain. No true pagan Dharmik is atheist – impossible.
    Atrocities on part caucasian Uigher is a war crime to which u people r all complicit – im happy NiazUncle and erdogan r brave to admonish peking – Ummah nato equivalent is not far away – u people hurting feelings r hurting God ishwar Allah Ram krishn Bhagwan—
    Feign to not understand or maybe u won’t post this – hindoo deceit is demonic -RigVed religion people r fine – but I’m fed up with u hindoo pretending to ahimsic — Damn madrasi moslem persecuted fairest of fair jats prior to 1947 – damn madrasi from pak terrorized the fair after 1947 – why these fuglies have children if they hate their own genotype ? Now they bring forth test tube trash. Worthless kaljewg khalkhat.
    It’s so cringe when hindoo mispronounce their own name or when chinky take angrez name – pathetic –
    Who brought plague of xtian to Azad pagan and proudly so (in nonego manner ) BharatiPanjab Panjab ?? Bantu drug dealers at Panjab need to depart pronto as well as chink cops
    Deg Teg Fateh

    For the record true aryaIslam does not enjoin anyone to mutilate body parts — sinister ancestors who pretend to care yet at drop of hat prepares to harm kin? Get a life – draw ur own face instead of daring to malign pink-cheeked Glossy black haired Sri Lakshmi- devi source of All luck – u lousy admixed ameritrash keep out of our celestial Canuckisthan— don’t dare bastardize Canuckisthan. Panth at Canada by invitation of Scotsman founder of Canada – criminal kakistocrats defame Panth globally – NiazUncle and Sidhu uncle r gonna make u all fit inshallah by grace of Lakshmi- blissful navratri

    Ummah needs to know evangelical Xtian plague views musalmann as pagan – be vigilant Ummah
    As per one bolly film Germany won ww2 thanks to Bose of Beloved Gaud•Bengal .
    Frankly I don’t think ww2 ever really ended . Dharm yudh- so uno migration compact oil for migrants – zog war – just wait til persia get superior arsenal – don’t racialize issues that are totally related to other matters – ideals – world aryanization – NiazUncle is building elaborate knowledge city at satGuru Nanak lands – excellent- once philosophically challenged humanoids need serious help . JewnitedStAtes tv program r worst bar none – Nalanda has reopened but Assam is deadly – Sikh r being abducted for internal body organs – Nepal the worlds only Hindu nation home to Sagarmath peak of Himalaya range citizens r abducted for internal body organs : This is handiwork of chinki jewmerica- where is the Samaj- stop pretending to be poor – 11 percent of gold is held at Hindu households – lend a hand – u just ape the west – mocking religion is height of demonic misconduct . Why u never report of Houston home aumsweethome invasion by latinx negro tag team — Bengal is known as black as krsna linked with black&blue so call them negro – it’s Latin 4 black — Syria statesman acknowledges reincarnation- elite fighting force of entire ummah . Truth alone triumphs . Jew is nomadic merchant just like bania – nomad with nation state is as laughable – grim laughter – as redindian with separate nation state because they r not settled agriculturalist with religion and philosophy of German family – two parents children – this is technical correct definition- we earthlings need our Bismarck again . Greatest genius statesman of past 2000 years at least . Germanic paganism works ! Create a world of abundance beauty bliss health – have a heart – Fuehrer adores hindu Sikh muslim – proper germanik world cannot occur if heart is blackened with greed . Daya
    First denizens of the America’s were AryaHindu settlers from bharat- source —mme blavatsky
    If you ever have had privilege of association with AfPak musalmann you would never dare malign hindu Sikh muslim – never – our anchor is splendour of Zarathustra Persia ! On life support wonder that is india is immortal – our sages settled Egypt once upon a time . Look at your foot formation – it’s probably Egyptian which is AryaSaka in racial terms .
    Free Chechen boy- He is political prisoners held captive by jewmerica at Colorado prison .
    Ruby ridge Waco – jewmerica terrorizes families abroad and at home aumsweethome.
    What happened to Transcendentalist America of Emersonian over soul Paramatman?
    Luther Burbank an American saint as revealed by Sri Yogananda paramhans ?
    The granddaddy of all esoteric sects – iskcon ?
    u need to report crimes of negro – Patel senior citizen Gursikh jawan murdered by North American negri – r they paid by jews to murder us – talmudic warfare is dysgenic immoral .
    ~warmth of brown – deep champagne colour – is peerless nonpareil- journo of Uk sunny hundal agrees – he’s gold
    – Tschuss

  33. “Former Labor leader in Great Britain, James Corbyn, was suspended from this party due to his reaction to anti-Semitism, that is, the lack of reaction while he was leading the party.

