Lawyer Asama Javed is ‘fixer for forced marriage’

Lawyer Asama Javed is ‘fixer for forced marriage’

The video in the link is 5 minutes long and worth seeing. This is pretty shocking since the lawyer, Asma Javed, is (and I’m excerpting):

On the surface Asma Javed 44, appears to be an upstanding member of her community, a political career with the Labour Party, now a partner in a law firm, a governor at a local primary school and on the fostering panel at Bradford Council. Yet her ‘marital advice’ exposes a complete disregard for basic human rights and utter contempt for British values.

What struck me is that Ms. Javed is obviously British born & bred since she easily slips into the Bradistani patois. But her Punjabi/Mirpuri is at native levels; this wasn’t supposed to happen after so many generations in the UK.

Since I’m a BritPak I’m quite the integrationist but in this case something’s got to give.  My thoughts on integration versus assimilation are mainly concerned with High Culture; even though I can understand Shakespeare and actually like it, I’ll ultimately still identify with Ferdowsi & Ghalib (probably the two poster boys for Turanistan)

The Augean Stables that is the British Muslim community needs to be cleansed. This is not a “Pakistani” issue but a Muslim one as we can see in this bit of news as well. Teenager jailed for life over British Museum bomb plot. When did Muslim culture in Europe become so degenerate?


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  1. The more i read about Ferdows, the more i feel he is similar to Jayasi(Padmavat). Both of them even though born muslims seem to romanticize / sympathize with the “other”. Ferdows towards Sassanid / Jayasi towards rajputs.

      1. Fascinating. Evidence for that? (I have a daughter studying Persian poetry, and I think she’d like to know.)

  2. So were Iqbal’s and probably Bhutto’s , didnt turn out the same way. The convert is sometimes the more zealous, he has to always prove that he has left his past

  3. The reasons are
    a. Multi-culturalism
    b. Electoral tactics
    c. alienation of left from mainstream values and going for strategic partnership with Islamic radicalism.

    About 50% of the resources of MI5/MI6 are devoted stopping terror acts by Islamic radicals. Each year they prevent dozens . So no heavy damage to the Britain from Islamic terrorism is due to heavy vigilance. In spite of high level vigilance , some get through like the Westminster car driver who ran into a crowd or Manchester bombing 2 years back. This is because Muslim youth (mostly Pakistani ) are disenchanted by British foreign policies – which favour Jews, suppresses Muslims (including Kashmir, Iraq ) and whatnot. This is ironic since in Pakistan, where their parents originated from, even elected governments don’t have a say in their foreign policies.

    Victim mentality and self-pity is induced , partly from the Islamic narratives in the internet and partly from leftist narratives which places heavy guilt on the west

    People are very angry at Grooming gangs – mostly Pakistani – which have raped hundreds of minor English girls. A local Labour Party Councillor in Bradford (or Rotherham), a woman , suggested that there is a problem in Muslim communities and she was fired by the Labour Party. So deep rooted is PC narratives in the Labour Party ; Conservatives are not far behind. . Ordinary people know all these. That is why , about tens of thousands of English taken part in different demonstrations demanding that the police free Tommy Robinson ( )who was jailed on silly charges – while Grooming gangs operated (still do) with impunity for 20 years.
    Ordinary people are getting angrier at what they see as craven surrender of the political and administrative elite to Islamic narratives. That will explode one day , and the results won’t be nice. This has been going on for too long and only getting intense each year. It all started with anti-Rushdie protests in 1989 and Rushdie’s book Satanic verses was burnt by British Muslims in a public rituals.

    Stay tuned for more of the same .

  4. Its shocking! Forced marriage, early marriage, marriage as family barter, these were never part of Muslim and South Asian culture. Its sad how the culture degenerated after getting transplanted to Europe. I think constant oppression from white hegemonic culture has generated these kind of social pathology.

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