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  1. Imagine being this poor chap, Am-Shalem Singson, 28, of the Bnei Menashe community.


    Trying desperately to explain to your attackers what it means to be a Jew, an Indian Jew, one from the Sister States, who looks neither “Jewish” or “Indian”. All while they rain down blows to your head.

    I fear Covid-19 will be used by all myriad of riffraff and scumbags to stir up hatred against vulnerable members of our community, over the next few month/years. Just like 9/11 all over again.

    1. Appearance and Ethnicity trumps(or get disgusted upon for the view of the attacked person) in this case. Not everybody is smart enough to know about the Bnei-Menashe community.
      Why don’t they want to live in India may I ask ?
      I think they could benefit from ST(if they are idk) category status in getting jobs.

        1. My ancestors 50,000 years ago were in the levant or africa or europe. This means all of these areas are my home?

          Jokes aside : Why don’t they consider India as their home?Can you give me any law or any ruling that discriminates against them.

          Now this is like saying we are aryans that’s why the eurasian steppe is our home.

          1. They used to live in area with un yielding tribal warfare, armed forces deployment and increasing powerful church . No to be caught in the crossfire, not surprised they moved to Israel.

          2. Since I come from the North-eastern part of India myself and belong to a minority race, I too have suffered from racism, at least in its milder forms. I’ve been called “chinky”, “momo”, “chowmein”, and more.

          3. I wouldn’t be surprised if many Indian Jews immigrate for better economic opportunities. Israel is more of a first world country.

            After all many Hindus immigrate to Canada, US and Australia without their loyalties being questioned. Why not Jews ?

    2. there were anti-chinese incidents against chinese in turkey because of the uyghur issue (uyghurs being turkic and large diaspora in turkey).

      the kicker? these were uyghurs who worked in a chinese restaurant and had east asian features. so uyghurs were being beaten up by turks for chinese oppressing uyghurs.

  2. “Since I come from the North-eastern part of India myself and belong to a minority race, I too have suffered from racism, at least in its milder forms. I’ve been called “chinky”, “momo”, “chowmein”, and more.”


    I don’t know how old you are or how long you’ve lived outside north-east but do you think the behaviour of people has improved over time?

    1. The current situation can be best described as stereotyping of North-eastern Indians being a daily occurrence. If you are a young man from the North-east India who wears tattoos and sports a certain hairstyle, then you are tagged as an alcoholic or a drug addict. If you are a woman from the North-east wearing shorts and a half-sleeve shirt, then you are automatically considered “cheap”, which provokes unwanted advances. Even polite smiles from such women are often misunderstood. All sorts of different people from the North-east are also typecast as some sort of insurgent. Yet it is not possible for North-easterners to stand up to discrimination if it means risking their livelihoods; economic opportunity is normally what has brought them to a place like Delhi or Mumbai. I’m too young to speak of the past but I personally have not seen an improvement.

      1. Well for your information i live in Haryana and i have been called ” kaala “(black), ” suur “(pig), “Habsi” etc . You aren’t the only only who get abuse everyone gets abused . In my case some were nicknames and some were outright derogatory. I just made new friends and as people get older they kinda know that all this name calling is bullshit. Some communites ( mostly jaats in my case) don’t give a damn cause they don’t consider it as racism they will say straight to your face whatever you look like and they (mostly) don’t take offence if you say something like “kaala”,”dhaula”(white) etc.
        what you gotta do it to own the name or if you are really sensitive don’t come to UP,Haryana,Punjab,Delhi because these people are everywhere . They will call you in front, on your back but you have to do it put your chin up and make friends who don’t call you by disgusting(unless if its a nickname of course). I have seen north easterners they mingle with their own and some mingle with others mostly workers and labourers and nobody calls them by “chinki” ,”chowmein” etc.

        1. NW steppe chauvinism knows no bounds. Go on anthrogenica, Pak defense, etc. and you will see some (not all of course) engage in hardcore version of it, retrofitting GED match kit collections in order to intellectualize and justify their beliefs of phenotypic and inherent overall superiority via genotypic justification. This is paired with outright denying real data in peer reviewed publications with greater methodological standards, if they don’t match the narrative, including accusing labs of mislabeling, suppressing data, etc, even the most prestigious ones like the Reich lab.

          The supremacist driven agenda is getting a new veil to disguise it as promoting “diversity.” The reality is just a new face to Steppe supremacism aka lighter skin and more West Eurasian phenotypic supremacism.

          Razib jokes about his Y R1a and I about my Y H and Mt K1a. But there are enough nutjobs on the internet taking it seriously, especially from the community you just mentioned. The racialism present in real is now trying to retrofit data to support an agenda and idealogy rather than beginning with the data and drawing conclusions.

          S Asians are fundamentally a mix of three groups in different proportions. In the end, a lot of it comes down to Steppe:AASi and hatred of tropical features and darker skin that come along with it.

          Online Indians tend to see Pak people as misguided by idealogy but lost brethren. Online Pak seems to be more hell bent on labeling Indians as some form of subhuman “Hindoos,” incapable of having courage or beauty to the same standards via inherent deficiency; the latter part is confirmed with the misuse of genetics to fit an agenda I discuss above.

          Of course, all are not like this. There are some intellectually honest and dishonest people on both sides. But the trend of online hardcore natuonalist Indians is to dislike Pak on the basis of idealogty, something malleable. For Pak nationalists, a lot of it is painting Indians as an inherently “inferior” people on the basis of genetics, therefore not so malleable.

          Both are wrong when taken too far. But far more egregious, IMO, to hate someone on something they cannot control.

          Jai Shree Ameen

          1. And the cherry on the cake is when Imran khan says Indians are being racists with Kashmiris, yes the same superior genetic specimens who are of same race as Pakis.
            Of course his target group was western woke people.

  3. can some one throw light on the forced conversions in pakistan which is being reported now?

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