    Corbyn was suspended from the Labor Party after the Equality and Human Rights Commission findings on anti-Semitism. Labor suspended its former leader after he said that anti-Semitism in the party was “overestimated” after the report of the supervisory body for equality.”


    As I said couple days ago, antisemitism and islamophobia are sanctioned and retaliated by global legal instruments, leftist’s idiotism, jihadi terror and American military power. Recent happenings confirmed my assertion.

    On global scale, only serbophobia is allowed, encouraged, financed and followed by massive media Satanisation and history falsifications… Since Vinca until today.

  34. Firstly, those screaming the loudest in the west about the ‘poor poor Uighurs’ really, truly, absolutely could not give a shit about them.

    They are only doing it to use it as yet another stick to beat China.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    As for the fact that entirety of the governments of the worlds Islamic nations are silent about the Uighurs, well, basically, they know where the money is, and where the worlds future lies. It’s as simple as that.

  35. There’s an interconnected web of life – when one suffers we all suffer . Plague of Xtianity has brought violence of desert creeds to azad bharati pagan Panjab — i knew this was inevitable- it was likely a non Panjabi isis style attack on church but the only purpose is sectarian violence death on hands of cow murdering mlecch of JewnitedStAtes Deep South evangelical bastards
    Get off the subcontinent all of u born sinners – get off the planet – u terrorism r pilgrims at sarvarkar sahib Korean kutian terrorize proselytizing at Amritsar Akal Takht- how i despise Korean Tschandal getting succour from white trash – always favouring the flat faced slit eyed dog eater – this plague was unleashed by cunning Machiavellian bastards of obvious bad admixture- ya i actually do care for Uigher because how I live life I don’t judge anyone collectively- Geneva convention forbids collective violence- collective punishment is a war crime- these pigeaters can’t selectively recall how labour shortages were advertised throughout planet after 2ww – we ain’t going nowhere but Ethnostate is god given right – Chechen is last remnant of most precious Musslmann unadmixed blood – this burns the nonwhite population- Chechen skin is unique as it never burns or tans and it is not disgustingly opaque like the lebantine Mediterranean who r frankly have unsightly skin – I’ve observed children and without a doubt musalmann children possess greater strength- it’s shakti of ferocious religiosity – I’m fed up with international zog terror unleashed at greater AfPakHind- there have been fatalities at closed Croatian border – migrants from afpak- 350 will be rough sleeping in the cold – jewmerica assume nobody cares – jewmerica is ultimate son of money paisey de put
    That is not a compliment- it’s the ultimate insult – at unz Afghana commenter notes rightly that USA is in an arranged marriage with china . It is jew kissinger who created monster of China because of his abject hatred of immortal India .
    Atlantis extinct
    Egypt extinct
    Greece extinct
    Rome extinct
    Persia on life support
    India – immortal – this is infuriating to white trashionalist- and their insectoid lover who will indeed create indo-human of bizarre books worse than japani doll for adults –
    It’s envy of the spectacular geography of AfPakHind that is root of anglozog rage – u like India but hate indians – we ain’t going nowhere – law of manu works – ur puerile bimaru thought Xtianity cripples the imagination. U criminals abducted Brahmin to get knowledge in colonial days – now nato neocolonialism continues – the only purpose of Xtianity is bloodshed depopulation- dont come to Canada. I despise ameritrash coming to Canada pretending to not like trump – trump is a statesman – u can’t show respect for ur leader – u goad negri to demolish statue – but pin the blame on Aryavartasthan- we have our issues but abroad we r one Hindu Sikh muslim – one way or another there will be severe karmic consequences- how can African negro have proper family life if majority of negri are in prison on flimsiest of reasons – these negro risk wild on African veldt- from motivational speakers to professional race hustlers – plus wrecking havoc with Xtian neocolonialistic looters – we know of pathetic racial hierarchy of bloody Talmud – scythian r superior to any greek freak – herodatus is hearsay armchair historian – fiction he writes – history is intuited – go examine ur own history of military records compilation – u think u will extirpate Iranic from globe ? Never not ever – ur so-called luxury goods r so much mlecch junk – true centres of luxury goods were always Iran and India – scent fine fabrics – most arable on earth India is – zog desire to turn India into a vanilla plantation- not gonna happen jewboy
