(Surya Devi lied) Mohd Bin Qasim died

Fairy tales from 712 AD….and good raw material for Hindus and Muslims to squabble over in 2112 AD.

The linked article is however accurate in pointing out that the condition of the sub-alterns remained unchanged following conversion, it was primarily a numbers game (and still is). When it comes to burials the ghost of the caste(s) speaks with one voice- Hindu, Muslim, Sikh etc.

Chachnama, a Sindhi book published by the Sindhi Adabi Board
in 2008, speaks of Muhammad bin Qasim’s demise on page 242 to 243. I
will try to summarise it for you.

After Raja Dahar was killed, two
of his daughters were made captive, whom Muhammad Bin Qasim sent to the
capital Damascus. After a few days, the Caliph of the Muslims called
the two young women to his court. The name of the elder daughter of Raja
Dahar was Suryadevi, while the younger one’s name was Pirmaldevi.

Waleed Bin Abdul Malik fell for Suryadevi’s extraordinary beauty. He
ordered for her younger sister to be taken away. The Caliph then began
to take liberties with Suryadevi, pulling her to himself.

It is
written that Suryadevi sprang up and said: “May the king live long: I, a
humble slave, am not fit for your Majesty’s bedroom, because Muhammad
Bin Qasim kept both of us sisters with him for three days, and then sent
us to the caliphate. Perhaps your custom is such, but this kind of
disgrace should not be permitted by kings.”

Hearing this, the Caliph’s blood boiled as heat from anger and desire both compounded within him.
in the thirst of Suryadevi’s nearness and jealousy of Bin Qasim who had
robbed him of the purity he would otherwise have had, the Caliph [sic]
immediately sent for pen, ink and paper, and with his own hands wrote an
order, directing that, “Muhammad (Bin) Qasim should, wherever he may
be, put himself in raw leather and come back to the chief seat of the

Muhammad Bin Qasim received the Caliph’s orders in the
city of Udhapur. He directed his own men to wrap him in raw leather and
lock him in a trunk before taking him to Damascus.

En route to
the capital, Muhammad Bin Qasim, conqueror to some, predator to others,
breathed his last and his soul departed to meet with the Creator in
whose name he claimed to crusade in Sindh.

When the trunk carrying
Muhammad Bin Qasim’s corpse wrapped in raw leather reached the Caliph’s
court, the Caliph called upon Dahar’s daughters, asking them to bear
witness to the spectacle of obedience of his men for the Caliph.

of Dahar’s daughter’s then spoke in return and said: “The fact is that
Muhammad Qasim was like a brother or a son to us; he never touched us,
your slaves, and our chastity was safe with him. But in as much as he
brought ruin on the king of Hind and Sind, desolated the kingdom of our
fathers and grandfathers, and degraded us from princely rank to slavery,
we have, with the intention of revenge and of bringing ruin and
degradation to him in return, misrepresented the matter and spoken a
false thing to your majesty against him.”

The author of the Chachnama
then writes that had Muhammad Bin Qasim not lost his senses in the
passion of obedience, he could have made the whole journey normally,
while wrapping himself in raw leather and locking himself in a trunk
only when a part of the journey remained to be covered.

He could have then proven himself innocent in the Caliph’s court and saved himself from such a fate.



A new capital for Hindu-stan

If our leaders had any sense they would re-locate the capital from Delhi to Nagpur. This is the famous city of Oranges, and it has a zero mile marker indicating the centre-point of India. For now it is the capital of Vidarbha (and winter capital of Maharashtra) and a fully cosmopolitan city (more North Indian flavor than Marathi). 

