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  1. Or, you know, it could just be that “brown diaspora” women live in countries where most people are white and, therefore, often date white guys.

  2. Lmfao! People have a right to be with who they want to be with on an individual level. But I think it is ok to be annoyed at broader trends (eg. E Asian men annoyed that they are supplanted by White men in the West, when it comed to dating E Asian women, with skewed unfavorable ratios the other way around). Things that I take into account which make me not bothered by this trend of some Indian women dating White men, even exclusively, are:

    1. There is no general culture among White men of “conquering” Indian women, particularly, dharmic ones, in order to satisfy a racial fetish or push forth their ideological group just a bit closer to domination. This fetish culture of dominating E Asian women exists. Also, when marrying a White man, for dharmic and abrahamic Indian women alike, there is rarely conversion pressure, unlike with interfaith marriages with Muslims,even among Indians themselves.

    2. The ratio of Indian men dating white women is similar or slightly higher, extrapolating from interracial marriage studies which btw still show the highest endogamy out of all Asian racial groups (in terms of national origin), in both the US and the UK, outside of Pakistanis.

    3. This is anecdote. But for every decent looking Indian woman with a Seth Rogan type, I see a fat assymetrical acne faced Gitanjali with the proverbial Chad. The match ups I see generally are similar enough looks wise. Actually in my own circle of cousins and family friends,about the same number of Indian men and women have married out, always fo NW Euro background whites for whatever reason. Both the men and women have always married the same or up looks wise.

    I have given my own tinder anecdotes. But that is world being White seems to convey the most advantage. Real life the playing field is more even. Those S Asian guys who struggle in the West on dating apps (I never did and got a solid number of matches but a good bit fewer than White men I had better succes rates than in real life), just improve your real life “game.” This is harder but has more social skills carryover to other stuff too. Also, please lift, have good hygiene, and dress well.

    1. Yup I get why E Asian men are bitter. Scenes like these among them are relatively less frequent. Granted, even that is changing, with Kpop boom.

      Also interracial marriage rates have gone DOWN recently among American E Asians, with more just marrying other E Asians. This is hypothesized to be because of both quantitative and qualitative expansion of their American cultural nexus.

      1. W.r.t. recent migrants to developed countries, my experience with East Asians (with the possible exception of the Japanese) is that the women normally place materialism above cultural markers, so this is visible in terms of seeing them with visible branded western Veblen goods (such as Louboutin shoes or belts from Gucci or bags from LV).

        Indian women who’re recent migrants, while still materialistic in terms of marriage options (most people are!), normally care less about such outward display of material wealth, and the exhibition of Veblen goods usually involves Indian clothing, art and jewellery (an expensive sari, gold necklaces from a specific region, furniture carvings by well-known designers). There appears to be a greater community desire for cultural preservation.


        As for East Asian men, I think they have a far narrower definition of beauty than Indian men do. Many of them would exclude darker women, those with visible body hair, and those who are physically broader or heavier than some set invisible standard. So that automatically excludes a large part of the world and many of them prefer dating other East Asians who meet these standards.

  3. @Razib, Is it true that mixed-race children are more likely to be healthier and smarter than unmixed?
    And what are Israel_C & Mota gene in East Africa?

    BTW, it is often better to not add fuel to fire as it can create severe depression, anxiety, hopelessness and inferiority complex in many individuals which can dramatically decrease their productivity which is why SOME Political Correctness is extremely important.

  4. @Razib, Is it true that mixed-race children are more likely to be healthier and smarter than unmixed?

    on the margin probably. but unless you are inbred the effect is small to zero.

    BTW, it is often better to not add fuel to fire as it can create severe depression, anxiety, hopelessness and inferiority complex in many individuals which can dramatically decrease their productivity which is why SOME Political Correctness is extremely important.

    i thought the ‘pink rocket’ thing was funny

  5. ”Getting inseminated by the colonizer” *seems* like just another form of a ”rape fantasy” that is one of the most popular female sexual fantasies. But there could be a rebellious angle to it as there is a heavy expectation for marriage within the community for South Asians, and rebelling against these expectations my be more ‘sexually thrilling’.

