Karachi Airport terror attack

Scores of people are dead (official toll for now is 20). Jinnah Terminal flights will remain suspended for now.

Hopefully any and all people who we know here on BP are safe and sound (and their families as well).

This cult of suicide bombing is just madness. This will have to be dealt with philosophically (reverse brain-washing if you will) and not through force. Brute force alone will not win the war.

At least 20 people have been reportedly killed, including security personnel and civilians. Ten terrorists were also among the dead.

Some eight to 10 attackers were said to have engaged in a gun battle with security forces.
Army troops were called in to deal with the situation and troops from
Malir Cantonment have been dispatched, while police commandos and
Karachi Rangers are assisting.

A huge explosion was heard over
two hours into the attack. A second large explosion was heard near the
airport workshop. A third massive explosion was heard a further 30-40
minutes in. Huge clouds of smoke continue to dominate the skyline. Intermittent firing took place at the airport, while large plumes of smoke were seen over the cargo terminal.

One plane each of PIA and AirBlue, and a cargo plane of a foreign company were reported to have been damaged.
A hand grenade attack was also carried out on the Isphani Hanger.

Suicide bombers were reportedly part of the terrorist squad that has infiltrated the airport.
is being rescued by the security personnel and moved to safer areas.
Rescue teams are being allowed in after being checked thoroughly.
Passengers have been evacuated and moved to a secure location.

Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif called DG Rangers Sindh and asked him to ensure the safety of passengers.

All flight operations at Jinnah Terminal have been suspended and flights have been diverted to other airports.


Link: http://www.dawn.com/news/1111397/terror-at-karachi-airport-20-dead-including-10-militants



Forget Pak, Focus on Chinese Challenge: RSS

Says Ram Madhav in his recent article . Some excerpts (in italics)

On Indo-Pak Relations: Hype without any substance

India and Pakistan have had chequered relations from day one…the BJP is seen as a hardline party when it comes to relations
with Pakistan…

..Many Indians have, for
several decades, been obsessed with Pakistan… They fail to appreciate that India is miles ahead of its
failed western neighbour. They also fail to realise that Sharif is not
the right man to deliver anything.. all-powerful
Pakistan army and the mercenaries of the ISI are baying for his blood…the attack on the
Indian consulate in Herat by ISI cronies on the very day of Modi’s
swearing-in was more a warning to Sharif than to India.

Real challenge is from China 

Modi government should realise that the real foreign policy
challenge comes not from Pakistan but from China… Unlike
Pakistan, China is a big and successful country. 

Need for change in China Policy

Indian government should
revisit its China policy…should understand one
basic truth. It hardly matters in China’s context as to how many times
our leaders have visited China or vice versa. 

Panchsheel is DEAD (interestingly includes its exercise by Vajpayee Government too)

Successive Indian leaders, including A.B. Vajpayee, never
missed the opportunity to refer to Panchsheel and “peaceful coexistence”
as enshrined in it in bilateral talks. No wonder, if the present
leadership is also forced to continue the ritual by MEA mandarins. But
we forget that the obituary of Panchsheel was written by Mao in 1962
itself when he told Zhou Enlai that India and China should practise not
“peaceful coexistence” but “armed coexistence

Claims India lacks knowlege of Chinese civilisation, needs to be corrected

Pakistan, our obsession is security, whereas with China we are overawed
by the talk of development there… China is not just a country or a government; it is a
civilisation. To understand China, our leader should better understand
their civilisational behaviour
... Sun Tzu’s Art of War.. Confucius. China’s policy behaviour is largely shaped by
its civilisational experience. Diplomacy, for them, is an art of

But at the same time, also claims mass ignorance of Indo-China relations is an asset though advises caution

The Indian government enjoys one advantage in India-China relations,
that of the ignorance of the masses in India about the complexities
involved in it. In the case of Pakistan, the people of India are very
aware of the sensitivities, forcing government’s options to a limited
few. However, in the case of China, no such constraint in the form of
popular backlash is going to happen
But the government must understand that this popular approval, born of a
lack of knowledge, can be dangerous if it decides to take things easy
with China.



Why were the Jihadis created?