    Zionist entity hindjew desperate to dismantle Pakistan- Machiavellian chanakya ain’t gonna work – most of u stink from a distance – ur all unqualified for yoga – u can barely touch ur toes and ur travel consists of waddling to Walmart where it burns u up to see ur obvious superior the religious ethnics – ur instigators u ameritrash of questionable lineage – Effitall- english is defective language
    Lacks future tense – none of u can plan for more than a sitcom duration advertisement.
    Lacks proper genderization
    Lacks a proper lexicon to describe high level metaphysical concepts despite or maybe cause of having looted numerous words from around the world
    Sounds horrid in any accent as it’s fake caring – fake – proof: cowardly drone attacks on pine nut agriculturalist of arya Afghanistan- ur just cultivating opium for a sinister purpose at divine Gandharvan- even if u grow a beard ur universally loathed – demented cain Abel story and the elect – but they all stink from
    A distance – one Gurdas Mann song has more distilled wisdom than any jewbook and they’re all jew books – angrezi – tuti v zeban – Effitall
    Untrustworthy Xtianity sows seeds of ethno sectarian strife – damn u jewmerica go extinct u won’t be missed – anyone who has audacity to say someone doesn’t really care for Uigher – expresses concern for full blood insectoid proves Afghana analyses is correct – USA is in arranged marriage with china – gotta protect the spouse – don’t show me the photos of ur unable to drink milk mutant offspring – and I do care – just yesterday I found out Rodney King civil unrest resulted in murder of 80 Korean nationals – now I know why Kim is furious – u ripped korea from Dharmic inheritance of Gautam Buddh – ur loathed for a reason – we all despise ur missionaries cia agents – Free political prisoners from Cuba – how casually u utter gitmo- u staged 911 attacks where 250 citizen of India perished – immediately Palestine was bombarded – it’s not caste colour creed – it’s ur Damn borders unworthy of recognition – who’s responsible for Yugoslavia carnage ?
    Racial partition of JewnitedStAtes is doomed to failures – u imbeciles can’t realize
    •right is might
    Might is right is wrong .
    I did jewgle search on NiazUncle Navjot Sidhu Uncle Nikki Haley and the result was photo of Osama bin laden the dervish of the Fertile Crescent- by the way one of his relatives is i
    Milk white – so brown makes any colour -r u jealous that our eyes r objectively more lustrous – not talking of jewhadwatch photos – I speak of Pashtunic tribes – it’s not about steppe ancestry but percentage of Pashtunic blood – what’s concerning is this – there will be a South Asia but there might not be an India – this is worrisome – but not really because once the thankless Xtian r gone tranquility shall descend – Xtianity is not suited for any genetic stock cause none of us are born sinners – n Haley say Sikh accept Jesus as son of god – we accept we r all sons and daughters of akal purakh ishwar Allah Ram Bhagwan and we hold in highest esteem prophet of Arabia – Xtian is second jew – she spoke to deceive with half info – Dharm definitions is Law
    Nobody is above the law
    All forms of Torture is forbidden by Geneva convention .
    Negro think idi amin is good – this is verbal terrorism against 2 billion – 500 million arabic and 1.5 billion AfPakHind- Xtian destroyer prestigious pagan blood lines at west arya “euro” don’t be upset or jealous that AfPakHind is not mentally shackled .
    Uno migration compact — Ummah is separate Nation comprised of nation states but anyone linked to erstwhile British empire has full right to reside at Britain isle – uk has rspca- no harming animals or people – so why Australia is so jolly to china ? We know Chinese were present at Africa before euro “explorers” – but Persian india presence predates China as we r neighbour – navigation verb comes from Hindosthan-
