What does Ajit Pai’s race have anything to do with net neutrality?

Not a surprise that Hari Kondabolu goes there. The problem with making everything about racial dynamics is that more white people in the United States might take a page from that. I don’t wish to encourage that.

Also, believe it or not racializing a topic that the majority probably agrees with you on might make it less popular. But if you now talk to people who just agree with you all the time on these things you might not remember that.

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6 years ago

I am very surprised Hari went the racialization route. What he said about the FCC chairman is completely unacceptable and inappropriate. Hari has strong policy arguments and should focus on them alone.

I see no reason to impugn Ajit Pai’s intentions or to imply that Mr Pai is anything other than sincere and authentic. I think Ajit Pai genuinely believes what he is doing will benefit most people.

To massively oversimplify the discussion in question, net neutrality likely significantly increase broadband costs in return for free flow of information. I think that perhaps America is rich enough and the cost of broadband sufficiently low that it might be worth considering paying up for free information transfer. [President Obama and many others have made several other good arguments in favor of net neutrality.]

6 years ago

A question to all of you. Net neutrality significantly increases the cost of broadband. Net neutrality also increases freedom of information and competition in software as a service applications.

For rich countries it is easier to make the case for net neutrality since broadband is cheap even for structurally poor people. But what about for poor countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Africa? Are they better off ending net neutrality to sharply lower broadband costs and maximize the percentage of the population that accesses broadband at the cost of freedom of information?

Where does everyone come down on this? [I think maybe net neutrality should be suspended for poor countries, but am not completely sure.]

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