Nagpur is well connected to rest of India and is closer to most of
India than Delhi. Most important, it is proximate to the Adivasi/Maoist
belt. The capital re-location would ensure that the heartlands (which
presently suffer from sever neglect) get a bit more TLC.

is also the home of the RSS and knowledgeable observers of India know
of this and are looking ahead (see below). If the BJP comes to power it
can shake things up by moving house. If nothing else the people of the
Deccan Plateau (South-Central and Southern India) would welcome such a
move and may even develop a soft corner for a (primarily) Hindi-belt
party. This fellow feeling would be critical for BJP to nurture and
develop in order to challenge Congress in those impregnable southern

high commissioner Sir James David Bevan today visited Nagpur to witness
the polling process in Naxal-hit Vidarbha region during the first phase
of Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra. 

“I am here to observe
the wonderful experience of polling in the world’s largest democracy and
enjoying it,” the senior diplomat told PTI, adding Britain is also
keenly following Indian elections.

On why he chose to come to
Nagpur when he lived in Delhi, where seven LS seats went to polls on
Thursday, James said he wanted to visit other places in the country to
keenly watch the democratic process.

James arrived here this
morning from Delhi and drove straight to the residence of former BJP
national president Nitin Gadkari who is contesting his first Lok Sabha
election this time from here. He spent nearly half-an-hour with the 56-year-old stalwart at ‘Gadkariwada’ in Mahal. Later, James visited some of the polling booths. Gadkari, accompanied
by his wife Kanchan and the family, cast his vote in Town Hall polling
centre amid media glare.

Ten Lok Sabha constituencies in Vidarbha where polling is underway
since 7 AM are Nagpur, Ramtek, Bhandara-Gondia, Gadchiroli,
Chandrapur,Akola, Amravati, Buldana, Wardha and Yavatmal-Washim.



MH-370 signals (1300 sq km wide, 6.5 km deep)

The hunt for the black box recorder goes on, now concentrated on a Los Angeles size area in the Indian Ocean.

It is one level of miracle to pin-point the pings (which are due to be switched off any time now, there is a grace period of about 10 days) and quite another (impossible) challenge to retrieve the recorder from extreme depths (worst case scenario: it is in a trench 5800m deep).

Australian aircraft picked up a new underwater signal on Thursday while
searching the same part of the Indian Ocean where earlier sounds were
detected that were consistent with an aircraft’s black boxes.

If confirmed, this would be the fifth underwater signal detected in the
hunt for Flight 370, which vanished on March 8 while flying from Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, with 239 people aboard.

Tuesday, the Australian vessel Ocean Shield picked up two underwater
sounds, and an analysis of two other sounds detected in the same general
area on Saturday showed they were consistent with a plane’s flight
recorders, or “black boxes.”


The Australian navy has been
dropping buoys from a P-3 Orion to better pinpoint the location of the
sounds detected by the Ocean Shield.

Royal Australian navy
commodore Peter Leavy said each buoy is dangling a hydrophone listening
device about 300 meters (1,000 feet) below the surface. Each buoy
transmits its data via radio back to the plane.

The underwater
search zone is currently a 1,300 square kilometre (500 square mile)
patch of the ocean floor, and narrowing the area as small as possible is
crucial before an unmanned submarine can be sent to create a sonar map
of a potential debris field on the seabed.

The Bluefin 21 sub
takes six times longer to cover the same area as the pinger locator
being towed by the Ocean Shield, and it would take the vehicle about six
weeks to two months to canvass the underwater search zone, which is
about the size of Los Angeles. That’s why the acoustic equipment is
still being used to hone in on a more precise location, US navy Capt.
Mark Matthews said.

The search for floating debris on the ocean
surface was narrowed on Thursday to its smallest size yet — 57,900
square kilometers (22,300 square miles), or about one-quarter the size
it was a few days ago. Fourteen planes and 13 ships were looking for
floating debris, about 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) northwest of

A “large number of objects” were spotted on Wednesday,
but the few that had been retrieved by search vessels were not believed
to be related to the missing plane, the search coordination centre said.

locator beacons on the black boxes holding the flight data and cockpit
voice recorders have a battery life of about a month, and Tuesday marked
one month since Flight 370 disappeared. The plane veered off-course for
an unknown reason, so the data on the black boxes are essential to
finding the plane and solving the mystery. Investigators suspect it went
down in the southern Indian Ocean based on a flight path calculated
from its contacts with a communications satellite and analysis of its
speed and when it would have run out of fuel.

