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Technically the show is very good with some loud direction (I prefer subtlety in Direction and cinematography). On the whole, a 4/5 star to Paatal lok by me because it is not a 3 nor a 5. For those who have already seen the series, feel free to go through the spoiler-filled take HERE.

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5 thoughts on “Paatal Lok – Review”

  1. Best Indian TV show in recent memory.

    Cheeni character is not made up. I have seen transgenders (‘Hijras’ in Hindi pardon my lack of LGBTQ-lingo, there are so many subcategories I no longer care to keep up) are ‘felt up’, ‘touched’ etc in trains by guys. Seen it happen in Delhi to Kolkata routes (Orissa Sampark Kranti level trains with general seating) and Delhi to Mumbai routes (Awadh exp., Mumbai-Patna etc). Of the many interesting things I saw was a Hijra-samaj leader paying a huge wad of cash bribe to a railway police officer who was feeling/touching him/her up. Given such intense sexual-abuse vibes it is not unlikely that some of them will end up in prostitution.

    The Gurjar brothers (Dunalia and his brother) and Bajpayee(Brahmin) ji and the dacoit-army is based on real characters. We once had a tenant who was a decorated veteran of UP Police STF team that used to encounter these people, he told me some of the most brutal crime stories about Bundelkhand about hacking off knee caps, nipples and what not. What the show has portrayed is quite watered down.

    Don’t know enough to comment on the Muslim guy or the Mazhabi-sikh guy character.

    Overall the series is top notch. Would love to hear what others have to say.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’ll probably watch this soon.
    What other Indian TV shows are worth going out of your way to watch? Would you recommend Sacred Games and Mirzapur?

    1. Sacred Games season 1 is well made but the story is completely made up, insufficiently grounded in how India really is and overall just too over the top and pretentious. Season 2 is atrocious.

      Mirzapur tries to unsuccessfully recreate the expletive filled world of Gangs of Wasseypur. Lacks substance and any hard-hitting story, tries very hard to sound authentic and cool. Looks and sounds cheap.

      Watch TVF Panchayat, it is a completely different genre but very enjoyable.

  3. Watched all of Paatal Lok in a day. Very good, on par with anything the West or East Asia can put out. I’m glad to see another country join the quality TV club.

  4. @Bhimrao
    Panchayat is simply amazing. Waiting very much for S02.
    What would ppl recommend for viewing if one has 2 days of Netflix subscription remaining.?
    Have watched Crown, sacredgames, one planet, raja rasoi and Cooked.

    Any recommendations?

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