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I’ve been exceptionally busy these days since I’m trying to take Bubble Tap to franchise and it’s a lot of work setting it up.

I don’t want to detract from Omar (Episode 8) and Razib’s excellent podcasts (Episode 7). Of course it would nice to see more of our stakeholders support Razib’s patreon, Episode 9 is on Sanskrit.

However as an aside I found this comment by our resident Morisco to be incredible tactless:

Apologies for pinning this blog’s low standards on you Razib. I found it through your work originally and have gotten progressively more irritated that virtually none of the posts are above grade-level quality (your excellent posts excepted obviously).

The rest of the comment is unabashed Muslim propaganda about how the Arab invasions of the Middle East were actually a blessing (cue eye-roll).
Anyway I will be deleting all of his following comments on this blog until he makes an apology and rescinds his comments. If not I’ll simply ban him.

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  1. I hope your banning is equal-opportunity and not simply of those people who disagree with you. Whatever happened to freedom of speech–that cardinal liberal virtue?

  2. I was only here for Razib’s work and now that I know this blog isn’t curated by him, I won’t be participating further.

    Apologies if my comments offended anyone.

      1. To be clear, I’m not sorry for anything I said, I’m sorry if those comments offended anyone.

        Ban me or delete my comments, whatever you want. I won’t be visiting this blog again.

        1. I would rather that INDTHINGS stuck around. He/She seems authentic with a considered legitimate perspective that represents a significant portion of the global establishment.

          I would rather explore what INDTHINGS thinks and why. I am curious.

          Let me summarize some of what I understand INDTHINGS to consider likely or possible:
          —per capita real GDP (or productivity) rose in the century and a half after 632 AD in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, parts of Turkey, North Africa, Spain, Portugal, parts of France, Iran, Turan, Xinjiang, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Caucasus.
          —perhaps life expectancy and physical health outcomes (Sharira Siddhi) also rose.
          —perhaps mental health broadly defined (Chitta Shuddhi) also rose
          —perhaps intelligence broadly defined (Buddhi) also rose

          I would be curious to learn his perspectives on Muawiyah, Yazid, Marwan, Malik, Walid, Hisham. His thoughts on the Wahhabi invasion and attempted genocide of Iraq in the 1830s? His thoughts on Irfan? The 30 top respected Marjas of the twelvers. Aga Khan IV. Qadiriyya. Chistie. Jahanara. Dara Shikoh.


          I hesitate to offer constructive criticism. INDTHINGS you are intelligent. People are interested in your perspectives. You can say what you think and why; as well as summarize what you understand others to think (in the most charitable and honest way) and why. You can explain how your hypotheses varies with theirs. You can use data, statistics and econometrics to support your perspectives. I believe this can be done while being respectful of others. Including Zach and Milan (who is also intelligent like you).

          You have perhaps heard the Sanskrit saying:
          Sathyam Bruyaath (speak the truth)
          Priyam Bruyaath (speak sweetly)
          Na Bruyaath Sathyam Apriyam (do not speak the truth in a way that is not sweet)
          Priyam ca nanrutam bruyaath (do not speak pleasant untruth)
          esha dharmah sanatanah (this is Sanathana Dharma)

          I did not find any of your comments towards me personally to be offensive. We are all trying to find the truth. May our collaboration and discussion to come closer to the truth be fruitful. 🙂

    1. the irony is I don’t even know how to ban but just remove comments.

      this Muslim brigade have already ruined Pakistan – now they come for Brown Pundits..