Mr Haji Sriram Pasha ( ) has a theory:

I have said it before, but it’s worth often repeating. The Taliban, the sectarians, and the Kashmiri jihadi were raised to intimidate, harass, and browbeat people of Pakistan. Their ops outside of Pakistan were merely training missions in the art of subversion and terror within the country. The strategic depth had nothing to do with India. It was all about raising a militia to keep the people of Pakistan down.
In the Geo affair, the Army trained outfits assisted to surmount aggressive questioning. Inquiring minds terrified by multiple means. During all the hoopla, terrorist assassinated a human rights activist in Multan without a whimper.
The terrorist group MQM already occupies Urban Sindh. Now PTI is set to repeat the same in Punjab. PTI Youthias are not any different than the young Urdu speaking that were the first victims of MQM. The MQM job is to frighten the intelligentsia and business. PTI will do the same in Punjab and perhaps in KP too.

My comment was this: Absolutely spot on, at least about the Jihadis…. The only thing I would add is that within GHQ only a few people probably had any clue about what they were setting out to do. The other morons were held in place using bullshit like “strategic depth”, “Force multipliers” and “two nation theory”….

Has any army, even a moronic army, armed and trained half a million fanatics and let them loose within its own borders? We did. And they are doing what they were always meant to do. America, China, India, even Afghanistan, its all collateral damage…


Another desi tale from Kla

I’m currently playing poke with a bunch of Gujarati industrialists (I’m the only Teetollar in a bunch of Hindus, Jains, Sunnis & Ismailis).

At any rate Sid’s encouragement has spurred me to share my last tale about Desis in Kampala.
I was going to the Electronics shop in the new (but less popular mall, another newer one opened and has just killed it) and I saw two Desis manning the shop who just had the most Pakistanis mannerisms + appearance.
Even their nicknames were Ummahistic but imagine my surprise when they happened to be from India (Mumbai) and Hindus. But even so that time I let it go and did not pry, they didn’t have the brash Punjabi way about them but they reeked of the Indus.
A few days later I drop in the shop and I ask about them, turns out they are from Kalian, Bombay. But as I asked if they were Punjjus I finally got the answer to my riddle, they were Sindhis.
The mark of the Indus is always strong..

MH-370- eyewitness account?

In her account, Katherine
Tee has described seeing “an elongated plane glowing bright orange, with
a trail of black smoke behind it”,
heading from north to south.

With all the wonders of modern technology they still have no clue about what happened to the plane. But astonishingly enough, there may have been an eyewitness. Is she credible? That is now the million dollar question.
….She said: “I saw something that looked like a plane
on fire. That’s what I thought it was. Then, I thought I must be mad

It caught my attention because I had never seen a plane with orange
lights before, so I wondered what they were.


British woman who was sailing near Indonesia at the time Malaysia
Airlines flight MH370 disappeared has said she believes she saw the
plane “burning” and billowing smoke before it crashed in the southern
Indian Ocean.

An eyewitness account from yachting enthusiast
Katherine Tee, 41, has now been filed with the Joint Agency Coordination
Centre (JACC) leading the search based in Australia, which is yet to
find any trace of the missing jet.

In her account, Katherine
Tee has described seeing “an elongated plane glowing bright orange, with
a trail of black smoke behind it”, heading from north to south.

The object was flying at “about half the height” of two other flights
in the same patch of sky at the time, she said, in a series of posts
detailing the sighting on the yachting website Cruisers Forum, where
Katherine Tee is a moderator.

later told the Phuket Gazette that she initially dismissed the incident
as being “just a meteor” or even a figment of her imagination — until a
recent check of GPS logs confirmed that the plane’s projected track may
have taken it very close to where the yacht was sailing at the time.
“This is what convinced me to file a report with the full track data for our voyage to the relevant authorities,” she said.

As for whether or not what Katherine Tee saw really was a burning
plane, she has admitted on the forum that she was going through a
particularly stressful part of the journey at the time, including
difficulties in her marriage, and that her judgment may have been

She said: “I saw something that looked like a plane
on fire. That’s what I thought it was. Then, I thought I must be mad …
It caught my attention because I had never seen a plane with orange
lights before, so I wondered what they were.

