Shocking Sexism towards Kareena Kapoor

My wife alerted me to this shocking 20 second clip:

Such an extraordinarily offensive question by Rajdeep Sardesai. He basically asks Kareena if she’s educated and whether she was intimidated in joining the Pataudi family, who apparently are Rhode Scholars & Oxford. A few obvious observations:

(1) I was at the memorial conference for Pataudi Snr in London a few years ago. The handlers had to ask the press not to focus on Kareena, who was there with Saif & Sharmilla. She’s like the Ash of the Bacchan family, her star eclipses the family she’s married into entirely (that’s why Amitabh omits her quite obviously and Shweta/Ash have a hate-hate relationship).

Where is Ash in this tribute?

(2) you don’t need to go to Oxford if you’re a blockbuster star like Kareena. I don’t understand why the patronisation towards her. Saif is a middling actor at best.

(3) as much as Indian journalist’s love to bash Pakistan; when it comes to the elite Muslim families of the Subcontinent (who more often than not are the descendants of said conquerors), they just lose it with the mindless obsequiousness. I do not understand why a Hindu journalist should demean a Hindu actress for her lack of qualifications to join a Muslim family that actively practises love jihad. It’s not Saif Tagore Khan is it? What about Taimur; naming your offspring after bloodthirsty conquerors shows a massive disconnect.

(4.) as my wife points out that as a women, no matter what one achieves there will always be men to find the chink. The expose of Elizabeth Holmes is a very pertinent case in point in the sense that as the only prominent female entrepreneur in the Valley, there was a perverse joy in her downfall. The Patriarchy always fights back.

My thoughts for now; may update more later.

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bharata bharatavanshi
bharata bharatavanshi
6 years ago

Indian journalists are scum. all most all of them. If you are recognizing it now. Well, you have learnt something. People support them for their hate of some one like Modi. But thats it.

bharata bharatavanshi
bharata bharatavanshi
6 years ago

i wasnt trying to be patronizing at all. cant read emotions here. sorry if u thought so.

modi is not a dictator, if he was, things wud be simple. spiraling democracies which are not accountable are a problem. authoritarians who can achieve basic goals are not, like ataturk among others. Indian system as it stands today does not offer that.

6 years ago

Your “love jihad” quip is unfair and a right-wing Hindu talking point. Sharmila Tagore married Nawab Pataudi through her own free will. She became Muslim through her own free will. Perhaps the special legal procedure through which Saif and Kareena married was not available at the time? In order for a legal Nikah to be conducted, Sharmila Tagore had to convert.

As for why his name is not “Saif Tagore Khan”, that’s not how things work in patriarchal societies. You are known by your father’s name. My legal last name is just my father’s name. It was my choice to honor my mother by adding her maiden name as my middle name. Why did Saif not exercise this choice? Well, let’s take it up with Saif. (Note: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was also simply Bilawal Zardari until after his mother was murdered, when the Bhutto name became all important. I have still had lots of people say to me that he’s not a real Bhutto because Z.A. Bhutto is his nana and not his dada).

I do agree with you that Saif is not a particularly good actor.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kabir

Zachary, Indians love royals! These elite Moghuli families are part of India’s royalty. Long live the Raj! Indians always worship royals.

Kabir, no one is accusing you of “love jihad”. No need to be sensitive about it. “love jihad” is a very real thing all over the world. Not just at nonmuslims girls but at minority/liberal muslim girls (on the part of Islamists.)

Obviously Saif wasn’t engaging in “love Jihad”. Zachary was cracking a joke.

6 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

I thought Zachary’s joke was in poor taste and I pointed that out.

As for myself, I have no plans to marry a non-Muslim. Both my parents come from the same country and have the same religion, and there are still a lot of complications. There are complications to any marriage, but inter-religious differences do add another aspect. I would be happy to consider an Indian Muslim or a Persian…..

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