      this Kafir won’t be letting that happen…

      1. well zach, you can say you banned me, equal opportunity offender. I cant repress myself from saying this much, as i have said in my once earlier twitter comment, due to the incredible bubble in which muslims live in, even those who recently left religion or are agnostics continue to live and defend that worldview. Its really sad, I once saw an atheist support ISIS because she felt more affiliated to her “sunni tribe”. People should listen to one video of some omar aziz and sam harris to get an idea. Or how cenk uyghur , a person on the left and an atheist/agnostic pretended that armenian genocide never happened. I must remind again that India was not stagnant (whatever that means) before coming of Islam, the downfall of science,universities, debates,discussions, philosophy , buddhism being wiped out (loss of diversity of thought), atheists conveniently die out by 12 th century except few being heard for the last time under akbar. There was a total loss of diversity of thought and one sees this clearly in much of muslim majority countries even now as well. “Diversity of thought” is the only criteria one can measure things by. Even akbar and before him al biruni were amazed that people could discuss ideas without coming to blows . Even the book “unifying Hinduism” by k Andrew J. Nicholson makes the case of loss of diversity and greater unison among many hindu sects as being in part due to reaction to Islam and how these arguments could be used to demonstrate thereby the negative influence of it. Finally to marathas, they did ban slavery perhaps not totally but in their domain they did try to stamp out the trading of slaves, a clear improvement atleast legally over mughals on this issue. One of the understudied aspects of India is of slaves being sold off under islamic periods. That did not happen to that degree before. Also, veera shaiva, ramanuja others working on “speaking out on caste discrimination” . I must say I believe India would have done much better with all these ideas(particularly the math/astronomy) transmitting from kashmir to kerala and indonesia , china and back. Europe inspite of being christian in majority was opened up by literature and arts on one hand and philosophy,science and commerce backing all this thanks to copyright laws and patent laws. I showed earlier that mughals were amongs the most exploitative empires of the world, and science/math/astronomy production was very poor and on that score the evidence is decisive that things were worse than before, only in kerala did astronomy develop further in comparison to europe.

        Finally I see this bullshit rhetoric of its all economics and politics, their motives were really about x and y and that explains everything. Actually no!. For one thing, every human endeavour contains economics/politics. achieving any goal depends on “legitimacy”, if we are to believe secularism is a progress or nation state is a progress over religious domains, democracy is a progress over monarchy, rights to minority is a progress over giving them no rights, then the “legitimacy” through which humans conducted themselves matters even more!. So when people agree to bullshit of indthings to the motives being same argument, it to me clearly was a pathetically low standard as I see. Religion is a way to recruit, organise and bring judgement on people and one cannot dismiss it away by saying, the motives were same or religious structures were damaged earlier as well.

        If anything the problem in the muslim world or nazis or hindutva is essentially one of methods of legitimacy through which they wish to gain power/wealth and how those ideas then interact with regard to others rights ,production of science,literature. Either one believes the dominant belief system plays a role regarding this or not.All things said and done, to not see this is ultimate idiocy. And you zach are not the idiot here on this issue.

  3. Zach, I don’t think INDTHINGS or Kabir should be banned.

    I don’t understand INDTHINGS perspectives and deep substrate philosophy of philosophies. I would like to learn more.

    “unabashed Muslim propaganda”
    Why are you calling it “muslim” instead of “Islamist”? Why aren’t the Sufis, irfan twelvers, sixers, fivers, Ahmedis legitimate “muslim” perspectives? Why don’t the Iraqis (especially the 82% who are not Sunni Arab) get to express their own perspectives? [I have interacted with over a hundred Iraqis, and the vast majority of Iraqis believe that their civilization was very advanced and rich before being devastated by the “Arab” invasion and plunder of their country. [Even Sunni Iraqis denounce Muawiyah and his dynasty. Including for the slaughter of millions of good non Islamist muslims.] This is also a majority position among Iranians, who are incredibly justifiably proud of their ancient Arya culture. Afghans also believe they were very rich and technologically advanced before Muawiyah and his successors did their thing. Centuries after the initial Arab invasion there was a renaissance as syncretic moderate muslims took over from Islamists and tried to restore freedom, pluralism, diversity, science, math, technology, and socio-economic progress. [Islamists opposed science, math and technology is a type of haram black magic.] I believe that Nadir Shah was such a person. As was Ahmed Shah Durrani Baba.

    Zach, aren’t you, Bahá’u’lláh, Báb, and all of the rest of us pro muslim? Why can’t we support muslims against Islamists? Islamists who claim to speak for all muslims, the holy Koran, Hadiths, Sira but do not.

    For example let us support the real authentic legitimate leaders of the global Ummah. Good loving muslims such as Shazia Ilmi ji:
    Here she denounces the Islamists and their Islamaphobic nonmuslim allies over extreme interpretations of shariah and triple talaq. As Shazia correctly points out, nonmuslims need to stop supporting anti Koranic anti muslim oppressive forms of shariah against muslims. Woman’s rights, feminism and freedom are Koranic values. Why do nonmuslims oppose the holy Koran? [Including many who write for the NY Times, Washington Post, Huff Post and the global media establishment.]

  4. Banning does seem over the top. But if people are going to be banned for being offensive or absurd, there are quite a few other candidates for you to start with. People who spam every post with their own nationalist theories for example.

    It would be nice if people tried to stick to rationality and facts whenever possible. But we all need to learn to deal with things that we disagree with.

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