“There were two
other planes passing well above it — moving the other way — at that
time. They had normal navigation lights. I remember thinking that if it
was a plane on fire that I was seeing, the other aircraft would report

When the pair arrived in Phuket everyone was talking about
the missing jet, and asked if they had seen anything. Ms Tee said she
told them what had happened, but that she “didn’t think anyone would
believe me when I was having trouble believing my own eyes”.

The JOCC has reportedly told Katherine Tee it will use her data logs
alongside those of the British satellite operator Inmarsat in its
ongoing investigation The JOCC has reportedly told Ms Tee it will use
her data logs alongside those of the British satellite operator Inmarsat
in its ongoing investigation “I didn’t even consider putting out a
Mayday at the time. Imagine what an idiot I would have looked like if I
was mistaken, and I believed I was.”

She has now filed two
reports to the JACC, which she said had replied to say her data logs
would be looked into. The Phuket Gazette reported that officials are yet
to confirm the account will be investigated in full.


Link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/MH370-search-British-sailor-may-be-last-to-see-lost-jet-after-reporting-burning-plane-with-trail-of-black-smoke-over-Indian-Ocean/articleshow/36006286.cms



Justice (for the dead) and dignity (for non-dead)

It is very unlikely that justice will come in time for all the internally displaced people (IDP) who are literally dying in the refugee camps in South Asia, Australia and elsewhere. At the least we should try and make sure that the survivors are able to live with dignity. 
A 29-year-old asylum seeker…Seemanpillai died
of his injuries after burns to 90% of his body and is the second Sri
Lankan asylum seeker to have self-immolated in Australia this year.


But…as the bishop says…we are all one people. We must have faith in this sentiment
even while all over South Asia, one community after another, is trying
to create high purity enclaves in which no minority voice will be

resettlement process in Sri Lanka cannot move forward without India’s
assistance and the country can do more to help thousands of widows and
children who have been rendered orphans, Bishop of Jaffna diocese Daniel
S Thiagarajah said on Tuesday.

And if we find the will-power to help Sri Lankan Tamils let us also be mindful about the Gujarati Muslims and the Kashmiri, Bengali, and Sindhi Hindus (and many others).

It would be also nice if the Pankajists spend even one percent of their ink on ALL of the forgotten South Asians (Hindus mainly). Arundhati Roy has even claimed that the India has let the Pandit refugees suffer on purpose so as to discredit Kashmiri muslims. She needs to grow up and remove her ideological blinkers.

Not to diminish the suicides noted above, it is women who suffer the most from such adverse social dynamics. They suffer during war and they suffer during peace. They suffer because men (collectively, individually) act as if deprived of any conscience whatsoever.

To our elites one simple message: stop bickering and start governing. Maintain law and order and provide the basic amenities of life. Stop purchasing submarines and aircraft carriers till you can stop the society from sinking into the mud. Above all stop polarizing communities against each other for petty gain. 
A 29-year-old asylum seeker who died after setting himself on fire
has been named as Leo Seemanpillai, a Tamil man who lived in Geelong,

Seemanpillai died of his injuries after burns to 90% of his body and is the second Sri Lankan asylum seeker to have self-immolated in Australia this year.
Tamil Refugee Council said Seemanpillai had set himself alight on
Saturday evening and died on Sunday morning at Alfred Hospital.

arrived in Darwin by boat in January 2013 and was said to be suffering
depression for more than a year. He was being held in community
detention on a bridging visa with work rights. His refugee claim was
still being processed, Scott Morrison said on Monday.

Arasa Ratnakanthan, a Sri Lankan refugee activist
who spoke to Seemanpillai’s flatmate on Monday morning, said the asylum
seeker had left Sri Lanka in the early 1990s aged just three or four.

said Leo had spent more than 20 years as a refugee in India and had
tried to return to Sri Lanka in 2002 but had been persecuted by the Sri
Lankan military and so had returned to India.

Ratnakanthan said Leo’s family had been members of the Tamil political movement.

Australian government has close diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka and many
Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been subject to a fast track “enhanced
screening” process, which human rights groups say denies them due
process as many have their claims assessed without the presence of a lawyer before being returned. More than 1,000 Sri Lankans have been returned by Australia in recent years.

