At U.S. Urging, Pakistan to Be Placed on Terrorism-Financing List – The New York Times

China, the GCC, the US and the whole world are putting Pakistan on a Terrorism Financing List. What does everyone make of this?

My main take-away is the sea change in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar regarding Pakistan. MBS is the most liberal, least pro Jihadi, least pro Islamist Wahhabi Salafi leader in Saudi Arabian history. While it is easy to snidely say “compared to what?”; I really hope and pray that MBS is authentic and succeeds. The alternative is just too scary.

What does everyone think?

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Pakistan had it coming 🙂

They raised $2.5bn (USD denominated debt at 6.25-8.25%) just 3 months ago. I wish them good luck raising more from the financial system…

And even big-brother China didn’t support them this time. It seems Khvaja Asif (their minister of we-will-nuke-Israel fame) seems to have screwed his own country’s chances:

All-in-all a good result.


Michael Kugelman in The Print on the issue:

Pakistan’s economy is growing increasingly vulnerable. Last month, the credit ratings agency Fitch downgraded its outlook on Pakistan’s long term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings from stable to negative, citing declining foreign reserves and a widening fiscal deficit. Chinese loans associated with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor are pouring into Pakistan, contributing to an increasing Pakistani debt burden. Investors and banks, already concerned about troubling Pakistani economic developments, will have all the more reason to be spooked about Pakistan being grey-listed.


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Dick Scott
6 years ago

One mistaken starting point is that everyone assumes that the Pakistani government has control of the people in the tribal areas (FATA), which they do not and never have, nor did the Brits that tried for more than 100 years, and the border between Afgh. and Pak. is a meaningless line on a map but nothing else. Lets get real in understanding what is going on.

Brown Pundits