The ineffectual British Monarchy and why one shouldn’t Diss Chris

I’ve started to use Twitter alot more as I’ve was rather tied up (to my loss I still haven’t been able to meet Kabir Sahib in person). I have begun to prepare for a national franchising of one of my brand’s Bubble Tap.

Incidentally my life comes to full circle as I mirror what my Irani great grandfather did in Kohlapur upon pioneering there*; he opened an ice-cream shop I opened a Dessert shop upon moving to Cambridge.

At any rate as is pretty evident my political instincts are quite High Tory. I only assume the SJW mantle to fight back against White Liberals since I dislike Munfaqeenism (to thine ownself be true). A classic example.

Much as the video is interesting I find the defamation of Christopher Columbus to be somewhat tiring (much in the same way Liberals are going after Churchill). We know that there was attendant genocide/ethnic cleansing upon “Discovery” of the Americas (we can simply amend it to European Discovery) but the whole idea of showing Columbus as some sort of clownish idiot is just low-blow.

If Adam is so keen on indigenous rights why didn’t he let a Native Taino Descendant (I’ll accept a sufficiently dark-skinned Puerto Rican) narrate the video. I don’t like colored causes being used by white people to advance their own aims in their internecine and rather meaningless conflicts with Conservatives. In fact as a Baha’i and one who looks forward to a New World Order I see such conflict to be rather pointless. It’s rather easy to accomodate Columbus Day and Native American day; using the Holiday as a teaching lesson without having to denigrate Christopher Columbus or his achievments unnecessarily. Even if Chris thought the world was pear shaped with a nipple at the top, it was this accident of serendipity that made you Adam and his ancestors the dominant race in the world.

It’s precisely that privilege that makes his videos catch millions of views; nothing wrong with that and good on him but it’s rather Munafiq to dis the chap who did so much to bring that about.

Finally I was shocked and ashamed by this news:

Cambridge University students kick out plans to honour Britain’s war veterans

Considering how many of them are my customers it’s best I keep silent but as I tweeted to my fellow Zac:

If anyone has seen the Crown (it’s the only show I watch on Netflix) one sees how HM the Queen squandered away the immense goodwill her father had earnt from WW2. It reminds me of Queen Victoria and even though so much was achieved in her reign, Prince Albert seemed intent on “constitutionalising” the monarchy for better or for worse. When one compares both of these Queen to their more glorious predecessor, Elizabeth the 1st, it’s interesting to note that the latter remained single and was able to accomplish so much.

*He moved from Yazd in the 1930’s to teach the Baha’i Faith, Zoroastrians were particularly ardent converts though he was a born Baha’i as his Father was said to have served Abdul Baha in the Holy Land.


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  1. I loved “The Crown”. I also recently watched the first season of “Victoria” on Netflix. Interesting watching both the protagonists struggle to be a wife and queen at the same time.

      1. Yes, there is only the first season on Netflix.

        I’m a bad leftist but I quite like the pageantry of the British monarchy.

        1. Is there really much difference between your leftism and Zach’s toryism? You both seem to largely agree on cultural matters, which is all the left is about these days anyway.

          1. There are lots of things on which Zack and I don’t agree. I don’t know if you saw the discussion on “Islamic chains”. Or on “integration”, he thinks immigrants need to assimilate into their host societies. I’m not so bothered about that. He doesn’t like the hijab while I think it is the right of a Muslim woman to wear one if she wishes.

            Even on this particular thread, I’m not a huge fan of Columbus Day.

            Zack and I share a love of Urdu culture and the Mughals. But that doesn’t necessarily carry over into other domains.

          2. Zack,

            I guess since we agree on Urdu and the Mughals, we are on the same team. Though obviously we can disagree on other issues.

          3. Zach just seems very woke for a supposed High Tory, and Kabir seems very old-school aristocratic for a leftist. In fact, it might not be that you’re similar, so much as Zach the
            Tory often sounds like a more typical liberal than Kabir, while Kabir the leftist comes off as much more of an aristocrat than the avowed monarchist.

          4. I guess I’ll take being being called “aristocratic” as a compliment. What can I say? I do appreciate our High Culture.

        2. HM the Queen squandered away the immense goodwill her father had earnt from WW2

          One could argue Churchill “squandered his goodwill” after WW2.
          Peoples memories/gratitude are short.
          (out here in Sout Asia no reason to have gratitude for Churchill).

          I think Elizabeth 2 has managed to keep the monarchy, no major scandals etc.
          Would Charles have been able to do that, I doubt.

          William seems OK, but I dont really follow local UK gossip.

  2. Why do we need to celebrate Columbus at all? We already have our foundational national holiday, and Columbus never even set foot on our continent. Never had Columbus Day as a holiday where I grew up, so it’s just kind of weird to me.

    From a conservative PoV your argument might apply to Latin America, but not the US. Better to make heroes out of people that actually had some connection to our country.

    1. Columbus Day was always a school holiday when I was growing up.

      I do think it is problematic to celebrate someone who committed atrocities against the native population. From the viewpoint of White America that we were taught in school, he may be a hero, but certainly not in the eyes of the Native American population.