Seemanpillai was not subject to the enhanced screening process, but in October the immigration minister warned Sri Lankan asylum seekers who planned to enter Australia by boat: “Anyone who may have come from Sri Lanka should know that they will go back to Sri Lanka.”

resettlement process in Sri Lanka cannot move forward without India’s
assistance and the country can do more to help thousands of widows and
children who have been rendered orphans, Bishop of Jaffna diocese Daniel
S Thiagarajah said on Tuesday.

He said the Church of South India has set up a centre in Jaffna to help
those who witnessed the war and to help them overcome their fear.

He stressed that the church was focusing on the well-being of all
people in the country. “We are all one people. Ahead of us is a
challenging task of rehabilitation of our people who have gone through
the darkest period in our history,” he said.

Link (1): http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/02/asylum-seeker-who-set-himself-on-fire-spent-18-months-in-limbo

Link (2): http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Jaffna-bishop-says-Sri-Lanka-requires-Indias-help-for-resettlement-of-Tamils/articleshow/36010366.cms



Crisis in Karachi: Altaf Hussain arrested

Altaf Hussain head of Muttahida Qaumi Movement has been arrested in London, supposedly on money laundering charges. Why now. after all these years? We presume this is all rolling in the context of a Pakistan-West entente in which long-time POWs are being swapped between the USA and the Taliban.   

PM Nawaz Sharif is likely to get a significant boost out of this, which will silence his main opposition (Imran Khan and the Deep State). A truly master-stroke from a political genius, but the fall-out must be now handled carefully.

We do not expect AH to be extradited to Pakistan (the European Court does not permit extradition to a country where death penalty is legal and there is also a legitimate fear of torture at the hands of the state authorities).

For now Karachi is in crisis mode and we hope that peace will be maintained at all costs. The British High Commission is closed. We wish the hapless citizens all the best. Please stay safe!!!!
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain
was arrested on Tuesday in London on suspicion of money-laundering as
thousands of people in his home city of Karachi staged a sit-in calling
for his release.

The London Metropolitan police
confirmed that a 60-year-old man had been arrested from a northwest
London property on charges of money-laundering, but they declined to
disclose the exact identity for “legal reasons.”

The police said a Specialist Operations unit was currently carrying out a search operation at the property in northwest London.
DawnNews quoted the Scotland Yard as saying that the investigation would continue for 24 hours.
Moreover, London police has said that an audio-video statement has been recorded of the arrested man. 

Moreover, a spokesman for the British High Commission said that the UK’s consulate in Karachi has been temporarily closed down.
deployed extra security at the British High Commission in the southern
part of Karachi as soon we learnt about Altaf Hussain’s arrest in London
through media,” Deputy Inspector General Abdul Khalique Shaikh told

“We have increased police patrolling and we are making further deployments at sensitive spots in the city,” he added.

Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the issue of Hussain’s arrest was of an
extremely sensitive nature, adding that the government would take all
legal angles into account.

The premier has directed parliamentarians and members of the PML-N not to comment on the news.

Link: http://www.dawn.com/news/1110316/altaf-hussain-arrested-in-london-on-charges-of-money-laundering



Indian Friends of Hitler (and Tojo)

Liberals everywhere are shocked at the BJP victory and wondering how did India get to this point. The backs of envelopes are filled up with sketches of straight lines drawn between two co-ordinates (Jews, 1939) and (Muslims, 2014). The imaginary gas chambers have also been fired up and are ready to go.

Assuming however that such an extreme scenario is unlikely (we are hopeful), there are still important questions to be asked (and a few history lessons to be learned) which may point to where Modi plans to go from here to the future. 

Is BJP truly a fascist party? Yes, the gloves do seem to fit quite snugly.  
Are there RSS honchos who carry feelings towards Muslims just like Hitler once (and many many German leaders) felt about Jews? Yes, however the favored approach now is assimilation and not assassination (for muslims, same difference).  
Finally, is it true that there were Indian nationalists who supported Hitler and Tojo in order to get rid of the Holocaust architects of South Asia- the British? Why, yes, that is also very much a part of Indian history, even though the Nehru-Gandhis have tried hard to rub it out. And Netaji Subhash Bose has plenty of fans even to this day, and not just in liberal-left Bengal.
It was not just Netaji though, was it? There were famous muslim partners of Hitler, including a number of Waffen-SS divisions comprising of Bosnians-Kosovars-Albanian muslims. The Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin Al-Husseini) raised 20,000 troops for Hitler and was a proud partner of the Third Reich. It will be no surprise if some of these valiant leaders/soldiers and  their exploits have found a pride of place in the History of Ummah.

