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3 years ago

Nothing against the Hu, but they’re entry-level Mongolian rock at best.

Admittedly, I prefer traditional style over rock for my steppe music*, but Altan Urag is miles ahead of the Hu in quality, as are pretty much any of the many Mongolian rock bands coming out of China. Ethnic Zorigoo is more rap than rock but he’s great too.

The Hu are pretty damn good at promoting themselves, however. I’ve even seen Peter Turchin tweeting one of their songs.

*If you really wanna feel the spirit of Tengri, Batzorig Vaanchig is the bard of our age:

3 years ago

Asking from genuine ignorance – there’s people with the name Khan in all corners of the subcontinent, from Afghanistan to Tamil Nadu covering a wide range of phenotypes. Does the name imply Central Asian ancestry or is it just a honorific?

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