Brown Pundits ascending!

This weblog finally surpassed 1,000,000 pageviews after two years.

Above you can see the monthly trajectory of unique users who have visited per month since June of 2017. The “trendline” seems pretty consistent.

5 thoughts on “Brown Pundits ascending!”

  1. Lot of people would like to have a discussion without the Eurogenes type crowd and also where the subtleties of South Asian culture can be more easily discussed in context. Plus you’ve earned some credibility sticking to the science. I think your readership will continue to grow quite nicely.

    1. What is “Eurogenes type”? As Gandhi stated once “It would be a good idea” and beyond that it is no more descriptive than Earthian or Solarian would be – there is knowledge and groundless opinions and some people struggling to raise the veil separating the two.

      1. @Babunito

        Sorry to be clear I didn’t mean it from a racial perspective. It’s just that things break down into a big argument about r1a over there. And I find even I get dragged into it whenever I venture out there. Apologies if it came out wrong.

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