Love of Hitler, or to be precise, love of the Fuhrer’s Friends now and in the past, seems to be much more universal than the liberals in the West are willing to let on.

To Muslims in both India and Pakistan, Modi
may represent the devil they know;
a leader whose economic success and
reputation for leadership provides stability and confidence. 
importantly, given Modi’s Indian nationalism, these voting patterns
suggest India’s Muslims who supported the BJP see themselves as Indians
first and Muslims second.

The powerful Indian nationalist sentiment
Modi has tapped into draws upon allegiances and ties some Americans
might find troubling. At a May 8 BJP rally in Varanasi, Modi honored a
115 year old Indian colonel who served under Subhash Chandra Bose in the
Indian National Army (INA). 
Known to most Indians as Netaji, Bose was
recognized by the Axis Powers during World War II as India’s rightful
government, whose support he sought against the British to help India
achieve independence. INA soldiers fought alongside the Japanese against
the British in the Burma campaign, were defeated, and 300 officers were
tried for treason. In August 1945, Netaji (Bose) died in a plane crash
in Japanese-occupied Taiwan.

Outside of India, the INA’s legacy has been
mostly forgotten. But within the country—and especially among India’s
rising business titans—Netaji is revered.  
“I believe India would have
been a powerful exporter much before China if only Netaji had a front
seat in our policy making along with (Jawaharlal) Nehru,” said Infosys
Technologies founder Narayana Murthy at Netaji’s 114th birthday celebration. “Netaji was one of the most courageous leaders in India.”

It is the name absent from that list which
speaks loudest. Mahatma Gandhi, whom many Americans see as India’s most
important founding father, does not command the same respect throughout
his country.  
Although Gandhi’s 1948 assassination inspired national
mourning, it was sponsored by the Hindu Mahasabha, the spiritual and
political forerunner to the BJP. The conspirators saw killing Gandhi as a
necessary evil, believing his policies would destroy India.
In the
Hindu nationalist view, although Gandhi led a powerful nonviolent
resistance movement, he was responsible for giving away Pakistan,
setting India on a ruinous economic course, and promoting the country’s
cultural division into 22 official languages.

Although Gandhi had few good options for
evicting the British and uniting India, Hindu nationalists believe his
nonviolence and socialism were fine for spirituality but had no place in
statecraft. Ironically, this makes Modi the Mahatma’s antithesis and
populist successor. Like Gandhi, Modi’s charismatic patriotism, austere
lifestyle and disciplined leadership have won India’s trust. But Modi’s
conservative policies run contrary to the socialist Congress, and thus
the vote is a clear mandate for change. “He is our Obama,” several Modi
voters told me, perhaps unaware of how far off the mark our current
president fell from his soaring campaign rhetoric.

No one really knows how Modi will affect
India’s international relations, but his hardline conservatism and long
memory suggest he will be friendly towards countries who have
steadfastly supported India’s independence.
Ties to Russia have endured
since the Cold War, when India embraced the Soviet Union after the
United States supported Pakistan. 
In 2007, Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe visited Netaji’s memorial in Kolkata, a gesture Modi is
unlikely to forget. 
Relations with China could benefit from India’s
economic rise, should India grow as a consumer market, or become
strained through geopolitical competition, if skirmishes occurred over
the Arunachal Pradesh or Aksai Chin border disputes.

In the Mahabharata, the epic Hindu
scriptures, Lord Shiva is depicted as a multi-formed enigma, embodying
both honor and brilliance as well as invincibility and terror. Modi
supporters treat the 2002 violence—in which they tacitly acknowledge his
responsibility—with an Indian equivalent of a Gallic shrug: it was
unfortunate, they say, but sometimes good people are forced to do bad
things. His opponents respond, correctly, that Modi’s victory repudiates
Gandhi’s vision of religious unity, and is thus an Indian tragedy.
Shiva has many forms in the Hindu tradition, but the two most dominant
are as either a benefactor or a destroyer.

