Kashmiri man weds Dalit woman


She topped the civil service exam and he came number 2.

The untouchables strike back..

The trend is Indian is Hindu girls & Muslim boys and also for boys to marry upward in the class/caste hierarchy.

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  1. Well, she’s a smart and a nice looking girl, appears to be quite a catch. From the comments page, apparently is from a well to do family.

    I should point out also that the Dalits in North and Western India appear to be much more “Aryan looking”. You should see them in Eastern India, where we have a greater amount of indigenous ancestry. They look less like Aishwarya Rai and more like Shibu Soren.

    You’re also right about the untouchables striking back. From what I read in the news, they brought life in the country to a standstill last week protesting the Supreme Court modifying a “Dalit atrocities” law which they commonly abuse by blaming anyone they want of having harassed them in which case the automatic penalty is immediate and indefinite imprisonment of all parties accused, including entire families women, children, etc.. During this their leaders shouted all kinds of anti-national slogans which shows that they have contempt for the nation as a whole, viewing it as a vast Aryan construct over the ages. One fellow was even demanding that Dalits need to have their own country. Ironically, the goal of the protests which was to prove how vulnerable and weak they are, proved just quite the opposite in how effective they were at bringing normal life in a huge country to a complete halt. None of this behavior is new; their icon Ambedkar, another well to do Dalit and author of the Indian constitution, was extremely anti-Hindu, rejecting the religion to become a Buddhist in a huge spectacle.

    I can see how India’s founding father’s hoped to integrate the country with reservations (upwards of 70% in some places for OBC’s, SC’s, ST’s) and minority appeasement policies for the Muslims, Sikhs (the federal state paid for 100% of all land in Punjab to be rapidly irrigated 50 years ago, but has provided essentially nothing to equally agricultural but much poorer Bihar whose peasants migrate in vast numbers to work on Punjabi farms), Christians (the Northeastern states all get 90% of their budgets paid by the federal state as “special status” indefinitely), but 70 years later it’s clearly failed. Various groups just want more handouts for perceived victimhood and have no feeling for the nation as a whole.

    1. “Annihilation of Caste” really puts the Hindu caste system in its place. It is important to note that Ambedkar noted that even Indian Muslims, who were not supposed to believe in caste, actually did so in practice.

      There is a reason that Ambedkar converted out of Hinduism and famously said “I will not die a Hindu”. The caste system is an atrocity and it is shameful that it is still being perpetrated. Just as people on BP love to discuss what is terrible about Islam, we should discuss the unique horribleness of declaring people “untouchable” in this day and age. Gandhi’s use of the word “harijan” didn’t make “untouchability” any better in reality. Those who live in glass houses…..

  2. boys to marry upward in the class/caste hierarchy.

    Isnt that a fairly common even in the west. Relatively lower socio economic guy makes it big/better and marries up. example from the upper end of the spectrum, Iraqi-Jews from India, Sassoons marrying into the Rothschild’s.

    Isnt there message in these customs/acceptability.

    trend is Indian is Hindu girls & Muslim boys
    I will leave it to others to comment on this.

  3. Dalits in North and Western India appear to be much more “Aryan looking”. You should see them in Eastern India, where we have a greater amount of indigenous ancestry. They look less like Aishwarya Rai and more like Shibu Soren.

    I had to look up Shibu Soren. He looks like many a Sri Lankan.

    Anyway the so called lower castes in Sri Lanka, are more European/Aryan looking than the general populace. Once you know that the old caste system in SL is an inverted pyramid you can join the dots.

    Anyway some are proud of our heritage, so some photos

          1. The Indian castes system is a Pyramid, with the three broad upper castes, Brahamins (pinnacle), Kshatriya and Vaisiya being the top 50%. The Shudras the rest (50%).

            This starts to break down as you move into South India. i.e not enough Brahamins, Kshatriya and Vaisiya. i.e a really wide Pyramid with the top three castes being a very small percentage.

            In Sri Lanka there are no communities that are part of Brahamins, Kshatriya and Vaisiya castes (OK, the Sindhis). Sri Lanka is one big Shudra country.
            The farmer caste (Sinhala: Govi, Tamil: Vellala) is 50%. Within the farmer caste there is class, titled (radala) vs non titled.

            Then the bottom 50% of the inverted pyramid had various other castes.

            Vedic/Brahamanic never really reached Sri Lanka in full force. Crossing water lost caste status in Hindu Tradition.

          2. How many Sindhis are there in SL; my wife’s cousin is there and I know there are some Sindhi or Parsi owned hotels..

          3. Sindhis in numbers: Almost nothing. For 99% of the populace, Sindhis would be one of those “Tamil” type people from India

            Sindhis in Economic Inffluence: Large to Huge

            There is one Sindhi Evangelical Christian Pastor (and wife). My sister goes to his Church in a suburb of Colombo. Doing quite well too, large congregation. Dont know of the ownership of “Church” in the suburb.
            They do own a house in Colombo on about 1/8 of an acre (20 perches or more). Probably worth a good USD 1 million now.

            The Pastor bought the house off a Eurasian (Dutch Burgher) family sometime when I was not around in the country. Its right in front of a cousins house/whatever. The Eurasian family were family friends. Not implying Sindhis were/could not be family friends. They moved into the neighborhood after Colombo started becoming impersonal (relatively).

            Till about early 80’s (me till mid 70’s) kids would play on the side streets (Lanes) regardless of caste,creed or religion. Parents would hob nob, have parties etc. 83 and development changed it all.

            Its kind of the same still. You may not know your neighbor, unless you meet at some common, sports club, children go to the same school etc.


    1. “A graduate of Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram college, Tina Dabi shot into limelight after she became the first Dalit to top the prestigious civil services exam in 2015. She cleared the tough exams in her first attempt itself and secured just little over 52 per cent marks.”

      I picked this up on Facebook from this Nehruvian (Muslim) Kashmiri chap about how this was the BJPs worst nightmare

  4. I am not really in favor of viewing personal relationships in terms of politics/’striking back’ etc. At the end of the day, everything apart from your relationship with your wife, parents and children is a construct.

    Inter caste and inter religion marriage (excluding Hindu-Sikhs) is still uncommon in India, and opposed by many, but not the majority, http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/Still-frowning-upon-intermarriages/article16955131.ece

    Rates of inter caste and inter religion marriage have doubled in the last 2.5 decades but are still quite low.

  5. They’ll get elephant massage along with all those supporting this nonsense.

    Largest genocide in history is Islamic invasions of India, they’ll be avenged & then we move onto europeans।।


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