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When Zach, Omar, and myself began the BrownCast I said that at some point we’d have to think about how we could make it self-supporting. Some people are already complaining about the production quality.

There’s a reason for that: I’ve been doing all the editing. I literally had never used Audacity before, and as most of you know I’m a geneticist, not a sound engineer.

For those of you who think no production is involved, listen to this clip I edited out from the most recent recording with myself, Slapstick, and Zach.

I would like to get a person who has skills and can devote time, to this project. I have someone in mind. But I’m already paying Zencastr bills out of pocket. So I’m asking listeners to chip in. Please consider giving to my Patreon. Since there is a wide range of abilities to pay I’m not stipulating a specific amount.

As a patron benefit, I have just posted links to the next two podcasts on Patreon. A podcast with Omar, Ali Minai, and Charles Cameron which focuses on Urdu literature and before shifting to artificial intelligence and the nature of Western culture is up. As well as another where Slapstick explains “generative grammar” in the context of Sanskrit.

We are unlikely to post podcasts more than once a week. But I often edit them together considerably earlier, so Patrons will get them in batches well before everyone else.

If you are not in a position to be a patron, please rate us positively on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Xerxes the Magian
5 years ago

This is an important message; I’ll share it around as well.
We do need to professionalise the BrownCast as frankly there’s nothing of its kind out there.

S. T. Silva
S. T. Silva
5 years ago

Can you edit “Razib Khan is creating” to “Gene Expression and Brown Pundits”? I ask because my Patreon profile is publicly visible, and I, at least, got new picks from reading others’ picks, and the people that read my Patreon comments and may check my profile are more likely to be interested in Brown Pundits than Gene Expression upon seeing the shortest description.


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