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  1. hi razib, want to know ur views on sanjeev sanyal’s book where he tells all group arrived by 9000 bc which shift back vedic age

  2. why the fuck are you posting on this rather than the open thread?

    he’s a sophist. i had dinner with him in 2014 in NYC. smart guy. but like many people of many cultures he believes that lies can be justified if they serve a bigger purpose. i reject the idea that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he knows, and he decieves because that is the smart think for his career, and i assume for the indian psyche.

    1. The bigger issue is not that he peddles pseudo history, but if he really knows the job he is hired for. He is member of India’s economic council, and till now i haven’t seen any decision or area where his expertise has helped. This confirm my theory is that he is hired only for his historical takes.

      Long story short, i dont mind him peddling his theories, as long as he does a good job for Indian economy, which i see less and less evidence of.

    2. idk what is open thread. i posted that earlier too in kashmir files page. you don’t agree with his genetics part or with other part also of history ?

  3. This video has the same energy as if a female British white liberal academic was rapping about why it’s important to take vaccines and why white supremacism is bad.

    1. I heard it and thought this is Swadesi System of a Down with a dhol.

      From wikipedia:
      “The band has cited Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Alter Bridge, and Limp Bizkit as their musical influences.”


      It is good that they are using Hindi. Before Naezy and Divine, Indian rap scene was pretentious, now it is a world of its own.


  4. Desi Nu-Metal? lol These guys are a decade behind in both musical taste&political sensibilities.

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