Can a white liberal call a black conservative, a “bigot”

After Chris Evans patronised Kanye I waded into controversial territory myself. I’m being trolled on Twitter for calling out on Owen Jones.

Now a lot of people may think I’m some sort of Social Justice Warrior. I’m not since my inclination is towards High Toryism. I prefer the Monarchy, Aristocracy (it’s why I prefer Urdu High Culture to Hindi low culture, where is the Indian Ghalib?), the Established Church and general veer towards the Tory party. I tend to respect Republicans and Tories since for them their guiding principle is their nationalism/patriotism. Whilst I prefer patriotism to nationalism I can sympathize with native white people who want to keep their countries as they are.

However my SJW instincts do get activated towards the left since if one is claiming the moral high ground then one must also aspire to those elevated values. What I’ve noticed with white liberals is that they really coloured conservatives since these are the sort of coloureds, who simply won’t fit into the box.

Shaun Bailey isn’t being bigotted because he’s articulating an important viewpoint. Britain is an extraordinarily class-driven society and many Asians (especially Muslims) are at risk of being the perpetual underclass. To get ahead in Britain requires not only talent but pedigree and it’s quite crucial that minority children are exposed to the Mainstream as quickly as possible.

I prefer consistency at all times and my caveat with white liberals is that instead of acknowledging their supremacist tendencies (which to be fair all human beings have to some extent) they deny it. It is better to acknowledge one’s dark side in order to better mitigate it rather than surpress it in some sort of neo-evangelical zeal. At least Christians believe that they are born evil and must redeem themselves.

As an aside this is a very well-worned comment by the lovely Ash Sarkar:

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  1. I think if someone makes a bigoted statement, they can be called a bigot, no matter the color of their skin or the color of the person calling them out.

    Saying that accommodating Muslims and Hindus would turn Britain into a “crime ridden cesspool” sounds pretty bigoted to me. Someone needs to come to SOAS, that bastion of the Left 🙂

    1. The fact that we have a Londonistan is not healthy..

      How many white Brits have you met so far in your stay; they’ve abandoned huge swathes of Landan altogether. Such segregation isn’t good for coloured people, who must mainstream to get ahead.

      I’m a firm Integrationist not an Assimilationist (by that I mean go to the pub but do not drink alcohol) but the Shaun is right huge parts of London have just turned Asian.

      1. There are lots of White people at SOAS. Admittedly, I have no idea about any part of London outside of King’s Cross and Bloomsbury.

        1. Yes and you shall see how “diverse” it is. It’s fine as London is a global city but there are Asian pockets (stretches more like) where there is no encounter with the mainstream population. That does hurt aspiration..

  2. Do you think the Indian sub-continent may turn out to be UK’s Turan in 200 years’ time ?

    Small community of mainly urban prosperous migrants who dominate economically and determine the high culture.

    1. British Asians have minimal impact on British high culture (unfortunately).

      Our previous Urdu legacy is in the hands of Mirpuris rather than the wealthy Gujarati mercantile castes.. its a sad state

  3. What the hell is “cultural racism” supposed to mean? If you reject culturism, then the only way to explain differences between populations is racism…

    1. Agree Fraxinicus. Could you elaborate however, since I don’t think people understood you.

      Zach is correct that Ash Sarkar is lovely, articulate and smart. Very good Bengali pedigree. And a heck of a lot preferable to Corbyn. [Although I disagree with her on many issues.]

      1. Ash Sarkar is a nutter. However, her take down of Piers was priceless. Bettered only by nutter-e azam Alex Jones’ broadside on CNN. That bloke (Piers) is insufferable.

        Corollary: nutters putting each other down makes for fantastic cathartic TV.

        1. +1008
          Go Slapstik!

          It is wrong to enjoy the suffering of others. But what she did to “Piers was priceless”.

          She has articulated a very good defense of free speech, including the right to anti Israeli and anti Jewish speech. Which I agree with completely.

          Too bad that most post modernists do not agree with her on this.

  4. This comment was made in 2005. Shaun Bailey should be allowed to clarify his context and how his views have evolved.

    Isn’t the largest enemy in London post modernism? Are these American dynamics playing out in London and with Corbyn?:

    The second largest challenge in London is the way nonmuslims (including but not limited to post modernists) back Islamist extremist muslims against reasonable muslims:
    For decades Corbyn and other Englishmen in the establishment have backed Islamist Jihadis against reasonable muslims.

    The third biggest problem is the global Islamist threat. [Islamism is believing that Islam should take over global society.] But reasonable people from the English muslim community will mostly handle this problem on their own if nonmuslims quit trying to sabotage them.

    If Shaun Bailey was smart he would openly ally with Quillium, Maajid, Haras Rafiq, Benotman, Adam Deen. Not to mention the lioness of Pakistan Mimzy Vidz and her king heartthrob Veedu Vidz; plus so many others. If Shaun Bailey openly ran on a platform of backing reasonable people of muslim heritage against Islamists, and ran against post modernism, he might win.

    My question is why are London Hindus not supporting ancient English high culture? Is it because they see English society backing Islamists against Hindus and reasonable muslims? Do they feel under direct attack from post modernism? Whatever the cause be; Hindu Englishpeople are English. They should be proud of England and whole heartedly back England. They should also contribute to English society, social work and nonprofit work. English Hindus should proudly ally with European Enlightenment liberals (which are historically linked to Hinduism), reasonable muslims and African Londoners to make the UK great again.

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