One of every five people—22% of the world’s
population—lives in either India or the United States. By 2025,
according to current projections, India will overtake China as the
world’s most populous country. “They are much the most interesting
people in the world—and the nearest to being incomprehensible,” Mark
Twain concluded about Indians. “Their character and their history, their
customs and their religion, confront you with riddles at every
—riddles which are a trifle more perplexing after they are explained
than they were before.” 
If Ma Ganga could speak, she could not have
better explained the man poised to lead her dynamic and paradoxical
nation. Only time—or, perhaps, the sacred river—can tell which of Lord
Shiva’s many incarnations the devout Hindu leader will become.

Link (1): http://www.the-american-interest.com/articles/2014/05/15/what-does-a-modi-win-mean/

Link (2): http://www.monbiot.com/2005/12/27/how-britain-denies-its-holocausts/



From middle-east with love

One simple map says it all. The bonds between India and the Middle East. Dramatic, really.

There are 3 lovely god-ladies bearing rich gifts- the first promises India access to Central Asia (Pakistan bypass), the second helps under-write the Kerala model by giving employment to millions of Mallus, and the third supplies India with critical (civ, mil) technology (and which may one day need India as an ally, as much as India needs her). All of them are ready and willing to supply India with oil and natural gas. 

The only problem is that these ladies insist on monotheism (they hate each other). It is just like Indian politics, if you love Nitish Kumar then you have to leave Lalu Yadav. Modi should be fine tackling this minefield.

Potential access to Afghanistan and Central Asia through Iran is
another crucial reason for India’s ties with Iran. 

Since Pakistan is not
currently a feasible transit option to the region, New Delhi finds the
prospect of using an Iranian transit corridor attractive. India’s desire
to invest $100 million to upgrade the Iranian port of Chabahar is
linked to this need…

The impending drawdown, if not withdrawal, of NATO
troops from Afghanistan has made this Iran route—as well as potentially broader India-Iran cooperation in and on Afghanistan—even more crucial for the Indian government.

A fourth element in play is domestic. India houses 10-15% of the
world’s Shia population, much of which is concentrated in
electorally-significant areas. 

….even as India has ties with Iran, it also has a number of other
key relationships in the region that will keep it from getting too close
to Iran.  

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Cooperation Council states
supply a significant amount of the oil India imports. Qatar is also its
largest source of imported natural gas. 

The large Indian diaspora in
these countries, which is a major source of remittances, and the
significant Sunni population in India (over 120 million) also make these
relationships crucial. 

In addition, there are existing and potential
trade and investment ties at stake with these countries. For Delhi, a
relationship with Riyadh is also particularly critical because of the
leverage the Saudi government is thought to have with Islamabad.  

There is an overall sense in India that these countries are taking it
more seriously—partly thanks to Iran, partly in the Saudi case because
of American urging, but also because of India’s potential as a market as
other consumers drop off the list. 

These countries’ interest in India
has been evident in the fact that in the ten days before Zarif’s trip,
Delhi saw visits from the king of King of Bahrain, the Saudi crown prince, the Omani fo
reign minister and the chairman of the Kuwaiti national security apparatus. 

….India’s relationship with
Israel has also become crucial. That country has become one of India’s
largest defense defense suppliers, and is also
seen as a major source of agricultural technology and tourism revenue.

Furthermore, Indian companies are keen to invest in Israel’s technology
sector. The two countries are also negotiating a free trade agreement.
Since the Mumbai attacks, shared concerns about terrorism have created
additional space for bilateral cooperation. 


Link: http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/iran-at-saban/posts/2014/02/28-iran-india-complicated-relationship-madan




The famous unknown (BJP) muslim

Brown liberals (who self-identify as Team Coconut) are shouting from the roof-tops that the BJP does not have a single muslim MP (member of Lok Sabha) in its ranks. While a tsunamo swept the nation, the lone BJP Muslim candidate Syed Shahnawaz Hussain lost from Bhagalpur (Bihar), to a Hindu (Shailesh Kumar) of the (majority) Muslim supported Rashtriya Janata Dal, led by Lalu Yadav. Such is indeed the unpredictable nature of life in India.