    Your talmudic taxonomy is fraud – i care about Uigher but priority has to be justice for AfPakHind . Who messed up Lebanon. Phoenician presence at Egypt is undeniable – why u encourage negro with obvious fake history. Your teachers don’t treat even Hellenic or Italian students fairly at Anglosphere never mind negro. u pretend to care – it’s so obvious – your so-called new math was designed to present math in such a way as to incomprehensible- u retards boast of your languages being difficult- ur pretentious – u abuse language – in the good old days this was punished severely – GurmukhiPanjabi is simple sweet and I pity anyone who has not had the pleasure of listening to GurmukhiPanjabi accented angrezi —- simply beyond description .
    Look at modi- he don’t have it in his stone heart to make Panjabi official language at Kashmir – he is bania gujewrati- hatred in his heart for everyone is palpable- who were targeted with collective punishment at gujurat – Jat blood – so collective punishment is illegal – “india” government is the terrorist – it’s the third jew after jewmerica – jew number 3 – don’t u dare go to yoga you ameritrash jew – now u send negress to yoga – yoga ain’t for bastards of questionable genetics and sectarian infidelities- yoga is being abused as some sort of soft power – scalar weapoms r gonna be soft – retaliatory action for remote operated bomb attacks upon AfPakHind-
    It’s like the Bryan Adams song
    Jewmerica reputation is as master torturers – everybody despises anyone who tortures – I’ve lost all credibility – mlecch – i don’t care if u r fruitarian but you’re callous heinous depopulation agenda of AfPakHind is going to be avenged .
    You’re multispecies nato mob is going to rue the day they ever decided to harm Aryavartasthan.
    The next pale bastard to mispronounce Delhi is gonna get it dil dili from heart- something this Xtian zog bastards is lacking – don’t
    Dare return to earth. In any form – we know of your black centres of torture of your Latin America death camps – and u dare argue over petty issues of condescension- jewmerica foundational black and mayflower pimps (not pilgrim ) r worthy of contempt – ur waterways have chemical pollution – u don’t cleanse with soap and water – lacking dexterity flexibility to clean with water ? This world is gonna be decolonized AfPakHind style . By the way I hear the wenches Of rotherham r engaged in consensual romance with actual men not jewmerica viagra feeble dementia riddled bastards with red indian blood – insectoid –
    Ya I can utilize any word – I ain’t gonna torture – I spit on torturers – mormon polygamous lines were the standard against which we were measured – they r admitted jew – true aryanordic is not polygamous – ur lines r screwed not ours -ur genetic science is flawed on so many levels but it generates revenue – u print money – u lack hair – Obvious link to monolids- don’t project your mixed mlecch atoms to AfPakHind- u have irrevocably lost control over subcontinent- certain parts of which were never conquered pure pagan – no mental shackles –
    I’m not even gonna proofread – it’s just stupid English – no true religious family of any racial group East or west Speaks English at home aumsweethome- jewboy must be happy at ruination of so-called indoeuropean language more like jew mlecch – lol at mongolid romcom crazy rich asian- but they’re insectoid not actually asian
    Stop extincting the original hapababies of the divine Ummah Uigher of West Central Asia – it’s their ethnoreligious state won fair and square not through cowardly remote operated bomb attacks upon civilians by morbidly obese trashionalist S of varying hues of infrared colour – damn well spell colour correctly – u don’t have to worry about honour since the concept is beyond your ken of understanding- Amish r defective – why don’t u sterilize them? U hate the idea of religiosity ethnostates because u have markets to peddle your trinkets which r worthless now thanks to looters – image of your macabre leather goods is in the nonsquat toilet – leave the reptiles alone – I don’t there r errors jewmerica deserves the worst – socialist ain’t communism – ur jewmerica bastardy worldwide will take u down just like Sumatra tragedies .

