The white liberal’s idea of an Asian American

In Vox, Asian American racism is the unfunny joke the comedy world needs to reckon with. The piece is ho-hum. It could have been written by some sort of software program, as it leverages every quasi-academic intellectual construct about Asian Americans.

What I would like to see more in the media is the voice of the Korean American Christian pastor and the Indian American tech-bro. They exist. And there are a lot more of them than there are post-colonial theorists.

(I was in a very liberal [pierced people] cafe in Austin once when they were talking about Indians…and I realized the conversation stopped as people looked sideways at me, so I get what the author is saying)

16 thoughts on “The white liberal’s idea of an Asian American”

  1. What a whiner this Naveen dude.
    Look at Andrew Yang and how he spins Asian stereotypes to disarm (and ridicule) those who hold them.

    1. I say get over it, this whole PC culture is so fake. In private among like minded people, racist, homophobic and whatever jokes/statements are the norm.

      Naveen went to what seemed an all white gathering. He should have gone to some Indian do, where they make fun of white people.

  2. What a whiner this Naveen dude.

    but he’s the one being given a platform! that’s the thing: white liberals amplify/spotlight the voices of *some* asian americans. they have a certain ‘model’ in mind…

    tbh after reading stuff like the above i kind of want to start making fun of brown people.

  3. Such whiny losers, always playing the victim card. To any Indian who cries racist wolf, this video (and many others like it) should shut them up –

    Indians are so blatantly racist and colourist they don’t even pretend to hide it, like it’s a normal everyday thing. Probably the most self-hating society in the world

    1. That’s a stupid response. You are responding to charges of stereotyping by presenting another hatchet job.

      How about American demand for tanning salons ? Is this desire for tanned skin another form of racism ? Breast augmentation ? Penile implants ? When is Vice doing a spot on all that ?

      1. Oh come on. Indian society is the most hateful and disgusting society there is. Top to bottom.

      2. I don’t think, breast implants have anything to do with race.

        Likewise tans or lack of them are a status symbol.

        Also, given how crazy Africans are after paler skin, couldn’t China arrange them plentiful access to sperm of healthy Han physics graduates?

        Could help alleviate skills shortage in there in the long run.

    2. Yeah, at first I assumed they were talking about Asian Americans who are kind of racist. I know a few.

    1. Penile prosthesis or penile implants are a treatment option for men with ED.

      In my post above I meant to refer to things that are the male equivalent of breast enlargement. (Meaning that desire for such is not a symptom of racism towards races with smaller male members but just a possibly mistaken hankering after a ‘beauty’ standard.)

  4. “in a very liberal [pierced people] cafe in Austin once when they were talking about Indians…and I realized the conversation stopped as people looked sideways at me”

    Were they talking unflattering things about Indians?

  5. Were they talking unflattering things about Indians?

    i think so. honestly i was trying not to listen since it was clearly a situation where they thought it was only white people in the room (it is a very ‘hipster’ cafe).

  6. Reminds of a conversation with a young white liberal woman recently. She went on a date with an Indian dude, and was shocked that he made an offhand derogatory comment about some random black guy. She literally thought that racism was only practiced by whites.

    1. Black people are racist too

      Many Indians are black skin anyways

      Also Idi Amin exiled all the Indians out of africa

  7. Indians are not only racist hey persist in their religious prejudices when in the US. All those howdy Modi fans surely support the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act. They are in that respect much like the Trump who wanted to ban Muslims from entering the US. And they prove that there is no real category called Indian by congregating region-wise in the US. Hard to find a community so stuffed with such an insular, narrow-minded and conservative outlook. A more unlikeable lot would be hard to find. How will they melt into the American pot when they couldn’t do xo even in the Indian one.

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