  6. Meh, the White guys are welcome to have them. In my experience, there is a qualitative difference between Indian women from India and those who grew up here. The latter are annoying, flippant, and think they’re hotter than they are. Why would you WANT to hang around them?

    1. If I may ask, are there any particular reasons you’re not willing to date outside the Indian cultural sphere if the quality doesn’t match your expectations?

      You’re a doctor so should be having options, and it’s easier to find someone that matches cognitively and personality-wise if you widen the net.

      1. I assume he is attached to his Hindu heritage and wants a traditional lady from India. He seems like a conservative guy. He wants to raise a strong Hindu American family.

      2. I cannot go into certain details, and much of my perspective is hard to discuss with people who have not run the long and brutal gauntlet of medical training.

        But suffice to say that I feel it is time to move on to the next chapter in my life, to stop being a single man reading books in a studio apartment, and to start a family of my own. There are more women from India interested in doing that than there are women here (indeed, many women in my social circles visibly recoil at the idea of children at all.)

        1. I feel you man. I’m happy I started residency already in something long term and lucked out a lot with who I share it with. My SO immigrated to the US at age 10, so she has some old school values that I like. It’s rough to find someone during training. People do it. But one just doesn’t have the time to do optimal vetting like a normal person in the American dating jungle.

          1. I find desi marriages work best when bride and groom have the same background. If you lived through to college and your first couple of jobs in the old country and then migrated, find someone from the old country. If you have little link to the old country then find another 2nd gen immigrant or a native of where you are. If you came to your new country relatively early in life or have say 15 years continuous residence abroad then someone from the old country who also spent a few years abroad is a good fit.

          2. @Ali

            I agree with you 100%. I’m a little bit of an odd ball because my values are kind of old school for having grown up the US. Most desi women my age, at least in my social circle, tend to be members of the “woke” tribe. Of course there are exceptions. I am by no means some sort of full MAGA dude, but I am not an AOC type either.

  7. Lets also not generalize “indian women” as a monolith. I dont mean the liberal notion of “everyone is unique” but rather there are multiple cultures in india, and people tend to differ on that. I can give you some insights on who marries the most outside their community, but that’s cringe isnt it?

    1. I mean I can’t diss them myself, given my girlfriend is a Punjabi Sikh from Central Valley. Btw, this should explain a lot…

      1. explain what? Punjabis generally are the most ethnocentric. Maybe you should confirm with her if she’s really one. lol.

        I’m quite an exception myself. I’ve been on and off with a “chitpavan” brahmin girl, who told me that chitpavans are descendents of jews who landed on the shores of India. It’ll make an interesting topic for a post on here.

        1. Lol a lot of my exposure of khalistan crap is through her. She shows me her newsfeed is flooded with it on social media, including about half her cousins. I am also sick of all the Jasmine Sandlas and Sidhu Moosewalla she plays. All the music sounds the same, with most of it being a cheap rip off of American hip hop. I like the old school stuff like Gurdas Mann and Mendhi. Granted, I use subtitles for it but the music has a cool folksy and unique vibe to it. Now it’s a bunch of autoatune with glorifying guns, drugs, alcohol, and the mythic “Jat”race.

          1. In the US comminity, a lot of the ethnocentric narrative came up in mid to late 2000s just as “be proud of yourself” thing, which eventually evolved into hatred for outsiders. So youth before those times is still quite open minded, but the younger ones are not so much. I think that’s part and parcel of being intact as a community. In recent months I’ve heard a lot of curses for BLM movement too (behind closed doors ofcourse).

            There was a youtube guy who used to go around and ask question to orthodox jews. “what do you think about the goyim?”. And the answers used to be quite shocking. Youtube had to eventually ban those videos.

            Generally I feel there’s upsides and downsides to it. Downside is that it’s out-dated. Upsides is that diaspora stands together with their people when required (for the right or wrong reasons). Punjabi politicians/journalists/artists etc around the world were trying to make people focus on the farm issues. This is in contrast to (ex?) Hindu personalities who were rather taking lead in criticizing Indian government for being what they called hindu nationalist/fundamentalist/extremist and so on. IIRC the only “Hindu” standing with Indian government was Tulsi Gabbard.