An Australian
government briefing document circulated among international agencies
involved in the search on Thursday said it was likely that the acoustic
pingers would continue to transmit at decreasing strength for up to 10
more days, depending on conditions.

Once there is no hope left of the Ocean Shield’s equipment picking up any more sounds, the Bluefin sub will be deployed. Complicating matters, however, is the depth of the seafloor in the
search area. The pings detected earlier are emanating from 4,500 meters
below the surface — which is the deepest the Bluefin can dive.

Williams said colleagues at the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts had autonomous and remotely
operated underwater vehicles that will dive to 11 kilometers (36,100
feet), although they might not be equipped for such a search.

Underwater vessels rated to 6,500 meters (21,300 feet) could search the
sea bed of more than 90 percent of the world’s oceans, Williams said.
“There’s not that much of it deeper than six and a half kilometers,” he said.
Williams said it was unlikely that the wreck had fallen into the narrow
Diamantina trench, which is about 5,800 meters (19,000 feet) deep,
since sounds emanating from that depth would probably not have been
detected by the pinger locator.



Sir Jaguar

The honor is well deserved for a man who has helped save precious manufacturing jobs in the UK. A Persian doing business in India by making cars in the UK and selling them in China. Bravo!!!

Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday conferred the rank of Knight Commander
(KBE) on former chairman of the Tata group Ratan Tata.  The KBE is one of the highest honours given by the queen to civilians.

Ratan Tata was given the honour for his “services to UK/India relations, inward investment to the UK and philanthropy”.

The Tata group is highly popular in UK.
Iconic British car brands Jaguar and Land Rover became part of the Tata
group in 2008. The company employs over 16,000 people at its
manufacturing facilities in the UK, including 3,500 engineers at its two
product development centres. 

 Tata’s association with UK academia also dates back to the
establishment of the Sir Ratan Tata Department at the London School of
Economics. Subsequently called the Department of Social
Sciences, it was set up to research the causes of poverty. Its first
lecturer, Clement Attlee, went on to become the British prime minister
who gave India its independence and also set up the British National
Health Service
Tata has maintained close links with the London
School of Economics through a research collaboration with the Tata
Institute of Social Sciences.




Colbert is the new Letterman

A nice (well deserved) promotion but Colbert may have to tone down his lefty edginess and become more fair and balanced in order to appeal to a broader audience. We wish him good luck on his new gig!!!
CBS said on Thursday that Stephen Colbert will become the host of ‘The Late Show’ when David Letterman retires next year Colbert, who hosts “The Colbert Report” on the cable channel Comedy
Central, signed a five-year agreement with the network, CBS’ CEO Les
Moonves said in a statement.


21st century amrit (elixir of life)

Extend your life by 10% (while getting rid of arthritis). If the claims hold true then Glucosamine would become a household name similar to Prozac and Ritalin. Even the good doctor who ran the studies is taking the pill himself. So go ahead, be happy and take a daily table-spoon. You will thank us later (when you are attending the first birthday of your great grand-daughter).

New use: Glucosamine is normally used to treat arthritis

Finally, we would also like to fart in the general direction of Chinese millionaires who are destroying all flora and fauna with the motivation to extend their lives (and length of their Johnsons). Invest in medical science and keep your grubby mittens off the rhino and the tigers.
Ristow, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is one
of many scientists around the world hunting for an anti-ageing pill or

Ristow first showed that giving worms glucosamine extended lifespan by 5
per cent. He then gave the supplement to ageing mice in addition to
their usual diet. These animals lived 10 per cent longer than a second group which ate normally, the journal Nature Communications reported.

supplement, which can be bought in health food shops – in the form of a
powder or more expensive capsules – also appeared to ward off diabetes.
It is thought it lengthens life by switching the body’s energy  supply
from sugary carbohydrates to fat  and protein. Low-carbohydrate diets are known to have benefits to health including lowering weight, blood pressure and harmful blood fats.

two large-scale human studies, people who took glucosamine lived longer
than others – but Dr Ristow said more research is needed to prove its
effectiveness. He added: ‘This may be considered a valid option, and yes, I have started taking glucosamine myself.

