Fascists on Hindu Twitter

It’s really getting very disturbing now..

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  1. I know this Is BP, and Hindu-Muslim issues get big views, but these incidents are a part of a broader spectrum of “us vs. other and related murders” and the idea of “ownership” of the female body. Thus, this news (if true) should be filed under the continuum of:
    1. https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/telangana-man-brutally-hacked-death-broad-daylight-front-pregnant-wife-88334 (SC man married to FC wife)
    2. https://www.ndtv.com/tamil-nadu-news/for-tamil-nadus-shocking-daylight-dishonour-killing-parents-of-woman-among-11-convicted-1786705
    4. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/kerala-man-stabs-daughter-to-death-ahead-of-marriage-to-dalit-5107933/
    3. http://www.caravanmagazine.in/vantage/rohtak-dalit-woman-killed-family-marrying-brahmin

    If you waltz into that cesspool called Facebook you can see various casteist people celebrating these murders. I believe that in the scheme of things, getting your daughter or sun married to a SC other is the one cause for maximum honor killings, and Muslim spouses less so.If these deaths are possible in Kerala/TN/Andhra what hope do we have for Haryana and Bihar?

    1. Stuff like this that makes me think, “you know, maybe the British didn’t stay in India long enough.”

      1. Not sure how classifying much of the lower classes as criminal tribes, selectively recruiting soldiers from caucasoid ‘martial races’, enabling zamindari exploitation and by and large siding with Orthodox Hindus on every religious issue will help prevent honor killings. Oh, almost forgot the pet peeve of Dravidianists, the massive over representation of one tribe in the administrative apparatus.

  2. tsk tsk ….. you guys cannot read devnagri.

    hindu woman was killed by the muslim taxi-driver and his father. So honour killing links by vj are irrelevant.

    Gloating on her death is bad nonetheless. But who cares about bandits….

    1. A turan-ian who reads the kaffir language “Devngari”, the horror! I hearby banish you forever from Turan-istan. Go live with those mleccha people whose language you read.

      1. Jaggu is right; I read Hindi like a third grader, spelling one word at a time. It does say something like that, and I am now completely confused. I thought her first husband and father-in-law killed her.

        1. No, Shahnawaz and his father killed her, according to the snippet above. But the clip is missing key details. At the top of the second column is mentioned that someone demanded Rupees seven lakh from Shahnawaz, and upon his refusal a complaint was filed. I’m guessing it was the wife who made the demand, but I have no idea why and what the context was, as those portions are missing.

          Anyway, whatever be the nature of this sordid drama, I’m guessing Zack posted this not to discuss the story itself but the Twitter reactions to it, most of which I agree are disgusting.

      2. Into hindi gals these dayz.. like my eponymous turk ancestors who showed hindu women a good time and begot urdustanis.

        Hindi women make great wives. Submissive. And Islam = Submission 🙂

        Thinking of settling down……. and raising kids as true Muslim urdustanis. C Asia isn’t jihadi enough these days 🙁

  3. Wow Vijay avarkaL, I too took your word on the specifics of that crime and totally was believing the wrong thing until Jaggu jI came and saved us all. I am quite busy and would never have read the Hindi article properly had it not been for Jaggu jI. Somehow I misunderstood the twitter poster Shefali Vaidya’s English summary even when she clearly mentioned that it was her husband and not her ex-husband that murdered her. Oh Lord! Fortunate that I came to know the correct info finally.

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