      1. My time not yours hindjew bastardy .
        Amoral mlecch -time is illusion western weasel
        May u not ever feel one spilt second of fun – only ever pain for hindjew- hindjewEuro filth deserved misery only for u – misery for remote operated bomb operator- don’t project your terrorism upon the genuinely pious – u test tube trash filth of Sesame Street – ayatollah imprecations r spot on.
        Serb Slav is slave—— pashtun is literally God. Don’t dare forget it . I never associate with indiot – anyone who look indiot or eurofilth – u r worthless liability – u won’t return to this planet again – never — not ever .
        Some of u deserve vehicular jihad stolen persian oil – damn u all- for your information u euro r seen as jinn bhut ghost – whatever u r u ain’t white — f. No – dont u dare travel to Aryavartasthanic- don’t u dare – u stink from afar 1400 year pigeater same as cannibal- don’t even think of Langar slav slave- u can’t even drink milk u r defective cretins

        Slav serb serviette u r menial
        Pashtun Pashupati
        Jat primal progenitor- – u r Amish mormon of whom u see as best r not even worth crap of our azad canine – I’m a weapons designer —- time is illusion u imbecile – catapult yourself into black hole not andromeda meda after Mede Persian racial grouping . EuroWhite trash cannot compete . Iq test is bogus – psychology is fraud – mlecch day in the sun is fast ending – fast —
        English is worthless concocted language –
        Don’t u dare set foot at Langar u bhenchodo of jewmerica eurobhut – nobody recognizes your borders nobody – outdated paradigm.
        Ghar khalee hovai thodey
        Chechen boy is political prisoner – slav equal slave
        Balkan lack proper facial morphology dr Elst recognizes euro mlechh loss of genetic inheritance – he is correct – he doesn’t resemble Slav slave he don’t he speaks truth appeal to authority – ur grecoroman was mishmash of hindy Persian civilization Persian Sanscrit
        Invent a spray jewbegone drown yourself at woebegone u cow murderer bereham
        Writing is meditation why u read it – torturing afghan at cuba ? we know you’re holding innocent political prisoners expect payback insectoid sidekick

  36. There is a Chinese Drama video doing rounds where the a picture of turbaned and bearded Muhammad as prophet is being shown, a clear case of blasphemy like in France. Since it is on chinese state tv, it is approved by the CCP.(https://twitter.com/i/status/1321650532230987777)
    Why is islamic world, (especially pakistan, turkey, malasiya) silence on this chinese/CCP state sponsered blasphemy? How does left/liberal or righ/conservative explanation of reasons regarding Islamic worlds outrage against non-chinese kaffirs?
    The right/conservative view that west is soft target unlike the hold-no-bar response of the chinese state against the muslim’s protest seems to be correct one!

    1. That video clip is about how Muhammad is a great Prophet and holy figure worthy of respect and admiration, hardly blasphemy! You should also check out who uploaded the clip to twitter, his name is right there.

    2. This is not just about some picture, but offensive pictures of Muhammad.
      South Park already showed Muhammad cartoon back in 2001 (it was non-offensive). There was no outrage then.
      The outrage started with Danish cartoons depicting Prophet with a bomb on his head (implying Islamic founder was a terrorist). That started the whole outrage because they committed blasphemy by insulting Muhammad, and ”they” were the Western world. There were several other cartoons like that aiming to cause offense. Now any harmless cartoon of the Prophet will be met with protests and outrage, (and inevitable with violence) because the narrative is already set
      China does not have anything like this, and CCP (just like the Anglo media) will not make the mistake of insulting Islamic Prophet and standing by that like Macron did, because CCP is more shrewd. It will be just a bad business decision.

        1. Wikipedia link you posted says the following:

          “”Previously, Muhammad was depicted uncensored and portrayed in a heroic light in the season five (2001) episode “Super Best Friends”, which resulted in virtually no controversy.[2]””

          So the earlier depiction of South Park cartoons resulted in no controversy.

          The other controversies were AFTER the Danish cartoons, and Western invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan, so it ties into my theory that by that time, there was definitely an ”us vs them” narrative.

      1. Easier to organise mass outrage now with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp mashallah. Didn’t exist in 2001 when the agitators didn’t have email.

  37. Love for the Prophet beyond that felt for kith and kin ingrained under Islam is also under attack by China which requires Uighurs to love the CCP more than they love Islam, and by implication, the Prophet. It is a crime punishable by death. Macron and the French Govt. Have done nothing as bad. They have only defended the right of French citizens to make fun of the Prophet and surely do not deserve the upwelling of hate by people like Mahathir.

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