‘There is no definite proof of the effectiveness of glucosamine in humans. 

the chances are good – and since unlike most other potentially
lifespan-extending drugs there are no known relevant side-effects of
glucosamine supplementation, I would tend to recommend this supplement.’

Dr Ristow advised people
should take a daily tablespoon of glucosamine powder, mixed in water, or
alternatively, 3g to 5g a day in capsule form.



Dog fight dog days for Indian Mujahideen

This is a real dilemma, the (attack) dogs are raring to march to the western front to be part of the all-conquering future Emirate but the ISI babus want to focus on the eastern front. There is always the danger that if frustration boils over the dogs can turn on their masters.
….The current chief, Riyaz Bhatkal, who has
almost been sidelined by the Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI), and
his own men, became so frustrated that he began terming the ISI
officials as ‘dogs’ during his conversations.

ISI officials complained that the
IM cadres were interested in getting trained in Afghanistan and fight
alongside al-Qaida, which they didn’t like.

Over this issue,
ISI badly treated Riyaz, the chat messages, retrieved by the police,
stated. “Yeh sunnuu (meas dogs in Nawayati, a local language spoken in
Karnataka’s Bhatkal village) kabhi bhi chale aate hain aur pareshan
karte hain,” Riyaz wrote to Yasin.

During one of the
yahoo messenger chats with an IM operative, Afeef on May 22, 2013, Yasin
learned a discomfort was growing within the IM over the leadership.
Most of the IM cadres wanted to join fight in Afghanistan against Nato
forces while Riyaz’s decisions were restricted by the ISI which does not
want IM to tie up with al-Qaida.

“Afeef mentioned that he was
not bothered of Riyaz’s decision to not sending him to Afghanistan, but
Farhan, Saleem, Sultan, Shafi and Salim Ishaqui (all IM operatives, now
based in Pakistan) were also demanding to send them to the battle field
in Afghanistan. Afeef had asked Riyaz to leave the chairman’s post and
to give opportunity to Sultan so that all the members could get together
for work under a new commander. 
 Afeef mentioned that Riyaz always cited
‘technical problems’ whenever they spoke about joining al-Qaida and
handing over the outfit’s reign in other hands,
however, Afeef felt the
main ‘technical problem’ was Riyaz himself. Yasin stated that he was
afraid of some action against them by the ISI over their internal
disputes,” the NIA charge-sheet stated.



Taliban condemns Baloch terrorism

It would be a brilliantly ironic joke if the circumstances were not so utterly tragic.

Shahidullah Shahid, Pakistani Taliban spokesman,
said, “It’s tragic that innocents have been killed in attacks on public
places. Such attacks are ‘haram’ (unlawful).”

least 23 people were killed and nearly 120 injured when a powerful bomb
went off at a crowded marketplace in Islamabad early on Wednesday. The
deadliest bombing occurred at a wholesale fruit and vegetable market of
Pakistan’s capital on the edge of its twin city, Rawalpindi.

The attack was claimed by United Baloch Army, a little known
militant group seeking separation from the Pakistani state. “We carried
out the attack in reaction to the continuous military offensives against
us in our homeland,” said an outfit’s spokesman.

said the blast sent boxes of fruit and vegetables flying and left a deep
crater at the site. Police cordoned off the area and started search
operation. “It was an act of terrorism,” said a police office, adding
that the explosives were planted in a box of fruit and may have been
detonated remotely.

The dead and wounded were rushed to nearby
hospitals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. “So far, we received 19 dead and
54 injured in the hospital,” said Dr Aisha Eisani, the spokeswoman for
the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad. “Almost
all the injured and deceased are adult males, with many exhibiting head
injuries. The bodies have been shifted to the mortuary and preserved,”
she added.

