Sunny Narang in Conversation with Dr. Omar Ali.


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Sunny Narang, a Punjabi born and brought up in Delhi with ancestral roots in Pakistan, speaks with Dr. Ali on post partition Punjabis in Delhi; they also talk about culture and people who have and continue to shape the history of the sub-continent, from Jain bankers in Mughal India to the business clans of modern India.



Some of the books talked about on the episode.

Indiraji Through my Eyes: Usha Bhagat
The City of Hope The Faridabad Story L.C. Jain
The South Asian Papers” , a collection of 16 papers by Stephen Philip Cohen
All These Years: A Memoir by Raj Thapar
Civilization and Capitalism: 15th-18th Century by Fernand Braudel
Punjabi Century by Prakash Tandon




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1 year ago

Thank You @Brownpundits team for giving platform to such an amazing guest.

There were so many interesting threads in the interview to research further and think about.

Please set up more sessions with Mr. Narang.

Brown Pundits