Happy Rama Navami!

A Hindu friend clued me into the fact that this was Lord Rama’s birthday. Since I’m not Hindu or from a Hindu background I had no clue (to be fair, Google calendar is how I know when Ramadan starts). I don’t know much about Rama as I have not read the Ramayana (after all these years I’m only 2/3rd of the way through an English translation of the Mahabharata), but, I’m pretty sure I know which Y haplogroup he was, so much respect!

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  1. “I’m pretty sure I know which Y haplogroup he was”

    out of shear curiosity, i got interested in the genealogy of rama, did some googling, and found the wikipedia page on Ikshwaku, the earliest known ancestor of rama. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikshvaku
    just as i suspected, pesky western scholars have already suggested dravidian and munda origins for him.

    1. Considering the politics of today, i doubt any scholar would remotely attach ‘Dravidian and munda origins’ for Ram.

      They might attach ‘invading genocidal Aryan’ to him though.

  2. The Ishhvakus may have been earlier Indo Aryan migrants – earlier than the Rigvedic Aryans – As the Vedas are mainly compositions patronized by the Rigvedic – Puru Bharata – later Kuru rulers, its assumed by many that the eastern Ishvakus were outside the Kuru-Pancala orthodoxy – though clearly Aryan.

    I would speculate that MB giving a peek itihasa of the Kuru-Pancala and RM being the itihasa of eastern Ishvakus of the Kosala- (Magadh?) region. Also interesting to note that the Jainas seem to have some important links to Ishvakus – 22/23 of the 24 Tirthankars were Ishvakus including Mahavir (who do not get that much coverage in the Vedic Canon).

    1. There is one hypothesis about this which is by Edgar Caycee or CW Leadbeater who are so called faith healers/ They said Ram entered India from Atlantian civilization which was dying and the references of flying chariot etc are all the technologies present in atlantic civilization.

    2. @GauravL

      Good hunch! This is also a major supposition by some scholars. At least in some parts of the Puranas, Ikshvakus are considered anarya who later accepted Vedic rites.

  3. Happy Ram Navami Razib and to all our friends on the blog !

    I would be interested to know how has your experience been reading the great text (the Mahabharata).

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