          2. “This is in contrast to (ex?) Hindu personalities who were rather taking lead in criticizing Indian government for being what they called hindu nationalist/fundamentalist/extremist and so on.”

            U need to be a Hindu first to be a ex-Hindu, no?

        2. It seems that the Chitpavan Brahmins love to confuse themselves of their origins and obscure their origins, simply because they’re too bored to admit that they have AASI + AANI like the rest of us.

          When I read their origins in Wikipedia under the different versions of this article, I read that they try and associate their origins with:

          1. “Southern Europeans. Particularly, the French, Greeks, Italians, Iberian people and the Irish. To a lesser extent in Southern England.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chitpavan&oldid=69175643
          2. “Chitpavan gene-pool shows the presence of various other Central Asian and European mt-DNA haplogroups.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chitpavan&oldid=167188654
          3. “A 2005 study conducted by Sonali Gaikwad and VK Kashyap for National DNA Analysis Center, Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Kolkata, suggests that the Chitpavans may have roots outside of India, in either Iran or Turkey.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chitpavan&oldid=475953309#Origin
          4. Also, it’s claimed that they are of “Irano-Scythian” origins (from Turkey or the Mediterranean) – https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chitpavan&oldid=475953309#Origin

          So for a “pure race” of people, I’m seeing that they may have come from around 3 different continents. In other articles, I’ve read that they may have been (and I kid you not), Egyptian-Greeks, Georgians, Sephardic Jews, Zoroastrians, and Babylonians.

  8. We also got into a huge argument in the car about the protests and how the government doesn’t fully “appreciate the contribution of Punjabis.” Btw, to her and her family, Punjabiyat=Sikh Birdari groups.

    When she couldn’t counter my economics points, she just started getting angry so I shut up and just kept driving.

    1. ah. Should have told me you were making things up all this while. I wouldn’t have wasted time writing replies 🙂

      I already had a fair bit of idea about which community do most incels come from.

      Cheers! 🙂

      1. Razib has me on facebook as a friend. He can see who I am in a relationship with. But ok. Keep on with the “incel” remarks lmfao. It’s common form of projection online.

  9. I would say diaspora meddling in internal politics back home has more downsides then up. And this coming from someone who’s at a position of strength, considering large swathes of Indian diaspora is more pro-Modi then against.

    In the long run this only strengthens the Govt back home, contrary to dissidents expectations. Especially in India, where folks do have a chip on their shoulder on foreigners meddling. But then to each his own.

    1. Its just weird, extreme nostalgia. The desire to have some connection to the ancestral land, no matter how it comes. Surely, these people know that Jat Sikhs are not more than 30% of Punjab’s population.

  10. Reading the comments above, one has to wonder how Khatri Hindus escaped the toxic racism (masquerading as ethnocentrism, religion) amongst Jaat Sikhs and Muslims. I have encountered tons and tons of them throughout my childhood, education, professional life and online, and cant recall many Khatri Hindu racists. A lot of them (both male and female) are married to much darker skinned Hindus from all over India. I also remember coming across a paper on how religious chauvinism is lower amongst Punjabi Hindus in Delhi who imbibed a more Indian nationalism. A lot of the AAP leaders like Raghav Chadha, Aatishi Marlena are Punjabi Khatri Hindus.

    My conjecture is that this is because Khatris are:
    1) Urban
    2) Traders and professionals
    3) Extremely successful.

    1. “I also remember coming across a paper on how religious chauvinism is lower amongst Punjabi Hindus in Delhi who imbibed a more Indian nationalism”.

      What’s so surprising? Isn’ it the same with Pandits vis-v Kashmiri muslims, or Tam Brahms vis-v Dravidians. Every ethnic minority needs a bigger bully (the Indian state) to rescue them from their community. Pandits, Punjabi Hindus ( during Bhindrawale), Bengalis in Assam etc

      Its a different matter that when times were good, they used to (and still) mimic their ethnic majority.

      Pichwade pe do laat lagti hain, sabko maya (Indian state) yaad ati hain.

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