      There are similar issues with Thanksgiving.

    2. Fraxinicus why do you identify so much with 330 million Americans versus 7.7 billion homo sapiens?

      Hope to understand you better over time.

      Columbus is one man. His misdeeds are a drop in the ocean. The real harm was done by the Spanish and Portuguese governments rather than by him. Columbus was neither the saint nor sinner many now make him out to be.

      The crimes of Spain and Portugal have been badly misunderstood by history . . . since history is written by post modernists.

      The crime was cultural genocide. I am a huge fan of ancient Mayan, Oltec and native American civilization, history and culture.

      Stealing money and monetary exploitation. . . almost irrelevant. Killing people (a much bigger crime to be sure) was also a lesser crime than colonizing the minds of people to cause inferiority complex, damage self confidence, deconstruct and de-legitimize local religions/technologies/cultures.

      Perhaps the ancient technologies of the Americas could have been very helpful to our species today. Maybe they had records of their contact with Asia and Egypt in the ancient past and could have given us color on the history of the world. Too bad most of the ancient records were destroyed by European colonial imperialists. Too bad that almost all of Latin America are now dominated by a westernized ethnocentric gaze.

      It isn’t that ancient Americas technology by itself would have transformed the world. Rather the symbiotic collaborative integration of Americas technologies with the technologies of Asia, Islamdom, Europe and Africa that could have substantially increased global per capita real GDP centuries ago. Too bad this wasn’t attempted for the most part.

      My view is that India, China and Asia should directly collaborate with the remnants of ancient Americas culture (ancient religions and cultures and technologies). Let us see what we can collaborate on together with the ancient native American peoples to advance the human race forward.

  3. What will an ‘effective monarchy’ look like, start sword fights from horses ? surviving and keeping large scale adulation (not total) at public cost is good enough to be effective nowadays . No news from monarch is good news.

    Not only that, UK is the only functioning theocracy now i.e. head of state and head of state religion in the same person.

  4. I think no one in India feels really “grateful” to Churchill, since India does not treat both the wars as their own. But on the other side, the Churchill hate is a bit too much. Its mostly trying to reinvent a villian who Indians have forgotten already. In India there is hardly any cultural memory left regarding colonialism atrocity. It does not arouse the same passion.

    1. n India there is hardly any cultural memory left regarding colonialism atrocity. It does not arouse the same passion.

      Agreed totally.
      There are some in SL (and India maybe) to who would like become a Brit Colony once again.!!

    2. Zack

      Its because muslims are still a political player in India. Had British been 10 percent of the Indian population you would have seen issues there as well. You see anti christian voilance some times in areas christan pops are>10prcnt


      In India slightly but mostly in regions which constitute Pakistan , there in even less colonial memory because those areas benefited wrt to other regions of India. Punjab,Bengal,Madras. We needlessly overtly romanticise our anti colonial struggle.

      1. @Saurav

        “You see anti christian voilance some times in areas christan pops are>10prcnt ”

        I would like to politely disagree, violence against christians I have read about have been in states/regions where christians are less than 10 percent of populations. Places with a substanstial numbers of christians, i.e. south india in general (goa is about 20 percent christian, kerala is about 18% christians, tamil nadu, andhra pradesh also have substantial numbers of christians) don’t seem to have attacks ( except for some passive aggressive mutterings) as large scale as in the less than 2 percent christian areas of the rest of india, i.e. gujarat, orissa and a few others. South india has a bit more harmony on the religious front but political ideologies can be an area of violent conflict.

        1. You are talking about South India where anyhow the fault lines is not religious. The percentage of muslims is higher in Bengal,Kerala than UP, but you still have more riots in UP. Both Orissa/Jharkhand have substantial christian population and its where there are issues. The only outlier is Gujarat which what you say is true has less than 10 percent but still sees issues.

          Anyhow the broader point i was making was had there been substantial Brits pops in India, the animosity would have been higher

        2. I agree with ME. Generally Indian Christians and Indian Hindus get along pretty well. A ton of non Christians go to Christian misionary schools and have a lot of contact with Christians.

          Why do you say there are issues in Orissa and Jharkhand and Gujarat?

          The only place I am aware of some issues in Kerela.

          Most communal issues are promoted by post modernists in the media, politics and academia. They are blown out of proportion. The same thing happens around the world.

    3. “since India does not treat both the wars as their own”

      This is completely the opposite of my own experience. The Indian military officer corps and army brats take enormous justified pride in their role in “WINNING” WWI and WWII.

      Without the Indian Army . . . the allies would have lost both world wars.

      The entire world should salute and thank the Indian Army. Today’s global freedom, openness and integration was paid for with Indian blood.


      I am not a fan of Churchill. I think I explained why in a previous article or series of comments.

  5. There are many places in India that liked the English. Kerala for instance. The English were a mixed blessing and mixed negative influence. There are many aspects of the English Raj that I liked and admired. If only the English governed India the way England governed Hong Kong. sigh 🙁

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