ZA Bhutto murdered (5 April 1979)

He was a great man and if he had lived a full life then Pakistan certainly would have benefited from his services. However his actions were also problematic in terms of how Partition #2 could have been avoided (unfortunately the Hindu minority in Bangladesh did not fit into his calculations), and his actions led the way to demonization of the Ahmedis (which would have happened anyway). That said he died a horrible death (by the hands of General Zia whom he himself had promoted) and it was thus poetic justice that General Zia died an agonizing death when his turn came. A bad show all around.

My dear countrymen, my dear friends, my dear students, labourers,
peasants… those who fought for Pakistan… We are facing the worst
crisis in our country’s life, a deadly crisis. We have to pick up the
pieces, very small pieces, but we will make a new Pakistan, a prosperous
and progressive Pakistan, a Pakistan free of exploitation, a Pakistan
envisaged by the Quaid-e-Azam
—Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, 1971


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