Browncast Episode 108: Harsh Gupta on the India-China Conflict and Going Long India

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Harsh Gupta | The Indian Express

This episode features Omar, Mukunda, and Akshar talking to Harsh Gupta, an investor and author. We discuss the big picture geopolitics of the Galwan clash in Ladakh, Indian civilization, and why Harsh is going long on India. Some positive vibes in a trying time for many!


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7 thoughts on “Browncast Episode 108: Harsh Gupta on the India-China Conflict and Going Long India”

    1. Marwadi are bania migrants from Rajasthan who control Kolkata economy and considered parasites by local bengalis ; Also Jagat Seth, who organised Clive + Mir Jafar was a Marwadi

      1. Jagat Seth was Marwari Jain. Marwaris of Kolkata that control business are Agrawals, Maheshwaris (e.g. Birla) , Jains and some other trading castes.

  1. Just finished listening. Amazing podcast.

    Akshar, economics uses mathematical modeling to analyze questions and optimize general equilibria.

    There are no singular answers . . . only a deeper understanding of various issues and how they correlate with each other.

    Economics works best when interdisciplinary. Sadly this doesn’t happen nearly enough . . . because economists tend not to be specialists in many different scientific and technology modalities.

    Omar, I agree with Harsh on China. One of the primary objectives of China since 1962 has been containing India.

    Would love to have Harsh back and ask different questions. Love his analytical mind.

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