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6 years ago

See her in one of the earliest movies: “Padinarvayadinaile” (16 years of age, Tamil), before the nose job.


5 years ago

I ignored it when I first saw but now I realize the importance of Amitabh’s tweet one hour before the event. There could be something to it than simply the 6th sense. No one tweets like that; no other development was there in India or in Amitabh’s immediate surroundings after that except SD passing away. He might be privy in real time to the tussle that is going on in the diseased artist’s life. There are lots of unanswered questions in this tragic episode and this tweet adds another to the list. The sequence of events that led to the death and the aftermath are not clear. I read conflicting reports. Hope things will become clear once the dust settles.

PS: Zach, you were the first to pick up on this news. I had to go to different news sources to confirm, just to make sure that I understood correct. Many did not have the news at the time. My compliments to you for being on the top of the news.

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