But look deep and it seems that this is not quite the complete truth. The BJP (Team Orange) does have one world famous Hindu-converted muslim in its ranks, one who is a self-proclaimed devotee of Lord Krishna and who was duly elected from the Lord’s playgrounds of Mathura-Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh). Her name is Aaisha Bi and the aforementioned Lalu Yadav is a long-time fan.

On the road to victory, Aaisha’s (original) Hindu roots have been emphasized (in the Hindu). How else to explain the “nari-shakti” image above (see link below)? Hindus are fond of the concept of a woman-leader and
there are a plethora of legends, old and young, where the woman conquers all (when all men have failed). In contrast, her day to day living as a devout muslim remains un-explored, an equilibrium that both the Orange and Coconut gangs have taken care not to disturb. We wonder very much about this equal opportunity vow of silence.

Incidentally, our (respectful) opinion is that this violent god-woman imagery is
taking things a bit too far, a nightmare vision of Indian women being transformed into millions of Lorena Bobbitts.
Still, given the real-life nightmare social scenario prevalent in India today, we males have forfeited our right to complain. 

If fans like us were given the vote we would have certainly elected the dream-girl “Basanti” image (from
the Hindi movie Sholay), a lady who dances on broken glass in honor of her
lover (we understand that the Coconuts would sneer at the very idea, but then there is no pleasing everyone). 

We end with the words of the first Fan. The (ex) boss of Bihar had once promised his people that black money stored in Swiss banks will be used to make the roads of Bihar as smooth as Hema Malini’s cheeks (alas, none of the promises have been kept). But image wise, unquestionably  the best of them all. Shabash, Lalu-ji and Salaam.
Film star Dharmendra, now a BJP MP, could not have
thought in his wildest dreams that his second marriage to “Aaisha Bi R.
Chakravarty” alias Hema Malini would come to haunt him one day. 

Dharmendra had converted to Islam to marry Hema Malini as Hindus are not
allowed second marriage. Their marriage was solemnised on 21 August
1979 in Bombay in accordance with Islamic rites. He had married Hema
while his first wife Prakash Kaur was still alive. Had he not contested
the Lok Sabha elections from Bikaner, the matter probably would not have
come to light.

While filing his nomination papers as a BJP
candidate before the returning officer, Dharmendra had written his name
as Deol Dharmendra Kewal Krishn concealing his Muslim name Dilawar Khan
and wrote the name of his first wife in the respective column. When his
political rivals brought the issue to the notice of election authorities
and the general public, he denied his conversion to Islam and change of

But Delhi magazine Outlook published a photocopy of his Nikahnama
(marriage document) which clearly said that Dilawar Khan Kewal Krishn
(44 years) accepted Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty (29 years) as his wife on
21 August 1979 at a mehr of, Rs 111,000 in the presence of two legal
witnesses…’ The nikah was solemnised by Maulana Qazi Abu Talha Misbahi

Two Congress leaders of Madhya Pradesh, Akhtar Baig and KK Mishra filed a
lawsuit against him in Indore’s sessions court demanding rejection of
his nomination papers on account of submission of false information and
concealing his conversion to Islam and adoption of a Muslim name,
demanding trial under section 420 of

According to Akhtar Baig and Congress leader from Rajasthan, Nawal
Kishore Sharma, under Hindu Marriage Act, a Hindu cannot take a second
wife if the first wife is still alive. However, he can marry for a
second time if he has divorced his first wife or embraced Islam.

Link (1): http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/once-a-dream-girl-shes-now-giving-nightmares-to-rival/article5938365.ece

Link (2): http://www.milligazette.com/Archives/2004/16-30Jun04-Print-Edition/163006200433.htm


PS FWIW our coconut friends also consider the Hindu god-woman image as not quite conforming
to feminist ideals.
This is perhaps because
feminists (just like Quakers) always stand for
peace, they would never advocate cutting of the balls of demons
even while they are out destroying the bodies and souls of innocent women.