In an email statement
sent to reporters, Shahidullah Shahid, Pakistani Taliban spokesman,
said, “It’s tragic that innocents have been killed in attacks on public
places. Such attacks are ‘haram’ (unlawful).” Shahidullah claimed hidden
elements were responsible for the recent acts of violence in Islamabad
and Baluchistan. “The TTP remains committed to its ceasefire,” he said.

However, inside sources revealed there was intense rivalry within the
ranks of TTP over the issue of the ongoing talks with the government.
The group opposing talks associates itself with slain Taliban chief
Hakimullah Mehsud while the pro-dialogue group is represented by Khan
Said Sajna, a senior Taliban commander considered one of the top
contenders for the post of TTP chief after the death of Hakimullah



(mis)marriage for Mrs Modi

What is wrong with marriage? An ordinary man may become distracted and lose focus, but a Great Man should have no such misgivings.

What is wrong with having a good woman by your side? Usually it is the Ceasar’s in-laws that create most of the problems. Look at the first dynasty and the mad mango man (son-in-law).

Who is the ideal man? We expect a man to always stand by his wife. For life. Even the most perfect man (Ram) had erred grievously when he abandoned his wife (Sita). It is acknowledged that the man (as a minor) did not have a say in the nuptials (but neither did the woman) however once you have said the vows you have no choice but to honor them. 

If you treat your wife dishonorably how will you treat (Mother) India?
at 17 to a bride about his age, BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi has
admitted for the first time under oath that he has a wife.

his nomination form for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, which he filed amid
much fanfare on Wednesday, he entered the name of Jashodaben as his
wife. She is a retired school teacher in Brahmanwada, a village about
35km from Modi’s hometown, Vadnagar.

Now 63, the former RSS
pracharak had left the column blank in the last four state assembly
elections in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2012. This was first openly challenged
in pamphlets distributed by Congress in January 2001 when Modi
contested the by-election to the Rajkot-2 assembly seat, three months
after becoming Gujarat CM.

His opponents hope that this
disclosure will dent his popularity among women who might empathize with
Jashodaben, whom he never returned to after two weeks of their

The declaration is reported to have come after strict
legal advice that he come clean on the marriage which, his family
members say, was never consummated.

As per the Representation
of the People Act, 1951, every candidate is required to declare even
assets held in the name of the spouse. In his nomination form, Modi has
said he has no information about Jashodaben’s income, IT returns and PAN

The Supreme Court in November last year had refused
to entertain a PIL accusing Modi of leaving the column on marital status
blank in the nomination papers for the Maninagar assembly seat in 2012.



Muslim Brahmin axis rides high (on elephant back)

Brahmins (210), Muslims (19), SCs (17)!!!

One group has ruled India for a few centuries. The other group has been the social leaders for many more centuries.

Now the (dalit) Rani riding high on her elephant is graciously offering them (more than a fair share) a seat at the high table, provided she is made the high priest. The pyramid is inverted and a giant leap for social evolution!!!

This rainbow coalition must be driving the caste-hustlers nuts.
Lok Sabha election, the elephant will seek to trample the opposition
with the power of Muslim-Brahmin combination. In a tactical shift,
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati on Thursday decided to give a
larger chunk of seats to Brahmins (21) and Muslims (19) in comparison
to what she did in 2009 Lok Sabha election, when 20 Brahmins and 14
Muslims got the BSP ticket.
The higher allocation of seats to the two
communities has thus decreased the number of OBCs, who are ostensibly
being wooed by both Samajwadi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The move to give more seats to Muslims is seen as an attempt to woo the
community in the wake of west UP riots that claimed the lives of around
60 people, ostensibly from the minority. The lesser number of seats
allocated to OBCs is seen also as a shrewd move of Mayawati given the
fact that the community is already divided between SP and BJP. The BSP
chief also decided to field 17 SCs, eight Thakurs and seven women