Shakti Mills gangrape – death penalty (3)

The three repeat offenders get the death penalty.

We violently disagree with the death penalty (no ifs and buts), and we are happy that even though it is the law of the land it will probably never be acted upon given the recent Supreme Court rulings and it is much better to prescribe some diabolical punishment scheme like solitary confinement.

The three repeat offenders in the Shakti Mills gang-rape cases have been awarded death sentence by sessions court.

Awarding death penalty to the three, the court said, “Mumbai gang-rape
accused have least respect for law. They don’t have potential for
reformation as per facts of case.”

“The suffering that gang-rape survivor and her family has undergone is unparalleled,” the court said.

“Mumbai gang-rape accused were emboldened since law enforcing agencies
hadn’t caught them. If this is not the case where death sentence
prescribed by law is not valid, which is?” the judge asked.

“Exemplary and rarest of rare punishment is required in the case,” the
judge said, adding, crime violates all rights of survivor.

Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam had demanded the maximum punishment for the three repeat offenders.

Kasim Bengali, Vijay Jadhav and Mohammed Salim Ansari are the common
accused who are also convicted in the telephone operator gang-rape case.
The 18-year-old telephone operator was gang raped on the premises of
Shakti Mills in July last year a month before the photojournalist was
brutalised on August 22.

The 22-year-old photo journalist of a
magazine was gang raped by Vijay Jadhav, Kasim Bengali, Salim Ansari,
Siraj Rehman and a minor boy when she had gone to the Shakti Mills
compound in the Central Mumbai with a male colleague on an assignment.



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